Rasmus Rasmussen

Memorandum (found among the papers of W. F. Rasmussen, November 2010, in the possession of Carol DeKorte – R. Rasmussen’s g. granddaughter.)

We, the undersighned sons of Rasmus Rasmussen, being all present in Kalispell either in person or by Attorney-in-Fact, having been called together in order to adust matters of importance affecting Rasmus Rasmussen, our father, herin set forth a memorandum of facts in relation to the property of Rasmus Rasmussen and the amounts received from him, to-wit:

On or about March 25, 1922, we, each one of us, namely: Rasmus S. Rasmussen, C.H. Rasmussen, J. E. Rasmussen, M. A. Rasmussen, W. F. Rasmussen, and C. F. C. Rasmusse
n, respectively, received in cash or in the equivalent $1,000. In explanation of the above statement be it known that about fifteen years ago Rasmus Rasmussen loaned or advanced to M. A. Rasmussen and W. F. Rasmussen $800 each for which each respectively gave his note. That up to March 25, 1922, no interest had been paid on said notes. That on said date Rasmus Rasmussen gave to said two sons $200 each in addition to what he had already given or loaned them fifteen years ago. That at various times during the first half of 1921 said Rasmus Rasmussen advanced to C. F. C. Rasmussen $1,000, @200, and $30 aggregating in all $1230. That it was mutually understood between Rasmus Rasmussen and C. F. C. Rasmussen that said Rasmus Rasmussen should live and make his home with said C. F. C. Rasmussen for the remainder of his life and that said $1230 was an advance payment for his board and keep. For various reasons said Rasmus Rasmussen ceased to make his home with C. F. C. Rasmussen after having lived with him for eighteen months and it was actually understood and agreed that $25 per month or $450 in the aggregate, was a reasonable price for board and keep. There remains, therefore, of said last named advance $780 in the hands of said C. F. C. Rasmussen, but it is mutually agreed and understood that the interest on the $800 advanced to M. A. Rasmussen and W. F. Rasmussen fifteen years ago and upon which amount no interest was paid, shall be an offset to the $780 of the aforesaid advance to C. F. C. Rasmussen and all the parties thereto waive repayment of these amounts to the estate of Rasmus Rasmussen when the time comes that he will die which time we all hope awill not be in the near future.

Rasmus Rasmussen gave a warrenty deed to C. F. C. Rasmussen for fifteen acres of land which deed has therefore been recorded. In consideration of deeding this land said C. F. C. Ramussen has heretofore signed a promissory note for $1125 payable to C. H. Ramussen or J. E. Ramussen in trust.

To recapitulate: We, each one of the brothers, hereby acknowledge a net gift of this date from Rasmus Rasmussen of $1000.

The prupose of making this memorandum is to have a perfect agreement and understanding between all the brothers when the time inevitably will come when our beloved father will depart from among us and this also being a time when all the brothers are present either in person or by Attorneys-in-Fact.

Signed in seven copies this 24th day of May, 1922.

Winessed: (two signatures – not readable)

R. S. Ramsmussen

M. A. Rasmussen by R. S. Rasmussen

W. F. Rasmussen by R. S. Rasmussen

C. H. Rasmussen

J. E. Rasmussen

C. J. C. Rasmussen

I have heard/read and the contents of the above memoradum has been fully explained to me, and it has my approval.

Signed this 22nd day of May, 1922

Rasmus Rasmussen

Witnessed. ( Signatures not readable)

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