Written History

Rasmusssen Family Tree
Everybody needs his memories. They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door.

As of October, 2010

Wheelwright Rasmus Rasmussen, born in Ringe, Denmark, near Svedborg (on the isle of Funen) was 50 years old when he, together with his wife Mette Kirstine who was 40 years old and their six sons: Rasmus 16 years, Hans Kristian 11 years, Jens Elo 9 years, Marius Alexander 7 years, Frederik Vilhelm 4 years and Christian Frederik 1 year, left for Alden, Minnesota on May 23, 1889, and eventually homesteaded in Egeland, North Dakota.

All of the boys eventually “Americanized” their names. Rasmus added a middle initial, Hans Kristian became Christian Hans, Jens Elo became James, etc.

Assembled by Larry Smith
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