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Rasmusssen Family Tree

Everybody needs his memories. They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door.

As of October, 2010

Wheelwright Rasmus Rasmussen, born in Ringe, Denmark, near Svedborg (on the isle of Funen) was 50 years old when he, together with his wife Mette Kirstine who was 40 years old and their six sons: Rasmus 16 years, Hans Kristian 11 years, Jens Elo 9 years, Marius Alexander 7 years, Frederik Vilhelm 4 years and Christian Frederik 1 year, left for Alden, Minnesota on May 23, 1889, and eventually homesteaded in Egeland, North Dakota.

All of the boys eventually “Americanized” their names. Rasmus added a middle initial, Hans Kristian became Christian Hans, Jens Elo became James, etc.

Assembled by Larry Smith

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From: Lloyd Smith []
Thursday, October 28, 2010 9:29 PM


Everybody needs his memories. They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door.

I am Lloyd Smith and I have not met many of you in my “Rasmussen” distribution list but I am trying to gather as many of the relatives’ e-mails or those interested in the Rasmussen family photo history into an e-mail list so I can send out the photos I am collecting. Look at the top of the page and if you see any e-mails of interested family missing, please send them to me. We have thousands of relatives out there from these 6 men. I have about 52 in my group.

Let me introduce myself. My twin brother, Larry Smith and I are from the Chris Rasmussen line. Most of the relatives I am contacting are from the Carl, Chris, Will, Morris (Maurice), Jim, Peter and Ras line. Our grandfather, Chris, is second from the right.
The first album I am sending out is the one I call “Ernie Rasmussen’s album – Rasmussen’s & Paulsen’s

Click on: <>

to see all 708 photos I have scanned from Ernie’s album. (Just finished last night) Some of the photos came down from Ras and Lena Rasmussen to Ernie.

There are some real classics in this album.

The photos really cover a lot of the Rasmussen’s history and their expanding family.

So, I need names and I.D. of any of the photos you would like to help me with. Many of our relatives have helped. Many of you are only related to us through wedding cake, as my brother would say, but still connected to the Rasmussens.

I need e-mails of anybody that you know that would be interested in seeing this project.

Then I am always looking for more photos. If you have a box or an album in a chest or attic that might interest me please send them to me and I will scan them, place them on a DVD for you and upload the album on Picasa so we can all enjoy them.

Right now I have two more albums sitting here that I have yet to scan. I have already scanned in about 7,000 photos from the Smiths and all the relatives.

If this works I will be sending out several more albums that I have already scanned from the Will line (from Carol Southwick Dekorte).

Feel free to pass this e-mail on to your e-mail list of interested parties.


Lloyd Smith
Photo albums: <>
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Cell: 360-749-2037
Hm: 360-636-7343 <>

Hundreds of original Rasmussen photos are available from Lloyd Smith’s web site at:


From: Carlene Wall Severson []
Sent: Sunday, October 31, 2010 6:34 AM
To: Lloyd Smith

Once again, Lloyd, your efforts are much appreciated.  I am such a collector of family memorabilia that this means soooo much to me.  Because of the way Lorin (Severson) was raised I had no hopes of obtaining many family photos to pass on to our children and now, thanks to you, Larry, and Marsha being tenacious and doing what it takes to get things available to the family we are reaping the benefits.


Rasmussen / Paulsen Connection Blog Spot assembled

by Marsha Paulsen Peters

July 2010 – the best web site on the seven Rasmussen brothers.

A note to anyone who is new to this or has forgotten:
Mary Olsen Paulsen (1853 Denmark–1940 NDak) and Albert Paulsen (1853 Denmark–1904 Montana)  came to USA to MN 1872-’73 then NDak then MT then NDak.  Married 1873 in MN,  they had 13 kids over the next 20 yrs, 11 of whom survived to adulthood.  Those kids’ tree branches grew into the Midwest and the Plains and CA and the Northwest, esp.;  now we’re a vast number, spread to all directions of the compass and map. The blog narration is about the family circa 1860-1920; sometimes earlier,  a touch later if it relates to 1910.

This project is to share MaryOP’s diary’ed life as a widowed mother of many a century ago in northern NDak.  It’s ‘just’ her day-to-day record of life and times which is likely boring to some; to others it can be a look at a family’s roots  through a lens 100 yrs old.  She wrote a diary entry/ record every day for decades.
I’m not trying to “sell” the blog project to anyone  ! — just restating what this project is about.
At end of the 1910 diary I’ll stop  inasmuch as we don’t have her 1911 or 1912 diaries  And I might be burned out by then anyway.
Cheerio,  Marsha Ann Paulsen Peters (MAPP)


Original Rasmussen family-tree outline from the book –



by Mabel Hadler, Published, 1958, 6 Vol.

pages 1100 – 1103

North Dakota University

The Libraries

P.O. Box 5599

Fargo, ND 58105

Some information was updated by various family members in 1977

Updated: again by Larry Smith in 2004  and 2005 and 2009 and 2010 as various family members, learning of the Rasmussen Family Tree project, shared their family information.

Some of the following information, which was added to Mabel Hadler’s original work, has been taken from hand-written records and letters; many that were written by older family members. Mistakes have most likely crept in while trying to decipher what was written. Some dates conflict with other sources. Please look the record over, make additions and please alert me to mistakes. Grammatical errors were kept as written unless the errors changed the meaning of the text.

Larry Smith


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RASMUS RASMUSSEN, born December 10, 1837, Fyen, Denmark; died April 28, 1924, Kalispell, Montana – age 85 years, 9 months, 18 days; Married 1871, in Denmark; Mette Kirstine Madsen, who died October, 1910, Kalispell, age 61 years, 2 months, 17 days; Came to Minn. 1889; homesteaded near Egeland, North Dakota in 1895; moved to Flathead -Kalispell, Montana in 1902.

Obituary of Rasmus Rasmussen – April 29, 1924

from an Egland, ND newspaper.

Found in the papers of W.F. Rasmussen, his youngest son, in 2010

Now held by g. granddaughter Carol DeKorte.

Rasmus Rasmussen, aged 85 years, died of old age at the home of his son (Christian H. Rasmussen) in Kalispell, Montana, on April 28th. 1924.

Mr. Rasmussen was born in Denmark on July 10, 1838 and at the age of 33 years he married and to this union were born seven sons. He came to the Untited States in 1889 settling in Minnesota where he lived for six years, then moving here ((Egland) and homesteading on what is known now as the A.G. Campbell farm and part of thie land being where Egeland now stands. In 1902 he moved to Flathead, Montana and has made his home in that state since.

The deceased leaves to morn his death six sons who are: Will and Rasmus of this city; James of Spokane, Washington; Maurice of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; Carl of Big Fork, Montana and Chris of Kalispell, Montana.

Funeral services were held on May 2nd and the remaines were laid to rest in the Conrad Memorial Cemetery at Kalispell, Montana. Five of his sons attended the funeral. Will being the one who was unable to attend.

He was a man of generous impulses and never forgot the hospitalble ways of the pioneer. The stranger, even though a beggar, never failed to find food and shelter if he sought it at his hands, and he was at home by the bedside of the sick and delighted in all kinds and neighborly offices. He had borne adversity bravely and enjoyed properity quietly. He had filled the various relations of life, as son, husband, father, brother, friend, and filled them well. Who can do more?

R. S. Rasmussen was born as “Rasmus Rasmussen” in 1873, the oldest of seven sons, near Ringe, next to Søllinge and Sødinge, Denmark.  After coming to the the U.S. in 1889,  “Ras” added an “S” to be used as a middle initial to stop being confused with his father who shared the same name.  Apparently the “S” did not represent any particular name.

In 1945 Ras and Lena sold their farm in North Dakota and moved to Jacksonville, Oregon. After moving to Jacksonville he helped his son Ernest start “Rasmussen’s Super Serve” a combination gas station and car repair shop in 1950.  The gas station portion has long been shut down, but as of the year 2009, Steve Rasmussen, son of Loyd Rasmussen, son of Ernest, son of Ras S., is still operating the business as a car repair service located on the corner of 4th and California streets in downtown Historic Jacksonville.

I remember Aunt Lena telling us of how after Uncle Ras had suffered a stroke in 1952, she was sitting next to his bed at the hospital reading letters and cards to him.  After a bit he became tired and asked Aunt Lena to please read them some other time. She turned around and placed the cards on a nightstand. “When I turned around he was gone.”  (Larry Smith, 2003)


Moving to Jacksonville, Oregon. After selling the North Dakota farm in the 1940s Ras and Lena decided to move to Southern Oregon where many other Rasmussen relatives had moved. While checking out property in Ashland, Uncle Ras’s hat was blown off. After living for 50 years where the wind never ceased, Uncle Ras decided to relocate to Jacksonville, Oregon where the wind barely blows.

He lived in Jacksonville  for about 6 or 7 years until his death in 1952.

Certificate of Ordination

by the General Council of the

Assemblies of God

This is to Certify:

That Rasmus S. Rasmussen of Egeland                                          State of North Dakota

Being a member of the general ASSEMBLY OF GOD ((HEB. 12:23), having proven his Divine Gift and Calling to the Ministry of the Gospel of Christ and having Consecrated himself to said Calling, according to the Word of God in the United States of America, Canada and Foreign Lands, has been regularly ordained on the

15th day of May 1919.

We, the EXECUTIVE PRESBYTERY of the General Council, by earnest prayer, invoke the Divine Presence with blessing and power upon him and herby recognize his Divine Ordination to the ministry of the Gospel, conferring upon him the right to preach the Word, administer the ordinances of the church, perform the right of marriage, bury the dead and exercise all other functions pertaining to the Christian ministry, in compliance with the laws and customs of the Stare and country in which he resides, so long as in fellowship with said ASSEMBLIES OF GOD, and while maintaining a Godly life and a Scriptural standard in teaching

Given this 23rd day of April 1919

J. W. Welch


Stanley W. Frodsham


Family details from a May 7, 1977 letter written by Mae Elizabeth Rasmussen Odegaard.  You no doubt have the record of my folks and the family.  Here is mine. I seem to be missing several things in my family tree – but this is what I have.  Too bad you didn’t get to see Walter’s wife Ida – as she spent Feb. with Ernie’s wife Marie -& with Agnes and Lloyd Thornton there (in Jacksonville, Oregon), but she’s gone to her relatives in Idaho now.  You better get of her family from her – s’pose she’ll be back here in April – Marie has bought a quite large trailer house & is in the trailer court there now – so you could hunt her up – as I know Ernie kept lots of family records.  I don’t know if she’s sold her house and cottages yet or not.

Agnes & Lloyd aren’t too well but were fair when I last talked or heard from them.  I may get out there sometime in May – & I plan to stop at Polly’s in Kalispell – she said Earl & Pearl plan to have their 50th anniv. so I hope I can be there for that.  I plan to go to Hawaii now the 15th for a week – so hope all goes well – & then I’ll plan for the future spring.  I & my families would like copies of the R record – when you get it done – so let me know.  Good luck with it

Mae Odegaard. (Rasmus jr, used the initials “R.S.” in order to distingwish him from his father. He had no middle name. (Some of his brothers had two middle names.)

1.  RASMUS, born: May 15, 1873; Denmark, died January 8, 1952, Medford, Oregon. Married December 24, 1896, Cando, ND, Judge Gibbens; Lena Fredrick Paulsen, born October, 31, 1878, Albert Lea, Minn. daughter of Albert. (See Paulsen)  For her 80th birthday she had 3 cakes; one decorated with her name and her 5 children; another, the 39 grand children; and the other, the 58 great grandchildren.  Homesteaded near Egeland; 1945, Lena died in Jacksonville, Oregon, February 14, 1969. Children born: Egeland.

(1) ELNA, b. July 29, 1898; married November 30, 1918, Towner County, Cando, N.D., Judge Brooke; to Simon P. Severson who was             born June 21, 1898, son of Ole, . (See Severson) Had 10 children 1st child of Rasmus & Lena Rasmussen.  Elna died, October 16, 1942,     North Hollywood, California.  Simon died December 12, 1965 in Medford, Oregon.  Both are buried in Val Halla Cemetery, Burbank, Calif.  Simon is a son of Ole Severson and Nettie Jorgenson Severson.  Ole born in Norway, Nettie, Star Prairie, Wis. Simon and Elna lived in Towner County, N.Dak. until 1931.  Then in Southern California.  Six Children born in N.Dak. and four in California.

The spelling for ELNA come from the switching of letters in her mothers name. LENA becomes ELNA. Actually, Lena’s orginal name, as listed on her birth record is: OLENA.

Simon Severson was the son of Ole A. Severson born in Oslo Norway August 13, 1872, and Nettie P. Johnson born in Star Prairie, Wis.. May 31, 1873 to Peter and Elena Johnson who were both born in Norway.  Ole was a Lutheran minister before he came into Assemblies of God.  He died Nov. 23, 1942 and Nettie Nov. 4, 1960 in Glendale, California.

From Calene Wall Severson – September 2009: I tried to “reply-to-all”                              about Ole Seveson last night, but for some reason I kept getting an error                            message.  I will compose a short note for all of you in hopes some of you                                  who are interested will receive it.

Lorin remembers being told Ole Severson had founded and pastored an                           Assemblies of God church in Weichpec, CA (that is on Hwy.96 about 1/2                          way between I-5 and the coast).  In the 1970’s we drove through the area                                  and Lorin commented that he wished he knew where grandpa’s church                                  had been.  Shortly after that trip and through several unforseen                                      circumstances Aunt Marie Rasmussen met a lady who had been a part of                               grandpa’s church.  Lorin and Chuck Smoker organized a group of singers                               to go down there and encourage Chuck’s mom who was the lady Aunt                                     Marie Severson Rasmussen met.

While there in Weichpec we met another lady who lived on the Klamath                            River and she told Lorin about looking out her kitchen window during the                                     flood of the 1960’s and saw grandpa’s church floating down the river.                                Through the open door and windows she saw the pulpit and pews inside.                             Also, the brass bell that grandpa had bought for the church was still on top                  ringing.

I’ve always had such romantic thoughts of what her experience must have                                   been like.  I would love to have been that lady.  Even long after his death                          grandpa was still carrying “The Word” to the ends of the earth.

GOD’S BEST TO YOU ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


From Loyal Severson:  2007 –  My dad, Simon Peter Severson, was born in Otter Tail County Minn.1898. He was the oldest of his siblings …Si, Harold, Marie, (married Ernie Ras. My mom Elna`s brother Oliver married to Bernice ,10 children all of them still alive. He was over 90 when he passed. She was Swedish and played the piano for her church of the Nazarene. Her brother sang at her funeral. They lived in Arroyo Grande Ca. near Pizmo Beach. Next was Earl. He was married to Francis Lockhart from N. Dakota. They have two daughters Joy & Beverly. I would stay with them during the summers at Redondo Beach. I would fish on the pier till noon then walk home eat a quick lunch and take my wooden iron board and body surf to shore (I didnt know how to swim at that time.  I was 9,10and 11 at that time.  Last was Nellie. She married my mother’s cousin Vernon Rasmussen – son of my gr. father Ras`s brother Will.  Later his son Vern.Jr. married my wife Paula `s sister Betty . She lives near us in the San Fernando Valley. (He died a few years ago as Paula`s brother Tommy Crain died in the same week.  They were both 66 years old.)

Betty died May 30, 2010 at10 pm from bad lungs on oxygen 24-7 for 2 years She was my wife Paula`s sister and lived a few blocks from us in Arleta Ca. part of L.A. This will be a strange funeral with a protestant minister and a catholic father (minister) doing the service.

From Loyal 2010 – My dad had a fainting spell helping ernie on His roof and fell but later in the hospital they said He had a clogged corroted artery, and died at hospital and body flown to Burbank and was buried next to my mother and His parents( about 1965) at Valhalla,,Yes Marsha it left a void in my life , but I believe death sometimes bring us to salvation , as my brother Norman in 1952 ,He was killed deer hunting. Thanks again for your hard work . Dads main work after the war was with a business across from RKO with a gas station, used car lot, body shop, paint shop, front end alingment and upholstering, Later he was a car salesman. I am thanking theLord for helping us to turn out as good as we did. tough years did a lot of living in different places.for about 2 months my dad was out of work about 1944? and Page and Jerry sold evening news papers on Riverside drive and Los Feliz standing out in the middle of the blvd.and the only money coming into the house was what they brought home each night , they would treat us to a Boston Creme Pie.  P.S. Harold did the front end alinement and Ray did the body work and paint.

On Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 8:57 AM, Loyal Severson                                     <> wrote:

The picture with My grandpa Ras. and Lena on the left of them is    Vernon Jr. and the young blond boy standing is Bob brother of Vern Jr ( the only one living of of Vern  sr.children) Vern Jr.`s wife Betty,   sister of my wife Paula Passed away May 30 and was buried May        4th Forest Lawn Hollywood hills service at the old north church             (replica of the one Paul revere signalled from) Her four children       were there Brad from Utah(He said they are in the same apartment       with Michelle) Brian the oldest then Bruce from Boise Id. the     youngest Vernell with Her two daughters and husband Louis ,             Vernell’s daughter sang 3 songs ,she is 14 and sings at jfk stadium            where the live in Virginia her husband works for the  secret         service.My Pastor Larry Basnett did the service , Betty is buried            next to Vern Jr.

My dad was the son of Ole from Norway.  He came when he was a young man.  He was a preacher. They traveled as evangelists.  When they came to Egeland, North Dakota they met the Rasmussens. I am sending my ramblings to other relatives. I may have the order wrong of my dads siblings.

My Grand mother `s name Nettie P. Johnson born in Star Prairie      Wis. May 31,1873 to Peter and Elena Johnson who were both born     in Norway  ( from page 15 part two of Rasmussen family history by         Larry Smith) She was the oldest of 14 children. Her sister Otilda        wrote me when I was in the USMC and said I should visit Star             Prairie and meet my relatives, but I never did. Her brother was a       preacher to the Indians. If there ever was a saint Nettie would be         one of them.

From Loyal Severson – Nov. 1, 2010 – My grand mother Nettie          Severson lived in the Spokane area after my grandfather Olie Severson died. Her two daughters married  Rasmussens.  Nellie       Severson arried Vernon Rasmussen and their son Vern             Rasmussen Jr married my wife’s sister Betty.  Marie Severson          married Ernie Rasmussen.  My grandmother then married Syvert      Hanger after my grandfather died and lived a few years in Spokane             Maurice Rasmussen was my grandfather Ras’ younger brother.

From: Loyal Severson – August 2009
I think we can all tell storys about the 40`s and early 50`s , I think     we could have done better if we had a perfect family ,when my            mother died in 1942 my dad had a women from the church come in and take over she was older than my dad and she was very well        organized , we would all sit down together at dinner time after we    washed our hands and would ask for a blessing for our food ,and      she had us all get new clothes and go to church every Sunday an          teach us good manners. well after a while She told my dad that she        felt they should get married . He wasnt ready for that and our life             became disorganized when She moved out . My older brothers        thought all you needed was an a in P.E. I am surprised we turned       out as good as we did ,5 of ten children are still alive the youngest           5… 4 of us have celebrated our 50 th anniversary in the last 2   years.There were over 100 family and friends at my Younger            brother Lorin and Carlene party of their 50th they exchanged vows   again , This is in Jacksonville, Oregon at the Mobil Home park my          younger sister and her husband manage. I met relatives that I had   not seen in 50 years. I wish I knew how to type as I use one finger on my left hand.

From Loyal: December 2009 – My great grandfather, Rasmus   Rasmussen the elder, from Denmark came to New Orleans and            worked, then on the transcontinental railroad at Prometory Utah. He      was there when they put the Golden Spike in.  Later Him and my           grandfather, Ras R. Rasmussen, each homesteaded land in N.       Dakota they both ended up with 2000 acres each. My gr. granfather             had the most improved farm in the state of ND with a barn that held      60 cows and 60 horses and a concrete tunnel under ground from the house to the barn about 500 feet apart . (As of 2004 half of the      barn had been torn down and the owners were planning on tearing           down the rest.)

1.  Raymond Orlando Severson, b. September 7, 1919, Egeland,                                         N.D. Married Florence Turner.  Had one son, the first great                                                    grandson of Rasmus and Lena. Over 130 great grandchildren                                        would follow.

a.  Larry Lynn, b. November 20, 1939, married Susan                                                              Arlene Gregory.

Married Lorraine Costabele, b. Sept. 11, 1923, Children all born in Los Angeles.

a.  Suzie, b. August 29, 1948, married Steve Flanders on September 2, 1966 who was bon September 10, 1947.

1.  Scott, b. February 23, 1976

2.  Mark, b. November 21, 1976

b.  Daniel Lee, b. May 20, 1953

1. Daniel jr,

c.  Mary Louse, b. June 6, 1955, married Allan Kennerly who was born October 13, 1952.

1. Kristina

2. Lorie

d.  David Lynn, b. June 1, 1956

e.  Ralph Anthony, May 14, 1959

f.  Richard Allen, b. April 20, 1961

g.  Michael

h.  Nancy Ann, March 26, 1963

2.  Ramona Blanche Severson, b. December 23, 1920 in                                                       Egeland, N.D., married Donald Erwin Cooper, b. February 19,                                              1919, on March 21, 1940, the son of Erwin E. Cooper and Minnie                                            Nall Cooper of Tulare, Calif.  Donald was born in Turlare, Calif.                                                Ramona died and is buried Jacksonville, Oregon. Three children.

a.  Radona Carol Cooper, b. in Los Angles, November 2,                                                        1940, married to Carl Manyard Beasley, born in Oklahoma,                                                  on August 8, 1959.  They have two sons.

1.  Donald Larry Beasley, b. March 29, 1961 in                                                                          Tulare, California. Married to: Karen Beck – b. May                                                                  18, 1957. He is an airplane mechanic and is now                                                 in a supervisory role over maintenance in St.                                              George UT

a. Justin. Dob 6-7-89

b. Alicia. Dob 1-19-91

2.  Brian David Beasley, b. February 11, 1963 in                                                                       Tulare, California.

b.  James Erwin Cooper, b. March 25, 1942 in Hollywood,                                                      CA., married to Diane Castor, of Tulane, Calif. on August

25, 1962 in Tulane, California.

1.  Rebekah Lynne Cooper, b. June 24, 1963, in                                                                      Tulare, California, Beki married Jose De Jesus                                             Melendez (b. 19 Mar 1964) on 24 Dec 1986


a. Merry-Olimpia Melendez b. 24 Dec                                                     1987 El Paso, Texas married Jeromy                                                      Figueroa (son of Gaviel and Ida Figueroa                                                        of Waterbury, Ct) spring 2006 in                                                            Caldwell, Idaho

Their son:

1.Travis Lorenzo Dantes Figueroa                                                           December 27, 2006 in Waterbury,                                                         Ct  They all live in Waterbury, Ct.

b. Jose-Emilio Melendez b. 16 Sep 1989                                                  Phoenix, Arizona. Nov. 2009 returned                                                     from Iraq. He is a Combat paratrooper in                                                the 82nd Airborne 3rd Batalion stationed                                                      at Fort Bragg, NC. He will be moving in                                                       two months to a base in Barstow                                                             California to train soldiers to be combat                                                      ready. No kids yet.

I always thought you were my brother’s teacher.                                                                               I had no idea that we were related until I got in touch with                                                              my great aunts and uncles on Facebook.  I have just started                                                                         doing my tree.  I was able to find quite a bit on                                                                       

Most of the “interesting” stuff I was given by people I                                                                     contacted from that site.  Most of this led back to you as                                                                 you see in the emails.  I am including my gedcom to you                                                                  can look at it. So much on ancestry has “documentation”                                                                        that is in compilations of some sort.  Many, I have found,                                                                     have conflicting information.  So, feel free to tell me what I                                                  have that is not correct. I need all the help I can get!!!

I teach bilingual kindergarten in Connecticut.  I am about                                                                an hour and a half from NYC.

Take care, I hope to hear from you soon, Beki

Bilingual-yes, Spanish.  My first year of teaching was                                                                       in Arizona (I graduated Elem. Ed. at Southern                                                                                  Oregon)  I had only one English speaking student,                                                                            soooo, I made flashcards and taught myself.  When                                                                            you look like me (blue eyes, pasty white) you get quite                                                                     the looks when you start jabbering in Spanish.  It is a                                                                        lot of fun.  My ex is a Mexican national.  His family                                                                         stayed with us a lot, that helped with my fluency.  It                                                                        definately helped me get in the door, districts always                                                                       need bilingual staff.

Thanks for the dissertation/family document.  I can’t                                                                        wait to read through it!  (Becki – 12/09)

2.  James Erwin Cooper, b. February 13, 1966 in                                                                      Turlare, Calif. Married Sandra Peabody (daughter                                       of Larry Peabody Ashland, OR) June 25 1988 in                                       Ashland, OR Their son: James Erwin Cooper,III                                    b. July 26 1990 in Medford, OR. He just                                                   graduated from H.S. and is a really good                                                         musician. He plays guitar

3.  Craig Duane Cooper, b. June 6, 1971, Covina,                                                                    Calif.  Married Brook Buchholz, August 20, 1994

Their children:

a. Charlie Cooper, b. June 11, 1999

b. Douglas Cooper, b. September 3,                                                       1902

They live near Portland, OR

c.  Steven Alan Cooper, b. May 14, 1946 in Tulare, Calif.                                                       married, June Tidrow, b. June 1, 1946 in Pasa Robles,                                                           Calif., on February 4, 1947. Steve served as a Sea Bea,                                                         U.S. Navy in Viet Neim.  Discharged February, 1972 Both                                                             children born in Fresno, California

1.  Jennifer Lynne, b. January 20, 1970

2.  Michael Alan, b. January 10, 1973

3.  Norman Llewyn Severson, b. November 9, 1922 in Egeland, N.D., died October 5, 1952.  Buried in Forest Lawn, Glendale, Calif. married Dorothy Lowe of Los Angles, Calif, on March 23, 1941.  Dorothy was born July 11, 1922.  Norman served in the U.S. Navy. Norman was an avid sportman. He was accidently shot while on a deer hunting expedition with his brothers Page and Gerald.  A friend was also with them. The brothers carried their deceased brother miles through the woods to their vehicle.

a. Eileen Carol, b. June 11, 1942 in L.A. married Lawrence                                                    Joseph Malone, b. November 3, 1939 in Los Angeles on                                                        August 12, 1961.

1.  Theresa Ann, b. October 5, 1962

2.  David Laurence, June 11, 1964

3.  Scot Joseph, b. February 25, 1967

4.  Kristin Dawn, b. October 15, 1968

b.  Laura Lee, b. Los Angeles, December 30, 1946,                                                                  married Dennis John Silgren in Los Angeles, August 28,                                                      1965

1.  Kelly Elizabeth, b. May 14, 1967

2.  Todd Reed, b. November 2, 1968

3.  Deanne Eileen, b. October 2, 1970

c.  Peggy Lynne Severson, b. April 14, 1953 in Los                                                                  Angeles, married Donnel Steven Peters, b. June 28, 1953                                                     on June 17, 1972.

1.  Carrie Lynn, b. November 11, 1973

2.  Chad Steven Martin, b. May 13, 1975

4.  Paul Laverne Severson, b. January 6, 1952, Egeland, N.D.,                                             married Ellen.  Paul served in W.W. 2.

a.  Dwight Wayne, b. April 10, 1949

b.  Ronald Wesley, b. November 2, 1951

5.  Laverne Everet Severson, b. March 16, 1928 in Egeland, N.D., Laverne served in the Korean Was with the U.S. Army, died, age 49, about 1976 – 77, heart failure, buried in the VA Cemetery in Eagle Point, Oregon.

6.  Page Ellsworth Severson, b. October 14, 1931 in Egeland,                                               N.D. Came to Calif. at age of 2 weeks.  Married Dona Schaefer,                                           b. July 1, 1932, on June 28, 1952.  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul                                           Schaefer.   Paul was born in Germany and wife Dorothy was                                                  born in Mississippi.

a.  James Michae Seversonl, b. March 21, 1953, married                                                        Alice McGinnis, August 11, 1975.- divorced, no children.

Married Cheryl Fouts. James died June 6, 2001. (From                                                           Carlene: My understanding is that when Mike was in a                                             serious accident in the 1970’s he had a transfusion.  That                                      was before they were checking blood for HIV.   He then                                               developed Hepatitis B several years later.  He was a                                           strong Christian at the time of his death.)

1.  Sabrina Fawn, born in Medford

2. Michelle Dawn, born October 29, 1991

b.  Catherine Anne, b. August 11, 1954, married Richard                                                                   Hunter in Jacksonville, Oregon on May 17, 1974.

1.  Amy Renee, b. November 12, 1975

a. Cole Alexander Ziegler, born December 20, 1994, Medford, Oregon

7.  Gerald Wayne Severson, b. February 22, 19__, Corcoran,                                                California, married Coantha “Coty” Crain, b. March 23, 1939 on                                            October 13, 1957.  Gerold served in the U.S. Navy.

a.  Alan Wayne, b. November 13, 1959

1. Alisha married Justin T. Kreissig on April 24, 2004, in Temecula, Calif.

b. Vi cky Lynn, January 21, 1963

c.  Lisa Dee, b. November 8, 1964

d.  Gerald Duane, b. January 21, 1968

1. Dylan, b. around 1995 – 96.

8.  Loyal Duane Severson, b. August 11, 1936 in Los Angeles, married Paula Crain, September 6, 1958. Paula born December 16, 1939 in Los Angeles, California.  Loyal served in the U.S. Marines.

a.  Karen Francis Severspm, b. October 17, 1967, Karen was born in Jacksonville, Oregon.  Lorin Severson saw the newborn baby at a friend’s home, and learning that she was available for adoption, immediately notified his brother, Loyal. So this beautiful baby girl became a part of the Severson family for which we all are eternally grateful. (from Carlene Severson.)

1. Stephanie Severson, b. January 31, 1983 in Tarzana, California. Stephanie’s father:  Myles Badia, (Stephanie was raised by grandparents Loyal and Paula Severson.)

a. Shelbi Severson, b. St. Joseph’s Hospital, Burbank, California.  Father is Mike. Born: September 26, 2009

9.  Lorin Glen Severson, b. May 4, 1938, in Tujunga, California Served in the U.S. Marines.  Married Carlene Wall on July 19, 1959, born April 27, 1939.

From Carlene – 9-13-09 -Note in passing.  If I had been any one of                                                 Belle and dad’s name was Jesse Carl and they wanted to name me                                    after both of them.  Fortunately they thought of Lula Carlene before                                                I was born. Having Lula as a first name has been somewhat of a                                           pain.  Now-a-days it’s hard for computers to accept first initials and                                      middle names.  People like J. Edgar Hoover had it made.  With no                                            computers they could use the name they used.  I have used L.                                               Carlene Severson as my legal signature every since I was married,                                                 but now I often wind up L. C. or Lula C. and that doesn’t even seem                          like me.

a.  Glen Carl Severson, b. April 2, 1961, Medford, Oregon, married Linda Hargrove. Then they divorced.

1. Cassandra Lynn, b. September 8, 1984, Medford, Oregon.

a. Conner Lee Hadley, b. December 8, 2003, Klamath Falls, Oregon

2. Kyle Glen Severson, born October 3, 1985, Eugene, Oregon

Glen then married Rose Marie Worley/Burket. Then    they divorced.

3.  Kay Marie Severson, born October 8, 1988, Medford, Oregon

4. LaVonne Carlene “Carly” Severson, born January 5, 1990, Medford, Oregon.

a. Audriana Rose Severesen, Born         August 3, 2008

b.  Mark Dale Severson, b. April 15, 1963, Medford, Oregon, Mark was Lena and Rasmus’s 100th great grandchild, married Peggy LaVonne Cooper, b. April 5, 1963, married, July 22, 1989 in Ashland, Oregon.

Mark and Peggy have always lived in Ashland.  She                                                               has always had a Beauty   Shop (Salon Juliet) and                                                                 Mark is a General Contractor.  Most of his work is

in the Ashland area. His business is Renovators.  He                                                                         has been up and down the employee spectrum,                                                                       but usually likes to work alone or with 1 or 2 men.

c. Lori Carlene Severson, b. May 21, 1967, in Medford, Oregon, Married Kristopher Rodney Kawulok, March 21, 1986 in Springfield, Oregon,

1. Noelle Jalene Severson, born May 18, 1990, in Springfield, Oregon.

10.  Sharon Yvonne Severson, b. December 19, 1939 in Los Angeles, Calif., married Ronald Monk of Tulane, California, on July 5, 1958.

a.  Julee (Julie) Anne Monk, b. January 11, 1960.                                                                    Married Michael P. Johanson (Johnson) on April 13,                                                              1979 in Fremont, California

1.  Brannon Tyler Johanson (Johnson), born:                                                                           January 25, 1983

2. Keaton Cole Johanson (Johnson), born:                                                                               September 12, 1986

3. Kelsey Elaine Johanson  (Johnson), born:                                                                            May 18, 1989

Larry,   September 5, 2008

Thank you so much for all the research you have done and the fact that you are working to make it easier on coming generations to know something of us when the time comes.

I am Julee Johanson (Julie Monk Johnson) and want to give you some additional information about my small part of the family.

I was born Julie Ann Monk, got married to Michael Johnson and this past May our entire family changed our last name to the original name of my husband’s family until Ellis Island. We are now officially the Johanson Family. Here are the details for the five of us.

I do hope this is not too confusing. If there are any websites you have posted the family information, can you let us know. My kids are really into their heritage right now and would love to know more. If there are any publications you have done, I would love to have one of those as well. I know you have done this in the past and were charging a fee for you time well spent. I understand that, just let us know if there are any available.
Again, Thank you for your research. As I think you can tell, we have done research and have made a significant change in our lives because of it. We value this information greatly.

b.  Barbara Jean Monk, b. August 1, 1961, married                                                                   Michael Anthony Hernandez on June 28, 1980 in                                                                   Fremont, California

1.  Caleb Michael Hernandes, born: October 5,                                                                                     1985. Died: November 30, 1985

2. Seth Michael Hernandez, born: March 3,                                                                               1987

October 9, 2004. Seth made the game-clinching touchdown during the annual North/South football (black and blue) game. From the Medford Mail Tribune: Making matters worse for North, Weaver guided the Panthers 98 yards for a score to make it 28-13 with 10 minutes to play. The game-clinching TD came via another ad lib by Weaver, who was flushed from the pocket on a third-and-11 from his own 36 but opted to throw instead of run for the first time in the game.

“I wasn’t going to make the first down anyway, so I just figured I might as well pull up and see who’s open,” said Weaver. “There wasn’t anyone around Seth (Hernandez), and I just put a lot of air underneath it and let him run under it. Then I just sat back and enjoyed the rest of it.”

As did his Panther teammates, whose emotional level picked up with every yard during Hernandez’s 64-yard score.

3. Sharon Sharon Rose Hernandez, born:                                                                                 January 24, 1989

4.  Sarah Matina Mwongozi, born: December                                                                            13, 1990. Gained legal guardianship: July 5,                                                                             1993

c. Sandra Renee’ Monk, born: April 15, 1965, married                                                                         on March 23, 1985 to Mark Ty Spitzer, born:                                                                               November 20, 1963. Divorced: February 27, 2004.                                                                   Sandy took her father’s birth-name (Novak) after the                                                               divorce.

1. Drew Gregory Spitzer, born: November 23,                                                                            1986 in Livermore, California.

2. Tymothy Aaron Sptizer, born: November 1,                                                                            1988 in Castro Valley, California.

d. Ronald Lee Monk jr, born: May 16, 1967, married                                                                 May 20, 1989 to Elizabeth Warkentin, born:                                                                               September 11, 1967.

1. Kyle Lee Monk, born: June 22, 1989

2. Eric Simon Monk, born: January 4, 1993

Ron and Elizabeth divorced: May 13, 2004. Then                                                                     Ronald married: Susan Marie Bull, born:                                                                                    October 5, 1966

1. Amanda Lee Bull Potter, born: February 17,                                                                          1989

Child of Ronald and Susan

1. Zoe Marie Monk, born: 2005

2. Danielle Yvonne Monk (born-Pamelaa                                                                                   Akers), born: October _______, Legal                                                                                          guardianship: marriages and children unkown

(2) MAE ELIZABETH, b. August 17, 1900 in Egeland, N.D. on the Rasmussen farm 3.5 miles S.E. of Egeland,  married August 27, 1918,   Cando, Judge Brooke; Peter Odegaard, son of Edward Odegaard – born in Norway in 1868 – at Oslo – he came to Konyon, Minn. when he was 1 mo. old. He passed away in 1916 – his mother Laura Stokko was born in Alesund, Norway in 1860 – Married in Cando in 1896.. (See Odegaard) He was born on the Odegaard farm 2.5 miles S.E. of Egeland January 4, 1898.  They farmed 5.5 miles S.E. of Egeland.  They moved to Egeland in the fall of 1946.  They purchased a house west of the post office and lived there until 1957 when they purchased a larger more modern home – they lived there until Peter’s death in 1967 – May lived there until 1971 – when she sold the home and everything – & rented an aprt – in the Sunrise Homes – in Cando, N.D.

Mae died August 14, 1989

Feb. 10, 1975 – Dear Larry – I was just handed your letter so I’ll try & write you a letter.  I believe you are a son of my cousin Ruby – daughter of Christ Rasmussen.  I was in her home once out there & she had twin boys – so I s’pose you are one.  Rasmus S. Rasmussen was my dad – my older sister Elna died in 1942.  My brother Ernest of Jacksonville – died Nov. 1973.  His wife Marie lives there yet.  My brother Walter of Cando died Dec. 1974.  So there is just my sister Agnes & I left.  She is Mrs. Lloyd Thornton of Jacksonville so you could probably see her there – Walter’s wife just left here yesterday & will fly to Portland & Agnes & Lloyd will meet her there. So she’ll visit out there awhile.

We attended the Egeland Assembly most of our lives – It closed the doors tho in 1966.  I lived in Egeland until 1971 – as Pete died in 1967 – & I’m now living in a low housing apt. – at Cando N.D. – just 15 miles away – I have a real nice apt here & as good as I can have it – alone.  I have 4 girls & 1 son near by & I more girl at Kalispell, & 5 more sons scattered all over.

I usually see or talk to Pearl & sometimes Esther when I go to Kalispell – but we never hear about you folks.  – So would appreciate a few lines from some of you.

My dad had an active part in the church work from the time I was little.  We worshiped in the Presbyterian church but never joined there – I have records of a lot of the 1st meeting but you asked about him as a pastor.  In 1915 – Pentecost came & our group received the baptism – & had to leave the Pres. Church because we wouldn’t join.  Then we rented the Lutheran church for awhile but when we got the baptism, May 1915, we were kicked out so built a temporary building until we built our church in 1916.  It was closed in May 1966 – The dates I have Dad pastored in 1917 – but he really filled in a lot before this & 1941 & 1942 – & after too –

All the Rasmussen brothers are gone now but there are lots of cousins left.  Hope this may help some – It was mostly relatives that made up the 1st church – How’s your folks & bro – & where are they – I didn’t know you lived in Jacksonville.  Do you have families?

Mae (Rasmussen) Odegaard

a.  Alfred “Bud” Edward, b. April 21, 1919, married Ruby Peterson, b. August 11, ____,  at Egeland – Dec. 28, 1943.  They lived in Egeland & had a grocery store until they moved to Rochester, Minn.  He trucks part-time & fishes & snowmobiles

1.  Shirley Sharleen b. Nov. 25, 1945

a.  Tonja Sue – May 6, 1965

b.  Michelle Dawn – Oct. 9, 1966

2.  Randall Pete, married Barbara Ziebell at Stockton,                                                                         Minn. on July 9, 1969

a.  Malissa Marie – April 30, 1971

b.  Chad Randall – May 11, 1974

b.  Pauline Evelyn – born – December 3, 1920, married in California to – Edmond Nikolaisen – b. Jan. 20, ____, on Jan. 30, 1949.  They live in Kalispell, Montana.  She is working at the Area Agency office on counseling on aging – Edmond is a mail          carrier there.

1.  Corlis Mae – November 5, 1952.  She is employed in Tacoma, Washington.

2.  Julie Irene – October 22, 1959.  Will graduate from hi school – 1977

c.  Florence Irene – born December 28, 1922.  Married Selmer Nikolaisen in Los Angeles, Calif, 1941, b. August 29, 1919.  They still farm, but have a new home in Cando, N.D.

1. Bonita Mae – b. April 26, 1943.  She’s employed in the Mayville State College.  She married Robert Neas, b. October 4, 1939 on July 21, 1962

a.  Jay Dean – born August 9, 1963

b.  Lisa Mae – born August 17, 1964

c.  Kim LeAnn – born September 20, 1965

2.  Thomas Alan, b. August 26, 1945, married Claudia Miller, b. August 9, 1945 on October 22, 1965.  They farm & he teaches music in the winter in Cando, N.D.

a.  boy – died at birth

b.  Anne Marie – Jan. 27, 1969

c. Thomas Alan – Oct. 27, 1969

d.  Amy Lynn – Dec. 25, 1970

3.  Jodee Ann – July 16, 1954.  She stays home after finishing college – is employed part-time at the Rest Home in Canndo & helps on the farm.

d. 4. Howard Lyle – b. July 22, 1924, Married Lucile                                                                  Quackenbush, Feb. 24, 1947.  born Nov. 22, _____, He is                                                     employed for the city of Clovis, New Mexico.  The boys are                                                    employed for the City with        their Dad.

1. Maureen Ann – b. May 25, 1946, Married Sid Vaughan       in 1965 in Clovis, N.M.  They live in Texas.

a.  Chad Edwin, b. July 4, 1966

b.  Jeromy James – b. Sept. 16, 1967.

2.  Angela Rhae, b. Feb. 18, 1953.  Married Lupe Cruz – 1972.  Living in Amarilla, Texas

a. Sherie Lynn, b. 1972

3.  Cora Mae – Aug. 1954 – died Jan. 8, 1958

4.  Howard Lonnie, b. July 24, 1956

5.  Kerby Lee, b. April 27, 1960.

e. 5.  Luella Grace – b. Dec. 7, 1925.  Marred Wayne “Buck”                                                    Schaifer, b. August 22, ____ on  Jan. 26, 1945

1. Virginia Lea, b. August 1, 1945, married Alden Iverson, b. June 25, 1945 on Feb. 19, 1966. Alden travels for Dentist offices in the State of N.D.

a. Steve, b. Nov. 1968

b. Shelly Mae – b. April 18, 1972

c. Scott Alden, b. Nov. 24, 1974

2.  Nicky Wayne, b. Sept. 8, 1955, married Cindy Dahl, Oct. 22, 1976.  He is employed as a carpenter.

f. 6 Doris June, b. June 3, 1927.  Married Vernon Johnson, b. Sept. 16, 1921 on Nov. 5, 1946.  They farm.

1.  Terry Lynn, June 23, 1947.  Married Judy Bjornstatd. He farms and she is employed for a lawyer.

a.  David, b. 1971

2.  Timothy Vernon, b. July 17, 1949, married Holly Neuman, on June 16, 1972.  Works for Electric Co.

a. Amanda, born Dec. 27, 1973.

3.  Todd Edward, b. April 17, 1954.  Plans to marry Janice Neussendorfer in July of 1977.  He farms and she nurses.

4.  Jill Rebecca, b. Aug. 23, 1969.  Born dead.

g. 7  Lucille Edna, b. Sept. 23, 1928, married Harry Gau, b. Sept. 9, ____, on Nov. 25, 1946, They live in Rocklake, N.D. She works part time in a store.  He is working on a maintainer for the County.

1.  Ricky Ray, b. Aug. 4, 1947, Married Barbara Heisler, April 17, 1971.  They farm near Cando, N.D.

a. Ranetta, b. 1971

b. Roxianne Leigh, b. 1973

c. Robyn, b. 1975

2.  Cynthia Lou, b. July 19, 1949, Married Paul Case, b. July 13, 1949.  She works part time in a Red Owl store in Bisbee, N.D. He has a Barber shop in Cando.  They live in Bisbee, N.D.

a.  Marty Allen, b. August 23, 1971

b.  Jill Jolene, b. March 23, 1971

c.  Brooks Bryan, b. February, 1973

h. 8 Alvin Wallace, b. Sept. 2, 1930, married Ann Crabtree on Nov. 12, 1949.  Alvin later married Arlene.  They live in Gig Harbor, Wash.  He is a carpenter & she teaches in Tacoma.

1.  Allan Wayne “Butch”, b. June 11, 1950.  Married                                                                             Dianna Kanouse

a.  Allen Chane, b. June 28, 1969

b.  Brent Wayne, b. March 22, 1971

(there is a note in Mae’s letter: “Dianne’s twins –  Frank & Danielle – 1971)

2.  Charles Everette “Chuck”, b. July 14, 1951, married Cathy Irene Niemann – 1970.

a.  Charles Everette, b. August 20, 1970

b.  Valorie Michelle, b. April 27, 1972

i. 9 Robert Duane, b. Feb. 18, 1932.  Died Feb. 20, 1932.

j. 10 Donald James, b. March 7, 1934, married Wynn O’brian, born Feb. 3, ____, in Sept. 1955.  Don & Wynn have a grocery store in Rocklake, N.D. which he built a grocery store (Hartz) & also their living quarters in the back.  He had worked several years on the railroad at Whitefish, Mont.  He had built a new home there, but sold it to come to Rocklake.  He still does some carpenter work around Rocklake.

1.  Michael Allen, b. Jan. 20, 1957

2.  Lee Brian, b. May 30, 1959

3.  Darren Jace, b. May 27, 1960

4.  Darla Jen, b. Nov. 7, 1964

k 11 Everette Harold – b. May 12, 1936, married Aletha Hamblin, b. May 4 on March, 1960 at Albuquerque, N.M. He is employed in California with a Telephone Co.  First in  and then in Bishop and now at Barstow.

1.  Yolandia – b. Aug. 12, 1953.  Aletha’s daughter. Has been adopted by Everette.  She married Jan Spencer, Jan. 28, 1973.  Jan is a pastor at Van Nuys, Calif.  Will be ordained in June, 1977.

a.  Jessica Mae, b. May 20, 1976

b.  Rebecca Ann, b. Oct. 12, 1976

2.  Kirk Charles, b. May 31, 1962

l 12 Wayne Alden, b. Oct. 16, 1938.  He married Wanda Mitcheal, on Dec. 1960, she died of leukemia on May 12, 1962.  Her girls,which Wayne adopted are:

1.  Marie, b. March 17, ____, married Charles Plummer, 1969, They live in Illinois.

a.  Charles Wayne, b. Oct. 29, 1970

b.  Charlotte Ann, b. Feb. 9, 1973

2.  Barbara, b. July 22, ____, at home.

3.  Pat, b. Dec. 2, ____, Married Rick Brazell, 1974.  He is in the service.

a.  Rikki Ann, b. March 14, 1976

4.  Wayne & Wanda had one son: Johnny wayne, b. Aug. 22, 1961.

Then Wayne remarried –  Mary Evelyn Sagely Cattrell in

May, 1965.  Her boys are:

5.  Lyle Wayne, b. Feb. 23, 1957

6.  Curtis Wade, b. May 15, 1958

The boys are through hi school & in service – in 1977

Wayne & Mary have 1 son

7.  Roger Don – Jan. 5, 1966

k 13  Anna Mae, b. Nov. 24, 1940, d. April 9, 1946

(3) ERNEST LLOYD, b. September 30, 1903; married July 7, 1923, Minot, ND; to Marie Evangeline Severson, daughter of Ole A. Severson born in Oslo Norway August 13, 1872, and Nettie P. Johnson born in Star Prairie, Wis.. May 31, 1873 to Peter and Elena Johnson who were both born in Norway.  Ole was a Lutheran minister before he came into Assemblies of God.  He died Nov. 23, 1942 and Nettie Nov. 4, 1960 in Glendale, CA.  (See Severson) They both graduated from the Egeland H.S. May 31, 1923.  Marie born Nov. 20, 1904. Ernie and Marie farmed near Egeland on the home place until 1941 when they moved to Los Angeles.  Both worked at Lockheed Aircraft. Moved to Medford in 1945; Opened garage and gas station in Jacksonville, Oregon in 1950.   He retired due to poor health in the fall of 1961 and passed away Nov. 13, 1973.  Buried Siskiyou Cemetery, Medford, Oregon.

Son of Rasmus S. Rasmussen, born in Fyen Denmark May 15, 1875 and Lena Paulsen born Oct. 31, 1878 at Albert Lea, Minn.  Both her parents Albert & Mary Paulsen were born in Denmark.  Rasmus & Lena were married Dec. 24, 1896.  They farmed near Cando, N.D. until they moved to Jacksonville, Oregon in the fall of 1945.  He also was an Assembly of God minister and they did gospel work and was pastor of the Egeland church for some years.  Ramus passed away Jan. 8, 1952.  Lena in Feb. 14, 1969.  Lena and Rasmus are buried in Siskiyou Cem., Medford, Oregon.

From Fern Hagler Garwick:  The Family of Ernest and Marie Rasmussen,

February, 2004

Ernest Rasmussen and Marie Severson Graduated from Egland High School in 1923; they were married July 7, 1923.  Farmed the land with his father Rasmus Rasmussen, and did some teaching of welding.

They moved to Los Angles in 1941.  Ernie worked as a mechanic for a while, then it was as though the Lord had a plan for them moving to Los Angeles.  The war broke out, Ernie and Marie both worked in the airplane factories.  They had the ration books, black outs and air raids at school; our milk was delivered on the porch instead of from the barn.  This was quite a change for all of us after living on a farm all of our lives.  Alice changed from the 11th grade in the little Egeland School for a large high School in Los Angeles.  14,000 Japanese students were taken out of the school.  It was a change for the rest of us but not quite as severe as Alice.  In 1945 the war ended.  We took a trip to Oregon to visit Loyd and Agnes (Rasmussen) Thornton. We all loved it so much Ernie, Marie and baby Bea went back to Los Angeles, leaving Dave, Joyce and Fern with the Thornton’s, sold the house and most of our things.  We moved to Oregon, were on a cattle ranch in Eagle Point for six weeks when Ernie realized this was not his dream anymore.  We moved to Medford.  Ernie worked for Ford garage.  Then he and Loyd built a service station in Jacksonville, where Ernie worked until his bad heart caused him to retire.  He died November 13, 1973, but was active to the end. He died with nut stains on his hands.

Loyd was in the Navy for 2 years.  Inducted on his 18th birthday, he came home and met Theresa Chester and they were married November 1, 1946 in Medford, Oregon. After Ernest retired Loyd stayed on at the station until he and his wife Theresa (Chester) retired and became snowbirds for several years.  They now have a home in Arizona, but still have a trailer and travel a lot.  Their son Steve still runs the garage.

(From Loyd Rasmussen – written October 4, 2004: Loyd went into business in Jacksonville with his father, Ernie, after the Service Station and Garage opened in 1950. Loyd bought the business after his father retired. Son Steve went into business with Loyd in 1977 and bougth the business from him when Loyd retired in 1989. Steve is still doing business as of today.)

Another son Jerry is an insurance adjuster.  Their oldest daughter Gloria, married to Greg Crawford lives in Seattle the younger daughter Phyllis married Dan Ferguson, and are pastors of the Foursquare church in Boise, Idaho.  They have 7 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.

Alice married Paul Beck on June 1, 1946; Paul was in the navy and brought Alice Parachute silk of which she fashioned her wedding gown.  They had a hog ranch for a while, then had a large paving firm.  Their three sons, David, Daniel, and Kenneth still run the business in Salinas, Calif.  Alice went to be with Jesus, October 21, 2001.  Alice left 8 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.

Joyce married Marvin Jordan on January 1, 1947.  Grandpa Rasmus Rasmussen performed the wedding ceremony.  Marvin and their 2 sons worked in the oil field.  Marvin went to be with Jesus in October 22, 1999.  Joyce lives in Bakersfield.  The two boys, Tim and Donald are still in the Oilfield business.  Her daughter Janice is married to Jack Smith, and all reside in Bakersfieid. Joyce has 7 grandchildrren and 10 great grandchildren.

Fern married Chris Hagler on August 23, 1951.  They operated the Jackson County Animal Control and shelter for 34 years.  They had four sons. James and Joseph are teachers and coaches.  John is owner of “Classic Trolley”.  Most of trolley cars in Hawaii and San Francisco were built by them.  Joshua is a true Oregon mill worker.  Chris had a sudden heart attack and was taken home to be with Jesus November 7th of 1990.  Marie had taken very sick in 1989 and came to live with Fern and Chris, was there for 2 years.  The National Animal Control was giving Chris an award for his many years of service.  Joe and Fern went to Chicago to receive the award.  Marie was put in a nursing home while Fern was gone; it proved to be a better thing for her.  Marie was in the nursing home for one year. She died on June of 1992.  On February 14, 1998, Fern married Bill Garwick a retired National Cash Register employee.  They live in Medford, Oregon.  Fern has 16 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.

Bill Garwick died on May 15, 2010 in Jacksonville, Oregon. He was born on June 23, 1922 in Gardenplaine, Illinois.

Dave worked for United Airlines for several years; Marie and Ernie were able to take many trips because of his employment with United. Now Dave has his own travel agency with wife, Glena (Hobbs).  They were married on June 14 of 1959.  Son Kelly and daughter Trina are working with him at Jackson Travel Agency in Medford.  Another daughter Holly is living in Portland. A foster son, Juan Aguilar, came to them through Campus Life.  Their son Kelly is very active in that program. They also have three grandchildren.

Beatrice (Rasmussen Croucher) married Jim Pool, November 11, 1942.  They were both in Real Estate.  She has retired after being Realtor of the year in Washington. He is still in Real Estate.  They have a home in Rocklin, Calif. And one in Vancouver, Wash. where most of their children live.  Together they have 6 children.  She has two boys, Robert and Randy, and two girls Rebecca and Rene.  He has a son Rob and a daughter Stacy.  They also boast 13 grandchildren.

From Joyce E. Jordan – Feb. 14, 2004

499 Pacheco Road #200

Bakersfild, CA 93307


I don’t have E-mail.

Grandma Lena had

5 children 1 child (sic)

42 Grand 4 deaths

122 Great  61 boys, 61 girls

38 Great Great  19 boys, 19 grils

207 Grand total of descendents time of death, less four of the grand children 4 deaths

207 – 5 = 202

I’d like up dates on all you can. I’ll send money for postage.  All the letters you got from people.  Thank you – Joyce

To their union six children were born.

A. ALICE ESTHER, March 21, 1924, Egeland; married June 2, 1946,             Medford; Paul T. Beck, son Rev. T. and Marian Brittain, a Foursquare minister, , born June 21, 1926, Beck and Marian Brittain. Living Salinas, California. Children: David Paul, April 1, 1947;  Daniel Ray, June 17, 1955.

1. David Paul, b. April 1, 1947 at Salinas, CA, Married                                                                         Phyllis Van Winkle.  Have two sons.  Divorced

a.  Jimmy (James) Ray, b. Sept. 19, 1960

b.  Jerry (Jerome) Lee, March 27, 1971

David Paul Beck married Marie Leal, Jun 18, 1977.

2. Daniel Ray, b. June 17, 1955, married Sarah Lynn                                                              Gullion.  They had two daughters:

a.  Tracy, b. December 30, 1973

b.  Anne Marie, b. November 20, 1974

3.  Kenneth James, b. November 3, 1958, married Kim Michelle Podio, August 1976

B. ERVIN “LOYD” January 9, 1926, Egeland; married November 1, 1946; Theresa B. Chester, born June 17, 1928, daughter of Earl and Hazel. Living in Medford, Oregon.  Loyd served in the Navy in W.W.II for three years.  Ran a garage and service station in Jacksonville, Oregon. Children:

a.  GLORIA MARIE, b., August 3, 1948, married Greg Crawford, July 19, 1969. They live in Seattle, Washington and operate their own medical business.

1.  Krista Michelle, b. January 21, 1969

2.  Hollis Marie, b. September 12, 1972

3.  Heather Anne, b. January 23, 1974

b.  PHYLLIS IRENE, b. September 6, 1950, married Daniel Ferguson, They were co-pastors in 4 Sq. Church at Roseburg.  Phyllis graduated from L.I.F.E. Bible College in Los Angeles. Have pioneered two Foursquare chures in Oregon (Roseburg and Albany), and they have since been pastoring a Foursqure church in Boise, Idaho since about 1987.  Dan is District Supervisor.

1.  Jeremy James, b. March 11, 1975.

2. Caleb Daniel, born July 14, 1982. Adopted as a newborn. and Amy

b. Isaech Daniel Ferguson, b. March 9, 2004

c.  JERRY LEE, b. August 6, 1951, was in the army in Viet Nam War.  Graduated from Southern Oregon College, June 1977, on February 21, 1985 he married Cher Anderson, born November 2, 1957

1. Kelly Ryan, born October 9, 1979

2. Eric Lee, b. March 2, 1981.

d.  STEVEN LOYD, b. June 17, 1957, Went to college in Klamath Falls. On July 10, 1987 he married Chris Netherland, b. June 12, 1956. From Loyd Rasmussen – written October 4, 2004: Loyd went into business in Jacksonville with his father, Ernie, after the Service Station and Garage opened in 1950. Loyd bought the business after his father retired. Son Steve went into business with Loyd in 1977 and bougth the business from him when Loyd retired in 1989. Steve is still doing business as of today. (2004)

C.  JOYCE EVANGELINE, b. November 3, 1928, Egeland, ND; married by Grampa Rasmus Rasmussen, January 1, 1948 in Medford, Oregon; Marvin Travis Jordan, jr., who was born August 18, 1929 in Texas City, Texas, Living Oildale/Bakersfield, California where their three children were born.  He worked and retired from the oil fields. Marvin died: October 22, 1999 in Bakersfield, California. They had a café 1958 – 1962.


a.  Marvin Timothy “Timmy”, III July 31, 1948, Medford, Oregon, married, Kathie Louis Blair in Bakersfield on July 27, 1967.  She was born, February 5, 1950. He was in the service during Viet Nam War then worked the oilfields in Denver, now Bakersfield (Superintendent).  They had three girls.


1.  Tammi Michelle, b. July 1, 1971, Bakersfield, CA

married, Cannon Mathew Morris, b. Bakersfield, Calif, September 15, 1970, married, July 6, 1990.  Divorced, July 19993. One child.

a. Brittany Michelle, b. July 9, 1991, Denver, Colorado.



Remarried, October 2, 1995 to Warren Gene Mediano, b. June 16, 1966, Olk, He has two girls. They live in Olk, City,


a. Marissa, b. June 10, 1986


b. Renee, b. October 15, 1987.



2.  Theresa Marie Tessia), b.Sept. 28, 1976, Bakersfield, Calif, Married, Jan. 1, 1994, Los Vegas, Nev. To David Lynn Huges, July 19, 1964. OK. They all live in Oklahoma City, OK.


a. Ryan Timothy, b. July 11, 1993, OK


b. Blair Jordan, b. Nov. 30, 1998, OK


3.  Traci Miranda Jordan, b. November 21, 1980, Arroyo, California. Married: (Tony) Gertierrez Antonio jr., Wasco, Calif, born: Nov. 28, 1973.  Married, July 14, 2001, Los Vegas, divorced, 2002, She had another child:


a. Kathern Taylor (Katie) Jordan, b. May 31, 2000


b.  Quinton Travis Jackson, b. April 21, 2002


b.  Janice Marie, b. April 7, 1950, Bakersfield, Calif, married William Ivon Smith, in Bakersfield, CA, March 2, 1968.  William born: March 16, 1968. They had two boys.


1.  William Travis Smith, b. August 24, 1969, born in Bakersfield, California, passed away Sept. 25, 2002


2.  Timothy Duane, b. June 3, 1971 in Orange, Calif. Married on Feb. 25, 1993, Los Vegas, Nevada, to Shannon Faye Finsley from New Port Beach, Calif, on March 30, 1973.  They had two girls.


a. “JJ” Justine Jordan Smith, b. Sept 10, 1992, Bakersfield, Ca.


b. Tony Nickole Smith, born Nov. 3, 1996, Bakersfield, Calif.



Then Janice divorced and married John (Jack) Harry Smith, December 20, 1975, in Los Vegas, Nevada, Jack born: Nov. 13, 1924 in New Jersey. He had three children, six greats and 1 great great.


c. Donald Duane Jordan, born Bakersfield, Calif., Oct. 27, 1979, married Tamra Jean Cloud, born Cyamme, Calif, April 19, 1960, married Cyammi, Calif, April 14, 1979, divorced, Bakersfield, Calif, Sept, 1980.  Remarried, March 17, 1984, Bakersfield, Calif, Michelle Hockett, born April 10, 1961, in Bakersfield, Ca. They had two children


1. Staci Marie, b. August 29, 1984 in Bakersfield, Calif,


2.  Michael David, b. Jan. 29, 1988, Bakersfield, Calif.



D.  FERN DARLENE, b. February 18, 1933, Egeland; married August 23, 1951, Medford; James Christian Hagler, born December 17, 1933, son of James Hagler and Rena Kaufman, Living Medford,     Oregon. He is Jackson County Animal Control manager.


Children: Hagler

a.  James Travis “Jimmy”, b. September 11, 1952, Graduated from S.O.C.. June 1977 to be a teacher.  Married June 21, 1975 to Deborah “Debby Kay” Madison. A teacher in Eugene


1. Katie Marie Hagler


2. Keri Lea Hagler (adopted from Korea)


Jim and Deborah were divorced in 1990. And then Jim married Jill Diane Rose Snow on December 11, 1990


3.  Julie Snow married Paul Paradise

a. Caleb Paradise – b. June 15, 2002


4. Ashley Snow married Allen Schwiegert


a. Chase Allen, b. February 14, 2004


b.  Joseph Dee Hagler, b. May 16, 1954,

The Medford Mail Trubune, April 11, 2004, reports that Joe Hagler, in this 20th season with the Phoenix, Oregon, Pirates, recorded his 300th coaching victory with Phoenix’s Skyline Conference double header sweep.  Married Dawn Kathryn, b. June 24, 1978


1. Anne Michelle Hagler


2.  Holly Janelle Hagelr, married Matthew Campbell


3.  Joseph David Hagler




c.  John Christian Hagler, b. July 23, 1956, married Brenda Sue Wilson in Jacksonville, Oregon, August 17, 1974. Operates Classic Trolley in Medford.


1.  Lucas John “Lukie”, b. September 3, 1975, married Kimberly Matthew


a. Christian Lucas, b. August 23, 1999


2.  Tanya Nicole Hagler, married Daniel Brand


3.  Ryan Christian Hagler, in ministry with YWAM


4.  Tiffany Sue Hagler


d.  Joshua Glen Hagler, b. December 2, 1958, married Debra Lee Wallace, September 2, 1978.  Works for Timber Products.  (Joshua and Debraa were divorced in 1990)


1.  Jennifer Lea Hagler, married Ed Stewart,


a.  Jacob Edward Stewart, b. June 27, 2000


b.  Zachary James Stewart, b. January 1, 2003



2.  Justin Travis Hagler


3.  Jullian Ann Hagler


4.  Jessica Roase Hagler




E. DAVID EUGENE, b. July 27, 1940 in Egeland, N.D., married Glena Lee Hobbs, May 21, 1939.  He worked for United Airlines, Medford, Oregon from June, 1961 to June, 1979..  She was a dental secretary.  Married at Medford, Oregon, June 14, 1959. David and Glena are partners of Jackson Travel Angency, Inc. of Medford, Oregon which they purchased in June of 1979.


a.  Kelly Ray Rasmussen, b. March 30, 1961. Kelly married Cynthia (Cindi) Jo Benson, b. May 4, 1961 in Medford, Oregon on August 14, 1982. Kelly and Cindi were both born in Medford, Oregon. Kelly and Cindi separted in September, 2007.  Divorced in: 2009

They have three children:


1. Andrew Jacob Rasmussen, b. November 21, 1985 in Medford, Oregon


2. Mikyl Quinn Rasmussen, b. April 12, 1988 in Medford, Oregon


3. Abree Joy Marie Rasmussen, b. April 24, 1992 in Medford, Oregon


b.  Trina Lee Rasmussen, b. August 16, 1964 in                                                                       Medford, Oregon


c.  Holly Shawn Rasmussen, b. May 5, 1966. in                                                                        Medford, Oregon


d. Juan M. Aguilar, b. June 28, 1987, a bonus son.




F.  BEATRICE MARIE, b. May 28, 1945 in Los Angeles, California, Married June 30, 1963, to Robert Dean Croucher, b. June 29, 1942.  He was born in Medford, Oregon.


1.  Robert Dean “Bobby”, b. February 13, 1964


2.  Rebecca Lynn “Becky”, b. August 26, 1965


3.  Renee’ Cheryle, b. August 3, 1968


4.  Randall Eugene, b. April 9, 1970


(4)  WALTER ALEXANDER RASMUSSEN, February 9, 1906; married June 10, 1925, Cando, N.D., Judge Brooke; Ida Mae Thornton, b. Dec. 10, 1905, daughter of James A. (See Thornton) Children: Egeland  (May 25, 1977 – Dear Larry Smith, I’m  sorry I’m so slow in getting this ready for you.  Marie had sent it to me, but since I got home the last of April it seems so many things have kept me busy so now it this isn’t compleat or what you want please let me know and I’ll try again.  I had a good time while at Marie’s, Lloyd & Agnes even if I did get into a busy time moving Marie I enjoyed it as I like to keep busy.  Let me know if you want anything more.  Hope this will help you, as always, Ida Rasmussen


We spent our first 28 years on a farm 2 mi. S. and 1 mile east of Egeland.  Our son Ralph came home from the Viet Nam War and wanted to farm & so we went to Cando, N.D. & built a home spent 5 year here and then in 1959 moved to Matley, Minn. where we again built ourselves a home.  While here Walt became sick with spinal mengetic, Asian flue and polo from which he recovered and in 1963 he was stricken with a heart attack and from then until his death he continued to have attacks he passed away Dec. 31, 1974 at Cando as we moved there in 1973.  I am still living at Cando, N.D. (Ida Rasmussen – 1977)



A. MARGARET LUCILLE RASMUSSEN, June 24, 1926; married April 15, 1945, Egeland, N.D. by Rev. Snowden; Leonard Clarence Axmark, born             1918.  Living in Staples, Minn.  They farmed near Egeland until the fall of 1954 when they moved to Minnn & in 1976 they moved to Versalles Mo. where they now live.  They have 5 children all grown.

Children born Cando; Axmark


a.  Marlen Lou Axmark, b. August 2, 1947, married Ermand Kohautek, b. Feb. 17, 1973.  They have 1 son James Lee, b. Dec 19, 1973.  They now live in Madison, Wis..


b.  Marian Ruth Axmark, June 22, 1949  Now living at Billings Mont. going to school to be a teacher she will graduate in June 1977


c.  Loren Eugene Axmark, May 31, 1950, married Esther Jean Kieler Aug. 13, 1975.  They are both going to school in Spring Filed, MO at present and are living there.


d.  Karan Louise Axmark, December 25, 1952 Now living at Little Falls Minn working


e.  Paul Wayne Axmark, March 8, 1954, married Susan Fay Zercher, July 13, 1974.  They are both graduating from Assemblies of God college at Waxahachie Texas May 6th 1977 and are now assistant pastors there in Texas & expect to be on their own as pastors after graduation.


B.  KENNETH ROBERT RASMUSSEN, February 6, 1928; d. February 27, 2001, Lacey Washington. Married July 26, 1948, Egeland, Rev. Folden; Arlene Ruth Mackenzie, born March 6, 1927, daughter of Frederick. Her brother and sister: Allen; Rose;     James; John, all of Sioux Falls, S.D. Living Egeland: They lived in ND until the fall of 1966 when they sold out & went to Australia where they spent nearly 1 yr. & then returned to the states & settled in Wash. at Lacy, WA where  they now live & he is a contractor for Sears installing their washers & dryers & all electrical equipment. He and his son.


a.  KATHLENE RUTH RASMUSSESN, August 10, 1949, Married Gordon Bruce Bowman, Jan. 5, 1979. They live in Lacey Wash. where he teaches in a Christian School.


1.  Silas Ross Bowman, b. March 29, 1975


2.  Elisabeth Ruth Bowman, b. March 8, 1977.


b.  GERALD ALLEN RASMUSSEN, May 28, 1953.  He lives at home with his parents & is a partner with his parents & is a partner with his Dad in Installation work.


c.  DIANE MARIE RASMUSSEN, May 2, 1955, Lives in Tacoma & works as a Pharmacists & goes to school for that.


C. RALPH HOWARD RASMUSSEN, b. July 23, 1930; married June 15, 1951, by Rev. Stemon; Lois Bell Perich, b. Dec. 13, 1933, daughter of Louis. (see Perich) Living in Egeland. They live 3 miles S.E. of Egeland.  They have only 1 boy at home as he is still in school.  He has also a Hereford cattle farm.  Ralph spent time in Viet Nam from 1950 – 1952 in the Service.Children. Born Cando, N.D.:


a.  SHIRLEY ANN RASMUSSEN, b. March 18, 1954, married Duane L. Isaacson, Aug. 9, 1975.  They live at Rugby, N.D. & she is     employed by the G.T.S. in that city.  He is employed in the office of unemployment.


b.  RICHARD RALPH RASMUSSEN, b. December 4, 1956, He has been attending T.B.S. for 2 years & now is employed at Ronald Borks farm for the summer, Falls, MO and plans to go back to school in winter.


c.  WAYNE ALLEN RASMUSSEN, September 28, 1958, employed at home for spring & fall.  He also has gone to T.B.S. Bible School at Ellendale, but is home now.


d.  LYLE LEE RASMUSSEN, b. May 9, 1960, is at                                                                    home going to high school a Junior this year.


D.  ESTHER  MAE RASMUSSEN, b. October 24, 1932; married March 5, 1951, Egeland, by Rev. McCollum; Ronald Brandt, son of Alfred  (See Brandt) They farmed near Rock Lake N.D. for 16 years in the Fall of 1966 they sold out and went to Perth Australia for nearly 1 year & returned to the U.S. & settled in Seattle, WA where they have lived in Woodenville & he is employed at Physio Control.  She works at VandeCamp baking distributor at the stores near there. He has been employed there for 8 years. He pent time 1950 – 1953 in the Service.  They have 3 children and 1 grand daughter.


a.  Joyce Elain Brandt, b. July 5, 1952.  Marreid Paul Bruce   Williams on Aug. 18, 1972.  They live in Wadena Wa. where he is a teacher in a Bible school or Christian School.  They have 1 daughter Devarah Grace July 2, 1976.


b.  Eugene Wayne Brandt, b. Sept. 5, 1954.  He is at home    and is teaching at Mt. Lake Terrace school this year.


c.  Ruth Esther Brandt, b. June 30, 1956, He is living in Wadena & is a qualified Respatiar Technician.


E.  DORIS GENEVIEVE RASMUSSEN, b. May 11, 1934; married April 8, 1960, Pillager, Minn., Rev. Leen; Hubert “Hubbie” Allen Haugen, b. April 23, 1934, son of Oscar of Mayville.  Living Mayville. They live on a farm near Maryville N.D. She also has an upholstery ship in her basement.  They have three children and have adopted 1 boy in 1976.  They have been foster parents to many in the past 10 years.

a. Charlotte Dawn Haugen, b. March 17, 1961. Going to school at May-Port a Junior


b. Javayne Esther Haugen, b. April 30, 1962.  Going to school a Sophomore in May Port.

Married:  Marty Oyloe


1. Luke Oyle – born c. 1989

Died: April 7, 2009 –  Williston, ND. Luke and    his girl friend were in a pickup that rolled. They             were both thrown out and killed. Marty and       Javayne’s only child.


c.  Kenneth Allen Haugen, b. Dec. 28, 1964.  In Mayville school grade 8th.


d.  Dennis Todd Haugen, b. Feb. 2, 1970, adopted in                                                              1976.  Married Jeanne.  One son: Shawn

Dennis and Jeanne died: August 4, 2009 – The result                                                                        of the murder of his wife by Dennis and then his                                                                     sucide.


Wednesday, August 05, 2009 1:10 PM


Doris Rasmussen Haugen is my double cousin. This is devistating news.  Please keep this young man and Doris and her family in your prayers. Dolly Twedell


This is Doris Rasmussen Haugen’s son and wife. So another heartbreak in the family. Please pray for their son Shawn, left all alone.    Love and thanks for your prayers.  Lois


Two Aberdeen residents who were found dead in their home on Tuesday night died as a result of a murder suicide, the Aberdeen Police Department released this morning. The couple, Dennis and Jeanne Haugen, were found by their teenage son at 828 S. Merton St., the home where they lived. Preliminary findings from evidence and interviews indicate that Jeanne Haugen, 39, was murdered and Dennis Haugen, 39, died as a result of a self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head, a release from the police department said.


A final determination will be made after results from an autopsy are received and evidence is fully analyzed, the release said. The son called 911 at about 8:24 p.m. Tuesday and said his parents had been shot, according to initial reports. When law enforcement arrived, he was sitting on the front steps of the home.

A paramedic was sent into the home, but no bodies had been removed as of 10 p.m. Tuesday.


Authorities immediately blocked off the entire block, which ends in a dead end. Neighbors gathered to watch as police and detectives processed the scene, putting up crime tape. One neighbor said she had left her house, which is next to the crime scene, only minutes before authorities were called and didn’t see or hear anything.

A couple of officers approached neighbors, asking for names and whether they had seen or heard anything. Authorities from the Aberdeen Police Department, Brown County Sheriff’s Office, Aberdeen Fire and Rescue and other agencies were at the scene late Tuesday night.


Jeanne Haugen was the special sections coordinator at the American News, where she had worked for more than a decade. Dennis Haugen worked at Artz Equipment.



Additional family detail for the Walter Rasmussen branch from Diane Guthrie, December, 2003




1. Walter Alexander RASMUSSEN [S1] was born on 9 Feb. 1906 in Egeland, Towner, ND [S2].  Died on 31 Dec 1974 in Cando, Towner, ND [S3].  Buried on 3 Jan 1975 in Union Cemetery, Egeland, Towner, ND [S4].


He married Ida Mae THORNTON on 10 June 1925 in Cando, Towner, ND [S5].  Per phone conversation 7/5/94 with Evelyn Moline, Ida’s sister in Idaho:

Courtship held in dining room table.  Evelyn remembers going to the kitchen for drinks of water to better observe.  Walter gave Ida (she pronounced her name as Idie) a watch for an engagement present rather than a ring.


When Charles gave Evelyn a watch, Evelyn’s mom asked her when they were going to be married.  Ida Mae THORNTON [S6,S7] was born on 10 Dec 1905 in Egeland, Towner, ND [S6,S8].  Died on 27 Jan 1979 in Cando, Towner, ND [S9].  Buried on 30 Jan 1979 in Union Cemetery, Egeland, Towner, ND [S10].


They had the following children:


+2         i. Margaret Lucille RASMUSSEN

+3        ii. Kenneth Robert RASMUSSEN

+4       iii. Ralph Howard RASMUSSEN

+5        iv. Esther Mae RASMUSSEN

+6         v. Doris Genevieve RASMUSSEN

7        vi. Baby Boy RASMUSSEN was born on 15 Sep. 1940 in Devils Lake, Towner Co, ND [S11].  Died on 15 Sep. 1940 in Devils Lake, Towner Co, ND.  Child was born dead.  He weighed 14 pounds.




2. Margaret Lucille RASMUSSEN [S12] was born on 24 June 1926 in Egeland, Towner Co, ND [S13,S14,S15].  “Life–So Long But So Short” by Ida April 1967:

Had colic first three months.  So bad that hired help couldn’t stand hearing her cry.


She married Leonard AXMARK on 15 Apr 1946 in Egeland, Towner Co, ND [S16].  Leonard AXMARK [S17] was born on 1 Apr 1918 in Culdrum township, Minnesota.


They had the following children:


+8         i. Marlen Lou AXMARK

+9        ii. Marion Ruth AXMARK

+10      iii. Loren Eugene AXMARK

+11       iv. Karen Louise AXMARK

+12        v. Paul Wayne AXMARK



3. Kenneth Robert RASMUSSEN was born on 6 Feb. 1928 in Egeland, Towner, ND [S18].  Died on 27 Feb. 2001 in Lacey, Thurston, WA [S19].


He married Arlene Ruth MCKENZIE on 26 Jul 1948 in Egeland, Towner, ND [S20].  “Miss Arlene McKinzie and Kenneth Rasmussen motored to Devils Lake Saturday evening to meet Arlene’s sister, Miss Elaine McKinzie of Sioux Falls, S. Dak., who came to spend a few days at the Walter Rasmussen home.” July 29, 1948, Cando Record, Herald.


There was no announcement of the marriage in the paper.  Arlene said that Walt and Ida did not always like their business printed up in the paper (9/96).  Arlene Ruth MCKENZIE was born on 6 Mar 1927 in Sioux Falls, Minnehaha, SD.


They had the following children:


+13        i. Kathleen Ruth RASMUSSEN

14       ii. Gerald Alan RASMUSSEN was born on 28 May 1953 in Cando, Towner, ND.  “Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rasmussen are the proud parents of a 7 lb., 15 oz. baby boy born to them in the new hospital in Cando on Thursday afternoon.” June 4, 1953, Cando Record Herald, Cando, North Dakota.

+15      iii. Diane Marie RASMUSSEN



4. Ralph Howard RASMUSSEN was born on 23 Jul 1930 in Egeland, Towner Co, ND [S21,S22].


He married Lois Bell PERICH on 15 June 1951 in Egeland, Towner, ND [S23].  Lois Bell PERICH was born on 13 Dec 1933 [S24].


They had the following children:


+16        i. Shirley Ann RASMUSSEN

17       ii. Richard Ralph RASMUSSEN was born on 4 Dec 1956 in Cando, Towner, ND [S25].

+18      iii. Wayne Alan RASMUSSEN

19       iv. Lyle Lee RASMUSSEN was born on 9 May 1960 in Cando, Towner, ND [S26].



5. Esther Mae RASMUSSEN [S27] was born on 24 Oct. 1932 in Egeland, Towner Co, ND [S28,S29].  “Life–So Long But So Short” by Ida April 1967 talked of sleet storm at the time of birth.  Walt went for his mother Lena in a wagon drawn by a team of mules.


She married Roland  (Ron) Burton BRANDT on 5 Mar 1951 in Egeland, Towner Co, ND [S30].  Roland  (Ron) Burton BRANDT was born on 5 Mar 1930 in Perth, Towner, ND [S31].


They had the following children:


20        i. Joyce Elaine BRANDT was born on 5 Jul 1952 in Cando, Towner Co, ND [S18].

21       ii. Eugene Wayne BRANDT was born on 5 Sep. 1954 in Cando, Towner Co, ND.

22      iii. Ruth Esther BRANDT was born on 30 June 1956 in Cando, Towner Co, ND.



6. Doris Genevieve RASMUSSEN was born on 11 May 1934 in Egeland, Towner, ND [S32,S33].


She married Hubert Allen HAUGEN on 8 Apr 1960 in Pillager, Minnesota [S18].


They had the following children:


23        i. Dennis HAUGEN [S34]

24       ii. Kenneth HAUGEN was born on 28 Dec.

25      iii. Charlotte Dawn HAUGEN was born in Mar 1961 [S35].

26       iv. Javayne Esther HAUGEN was born on 30 Apr 1962 [S36].





8. Marlen Lou AXMARK was born on 2 Aug. 1947 in Cando, Towner, ND [S37].


She married Skip KOHOTEK on 17 Feb. 1973 in Mayville, North Dakota [S38].  Skip KOHOTEK [S39]


They had the following children:


27    i. Jamie Lee KOHOTEK was born on 19 Dec 1973 in Minot, North Dakota [S40].



9. Marion Ruth AXMARK was born on 22 June 1949 in Cando, Towner, ND [S41].


She married Steve in Jul 1968 in Pine River, Minneapolis [S42].; divorced in 1971.


She also married Jim NEWMAN on 15 Apr 1981 [S43].  Jim NEWMAN [S44]



10. Loren Eugene AXMARK was born on 31 May 1950 in Cando, Towner, ND [S45].


He married Esther KEEHR on 30 Aug. 1975 in Little Falls [S46].  Esther KEEHR [S47]


They had the following children:


28        i. Anna Lea AXMARK was born on 24 Dec 1982 [S48].

29       ii. Karrisa Jean AXMARK was born on 9 Oct. 1986 [S49].



11. Karen Louise AXMARK was born on 25 Dec 1952 in Cando, Towner, ND [S50].


She married Mike GILBERT in Jul 1977 in Georgia [S51].  Mike GILBERT [S52]


They had the following children:


30        i. Sarah GILBERT was born on 17 Sep. 1979 [S53].

31       ii. Becky GILBERT was born on 14 Apr 1981 [S54].

32      iii. John Edward GILBERT was born on 23 Aug. 1987 in Walker, Minnesota [S55].

33       iv. Abbigail Christine GILBERT was born on 6 June 1992 in Hillsboro, Oregon [S56].



12. Paul Wayne AXMARK was born on 8 Mar 1954 in Cando, Towner, ND [S57].


He married Sue ZERCHER in Jul 1974 in Detroit Lake.  Sue ZERCHER [S58]


They had the following children:


34        i. Melissa AXMARK was born on 11 June 1979 [S59].



13. Kathleen Ruth RASMUSSEN was born on 10 Aug. 1949 in Cando, Towner, ND.  “Mr. and Mrs. Rasmussen are the proud parents of a baby girl born to them in Cando this week.” August 18, 1949, Cando Record Herald.


She married Gordon Bruce BOWMAN on 5 Jan 1974 in Lacey, Thurston, WA [S60].  Gordon Bruce BOWMAN was born on 18 Sep. 1950.


They had the following children:


+35      i. Silas Ross BOWMAN

36     ii. Elisabeth Ruth BOWMAN was born on 8 Mar 1977 in Olympia, Thurston, WA.

37     iii. Obadiah Bruce BOWMAN was born on 9 June 1979 in Olympia, Thurston, WA.



15. Diane Marie RASMUSSEN was born on 3 May 1955 in Cando, Towner, ND [S61].  “Mrs. Kenneth Rasmussen and little Diane Marie returned home from the Towner County Memorial Hospital on Sunday.  Doris Rasmussen is staying at their home for a few days.”  May 12, 1955, Cando Record Herald.


She married John Francis GUTHRIE on 12 June 1982 in Spanaway, Pierce, WA.  John Francis GUTHRIE was born on 6 May 1949 in Seattle, King, WA.


They had the following children:


38 i.Shane Christopher GUTHRIE [S62] was born on 3 Oct. 1978 in Seattle, King, WA.

39 ii. Colin Anthony GUTHRIE [S63] was born on 4 Nov. 1982 in Lacey, Thurston, WA.

40iii. Devin Alexander GUTHRIE [S64] was born on 31 Jul 1984 in Kirkland, King,        WA.



16. Shirley Ann RASMUSSEN was born on 18 Mar 1954 in Cando, Towner, ND [S65].


She married Duane ISAACSON on 8 Aug. 1975 in Cando, Towner, ND [S66].  Duane ISAACSON [S67] was born on 2 Apr 1950 in Rugby, Pierce, ND [S68].


They had the following children:


41    i. Darin ISAACSON was born on 15 Apr 1980 in Rugby, Pierce, ND [S69].

42   ii. Brian ISAACSON was born on 16 Sep. 1982 in Williston, Williams, ND [S70].

43  iii. Andrea ISAACSON was born on 4 Oct. 1983 in Williston, Williams, ND [S71].



18. Wayne Alan RASMUSSEN was born on 28 Sep. 1958 in Cando, Towner, ND [S72].






35. Silas Ross BOWMAN was born on 29 Mar 1975 in Lacey, Thurston, WA [S73].


He married Cindy Michelle ANDREW on 24 Aug. 1996 in Steilacoom, Pierce, Washington.  Cindy Michelle ANDREW was born about 1974.


They had the following children:


44        i. Andrew BOWMAN

45       ii. Sara BOWMAN




1. 1920 census of Victor Township in North Dakota lists Walter as age 13 as of January 1920.  Child of Rasmus S. and Sina (her name was really Lena)

2. The Family Tree of Paul and Marie Fredrickson compiled by Lloyd Paulsen descendent of Mary Paulsen.

3. No probate found at Towner County Courthouse, 9/96.

4. Memoriam of funeral service. Arrangements by Dix Funeral Home,                                           Cando,Towner,ND

5. Copy of Marriage License from Towner County Courthouse:  Walter A Rasmussen of Egeland, ND, aged 19, and Ida May Thornton of Egeland, ND, aged 19.  Joined in marriage at Cando, Towner County on the 10th day of June 1925 by Judge Brooke, County Judge, in the presence of Mrs. Abe Thornton and R.S. Rasmussen.


According to Bible given to Esther from Ida, married by Judge Ness, witnessed by Marie E. Rasmussen, Mr. and Mrs. R.S. Rasmussen, and Mrs. Fanny Thornton.   The bible also lists birth dates of parents, Ida and Walt, their children and their children’s spouses.  Bible is King James Version in giant print, copyright 1973.  All entries were written at one time.


“Life–So Long But So Short” by Ida Mae Thornton Rasmussen in 1967.


Book Towner County North Dakota Families by Mabel Hadler, Publ. 1958, 6 vol. shows Judge Brooke

6. “Life–So Long But So Short” by Ida April 1967.

7. White Mortuary Funeral Record of Twin Falls, ID for father James shows Ida Mae Rasmussen in Egeland, North Dakota in 1944

8. The Family Tree of Paul and Marie Fredrickson compiled by Lloyd Paulsen descendent of Mary Paulsen.

9. Memorial Obituary of Ida Mae Rasmussen printed in The Minot Daily News

10. Memorial Obituary of Ida Mae Rasmussen printed in The Minot Daily News.

Memoriam for funeral service.

Arrangements by Dix Funeral Home of Cando,Towner,ND

11. “Life–So Long But So Short” by Ida April 1967.

12. Esther Brandt supplied the birth dates and locales for children of Margaret and Len.  She helped Margaret for awhile when Marlen and Marian were very little.

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14. “Highlights Of My Life” by Margaret Azmark 1992.

15. “Highlights Of My Life” by Margaret Azmark 1992.

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“Highlights Of My Life” by Margaret Azmark 1992.


Married by Rev. Snowden per Book Towner County North Dakota Families by Mabel Hadler, Publ. 1958, 6 vol.

17. Book Towner County North Dakota Families by Mabel Hadler, Publ. 1958, 6 vol. gave me his middle name.

18. My father told me

19. Cert. of death owned by Diane Guthrie

20. Copy of Marriage License from Towner County Courthouse:  Kenneth Rasmussen of Egeland, ND, aged 20, and Arlene McKenzie of Sioux Falls, S Dak, aged 21, dated at Cando N D this 26th day of July 1948.  Joined in marriage in Egeland, Towner County by Rev. Arnold H. Folden, Assemblies of God, Egeland, ND.  In presence of Ralph Rasmussen and Elaine McKenzie.


Wedding book owned by Arlene.  Diane Guthrie has a copy of certified page.  Married by Rev. Arnold H. Folden.


Married in Ken’s parents house per “Life–So Long But So Short!” by Ida Mae Thornton Rasmussen.

21. “Life–So Long But So Short” by Ida April 1967.

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23. Book Towner County North Dakota Families by Mabel Hadler, Publ. 1958, 6 vol. p 1036. Married by Rev. Stemon.

24. Book Towner County North Dakota Families by Mabel Hadler. Publ 1958, 6 vol. Page 1036.

25. “Grand-Ma” poem by Doris Haugen in 1962.


Book Towner County North Dakota Families by Mabel Hadler, Publ. 1958, 6 vol.

26. “Grand-Ma” poem by Doris Haugen in 1962.


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27. Information given to Diane Guthrie by Esther herself

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29. The Family Tree of Paul and Marie Fredrickson compiled by Lloyd Paulsen descendent of Mary Paulsen.

30. They had a beautiful church wedding per “Life–So Long But So Short!” by Ida Mae Thornton Rasmussen.


Book Towner County North Dakota Families by Mabel Hadler, Publ. 1958, 6 vol.  says married by Rev. McCollum on Mar. 12th.


12/9/94 phone conversation with Esther:  Alfred, Ron’s dad, would not sign permission for them to marry before Ron was 21.  They married on Ron’s birthday not on Mar. 12th as Book Towner County North Dakota Families by Mabel Hadler says.

31. Book Towner County North Dakota Families by Mabel Hadler, Publ. 1958, 6 vol.

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34. Adopted

35. “Grand-Ma” poem by Doris Haugen in 1962.

36. “Grand-Ma” poem by Doris Haugen in 1962.

37. “Highlights Of My Life” by Margaret Azmark 1992.

Phone conversation between Diane Guthrie and Margaret Axmark July 6, 1994.

38. “Highlights Of My Life” by Margaret Azmark 1992.  Phone conversation between Diane Guthrie and Margaret Axmark July 6, 1994.

39. Phone conversation between Diane Guthrie and Margaret Axmark July 6, 1994.

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Time: 2:56 pm, Weight 7 lb. 4 oz.

“Highlights Of My Life” by Margaret Azmark 1992.

41. “Highlights Of My Life” by Margaret Azmark 1992.

42. “Highlights Of My Life” by Margaret Azmark 1992.

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44. Phone conversation between Diane Guthrie and Margaret Axmark July 6, 1994.

45. “Highlights Of My Life” by Margaret Azmark 1992.

Phone conversation between Diane Guthrie and Margaret Axmark July 6, 1994.

46. “Highlights Of My Life” by Margaret Azmark 1992.

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48. “Highlights Of My Life” by Margaret Azmark 1992.

49. “Highlights Of My Life” by Margaret Azmark 1992.

50. “Highlights Of My Life” by Margaret Azmark 1992.  Phone conversation between Diane Guthrie and Margaret Axmark July 6, 1994.

51. “Highlights Of My Life” by Margaret Azmark 1992.

52. Phone conversation between Diane Guthrie and Margaret Axmark July 6, 1994.

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54. “Highlights Of My Life” by Margaret Azmark 1992.

55. “Highlights Of My Life” by Margaret Azmark 1992.

56. “Highlights Of My Life” by Margaret Azmark 1992.

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58. Phone conversation between Diane Guthrie and Margaret Axmark July 6, 1994.

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62. Birth certificate owned by Diane Guthrie

63. Birth certificate owned by Diane Guthrie

64. Birth certificate owned by Diane Guthrie

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66. Phone conversation Diane Guthrie with Shirley 8/27/96, Williston, North Dakota

67. Phone conversation Diane Guthrie with Shirley 8/27/96, Williston, North Dakota

68. Phone conversation Diane Guthrie with Shirley 8/27/96, Williston, North Dakota

69. Phone conversation Diane Guthrie with Shirley 8/27/96, Williston, North Dakota

70. Phone conversation Diane Guthrie with Shirley 8/27/96, Williston, North Dakota

71. Phone conversation Diane Guthrie with Shirley 8/27/96, Williston, North Dakota

72. “Grand-Ma” poem by Doris Haugen in 1962.


Book Towner County North Dakota Families by Mabel Hadler, Publ. 1958, 6 vol.

73. Birth announcement owned by Arlene Rasmussen shows:

born 5:09 pm 7 lb. 61/4 oz.




AXMARK, Anna Lea  28

AXMARK, Karen Louise  11

AXMARK, Karrisa Jean  29

AXMARK, Loren Eugene  10

AXMARK, Marion Ruth  9

AXMARK, Marlen Lou  8

AXMARK, Melissa  34

AXMARK, Paul Wayne  12

BOWMAN, Andrew  44

BOWMAN, Elisabeth Ruth  36

BOWMAN, Obadiah Bruce  37

BOWMAN, Sara  45

BOWMAN, Silas Ross  35

BRANDT, Eugene Wayne  21

BRANDT, Joyce Elaine  20

BRANDT, Ruth Esther  22

GILBERT, Abbigail Christine  33

GILBERT, Becky  31

GILBERT, John Edward  32

GILBERT, Sarah  30

GUTHRIE, Colin Anthony  39

GUTHRIE, Devin Alexander  40

GUTHRIE, Shane Christopher  38

HAUGEN, Charlotte Dawn  25

HAUGEN, Dennis  23

HAUGEN, Javayne Esther  26

HAUGEN, Kenneth  24

ISAACSON, Andrea  43

ISAACSON, Brian  42

ISAACSON, Darin  41

KOHOTEK, Jamie Lee  27

RASMUSSEN, Baby Boy  7

RASMUSSEN, Diane Marie  15

RASMUSSEN, Doris Genevieve  6

RASMUSSEN, Esther Mae  5

RASMUSSEN, Gerald Alan  14

RASMUSSEN, Kathleen Ruth  13

RASMUSSEN, Kenneth Robert  3

RASMUSSEN, Lyle Lee  19

RASMUSSEN, Margaret Lucille    2

RASMUSSEN, Ralph Howard  4

RASMUSSEN, Richard Ralph  17

RASMUSSEN, Shirley Ann  16

RASMUSSEN, Walter Alexander  1

RASMUSSEN, Wayne Alan  18




(5)  AGNES MARIAN Rasmussen, b. November 27, 1910 in Egeland, N.D.; married April 12, 1930, Cando, Judge Brooke; Lloyd Abraham Thornton, son of James. (See Thornton), b. June 23, 1907 in Egeland, N.D. Agnes died: May 21, 1980. Husband Lloyd died on the same day!



by Rev. Gary Van Landingham, pastor of Medford’s Four Square Church.

Read at their Memorial Service, Friday, May 23, 1980.


He was such a gentleman and she so much a lady

Together they faced life and made a family

They held their love together in sun or stormy weather

They learned to find the answer on their knees.


His hands were strong and tender. I always will

Remember my schilhood days of growing in their home.

The smells of sweets a’baking, the time that she

Was taking to listen to the stories that I told.


Yet, Life’s a mystery, we have to let it go

And trust that God Almight made it so.

Believe, have faith in their Lord who gave them

Many years will help us who are left behind

To see out through our tears.


He wasn’t very preachy, just quiet and so real

A never changing strength in an everchanging world

And she, well, what a glory, a sweet, sweet Christian

Lady with that something almost everyone could feel.


May, 1977 – Dear Larry, Thanks for all the trouble you’re going to.  Hope this long winded family record is what you need, Thanks again, Agnes & Lloyd


My grandparents were Albert Paulsen, 1853 -1904 and Mary Olson 1873 – 1940. Rasmus Rasmussen, 1838 – 1924 and Kirstine  1849 – 1910


Lloyd’s Grandparents: John Samuel Thornton and Feriba Thornton

Cyrus Wesley Menser and Jane Menser


My parents – Rasmus S. Rasmussen 1873 – 1952 & Lena Fredericka Paulsen 1878 – 1969


All of our children were born in Egeland, North Dakota


1.  Lois Rae Thornton, b. November 24, 1930, married Harold Irvin Kezer, b. March 19, 1931


a.  Michael Alan Kezer, b. July 1, 1951, married Patricia Jean McNamee


1. Michelle Ellen, April, 1970


b.  Cynthia Marian Kezer, b. November 27, 1954, married Dean Miller


1.  Dean S., b. April 20, 1972


2.  Timothy Abraham, b. October 7, 1975


c.  Sandra Kae, b. November 13, 1961


2.  Delores “Dolly”  Mae Thornton, b. May 9, 1932, in Egland, N.D. married Nyle Aaron Reed, b. December 29, 1932 in 1951 in Denver, Colorado.


a.  Kathy Sue Reed, b. November 17, 1953, in                                                                          Albany, Georia, married Stephen Elliott in 1970 in                                                                   Torrance, California.


1.  Lori Anne Reed, b. December 31, 1970,                                                                                married Marc Seal.


a. Kyler Seal, born: Sept. 20, 2002

in Capistrono Beach, Calfornia


b. Kayla Jordan Seal, born: July 15,                                                                                             2007 in Capistrano Beach, California


2.  Robert James Elliott, b. August 11, 1972,                                                                              murdered by a 16 year-old at the Dana Point                                                                             Beach, California at age 18. 1990 through                                                                                 some type of misunderstanding on September                                                                                     8, 1990.


Then Kathy and Stephan divorced and married Eddie                                                                        Killins. As of 2007 they live near Lori and Marc.


b.  Terri Wynn Reed, b. October 28, 1955, in Modesto, California,  married Michael Doerr (Terri is now known as: Terri Danni Twedell) She then divorced. Second husband is: Dean Shalhoup. Living in Nashua, NH.


1.  Errol Tyrone Doerr, b. August 4, 1976.                                                                                   Travels the world installing computer programs.


2. Micheal Sampson Doerr, born about: 1977                                                                            schizophrenic and lives in a home in Nasha,                                                                            NH


3. Jacob Isaac Doeer. Born as a 2 lb 14 oz                                                                                 premie in about 1978. Live-in wife: Christine,                                                                            living in Hudson, NH.


a. Ariel Doerr, b. March 27, 1998


b. Darien Xavier Doerr, b. June 1, 2000


c. Devan Doerr, b. February 12, 2002



Delores *Dolly” and Nyle divorced in 1959. Delores Mae                                                    then married Rodney Daryl Twedell in 1960 in Torrance,                                                        California. He was b. June 12, 1931 and died – October 6,                                                     2009.  From: Darrin sent you a message.  Subject: Uncle                                                       Rod , Hi there, I have bad news…. just talked to Dolly.  Rod                                                       has died! we talked last night he was up and in great spiris                                                          and the tubes were all being removed, today up and about                                                      then sever gut pains….and gone.


a.  Janett Denise Twedell, b. April 9, 1962 in Harbor                                                                City, California. Married Phil Munden.


1. Daryl Ryan Munden, born February 28, 1986                                                                       in Capistrono Beach, California.


Then Janett Twedell Munden divorced and she                                                                       married: Anderew Robinson of Nashua, NH.


2. Garrett Chase Robinson, b. August 23, 1991                                                                        in Manchester, NH.


Janett (as of 2007) is single and works in                                                                                   Portland, Oregon


b.  Marvin Daryl Twedell, b. September 24, 1963. He                                                                married Linda Straus.


1. Jason Twedell, b. October 4, 1987


2. Ross Lloyd Twedell, b. January 23, 1992


3 Jenna Lynn Twedell, b. March 27, 1997. Her                                                                          mother was in the hospital recovering from a                                                                             very serious brain annerisum when she was                                                                            born. A miracle child for sure.



Subject: family, I am passing this on to keep you up to date on the Thorntons, you might want to forward to Fern?   Loyal
From: Rod and Dolly Twedell <>
To: Loyal Severson <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2007 9:14 AM

Hi Loyal, it’s nice to hear from you and yes, it has been many years since we’ve seen each other. I was not able to attend grandpa’s (Rasmus Rasmussen) funeral. I was living in Texas and was married to an Air Force Corporal.  Not enough money in the coffer.  In those days phones weren’t used like they are today and Mom just wrote and told me about it, so it would have been too late anyway.

About the family – Lois is a widow now. Harold passed away several years ago, and he put up a royal fight to live, if you knew him at all, that wouldn’t surprise you.  She lives in Eugene with her daughter, Cindy.  She has another daughter also and a son who lives near Reno. As you know, Jack passed away; he also tried to stay here, had only been sober a few years and was really enjoying life! He left 3 daughters and one had preceded him in death.  Skip is in Southern Idaho, Declo, with his wife of 50 years! (Lola)  They have 1 girl and 4 boys all married and living near by.  Bob is in White City, he lives by himself, gave up on marriage after several tries. He and his son, Darrin, are the ones you read about in the concrete business.  He reminds me of my dad, full of stories, many of them about Dad!  He has a son and a daughter living in the Medford area.  Ron lives in Medford also with his wife, Sharon.  He is the recluse, not really, but we don’t hear much from him.  He keeps busy with his building and showings of his fabulous redone pick up. He has two daughters, neither live very close by.  Mickey still lives in Medford also; she is still baby-sitting in her home.  Deny, her husband, has been retired for many years. They have 2 daughters also.


As you know I live here in Orofino, Id. on a hilltop.  We love it here; this is one of the smartest choices we have made in this lifetime.  I am a retired teacher, taught the toughies that no one else could handle and loved it.  Still hear from some of them.  Am married to Rod Twedell. I have 2 daughters from my first marriage and a son and a daughter from this one.  We have been married 47 years, guess it’s gonna last.  We left our oldest daughter, Kathy, in Ca.  when we left there to go to NH and then left the next oldest one in N.H. when we left there 10 years ago. (Not an intentional thing) The other two followed us to the West Coast, but ended up in Sandy, Or. about 7 hrs away, we see them quite often.  We now have 10 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. When did all that time slip by?

Let us hear from you and give us an update on your family, I know quite a few live in the Medford area, but that’s about all I know.
Have a great and blessed day, your cousin, Dolly
From: Rod and Dolly Twedell <>
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2007 16:26:07

Dear Larry, I’m sorry this has taken me so long.  I don’t usually take this long.  I appreciate your wanting to know about Mom’s side of the Rasmussens.  I’ll try to add to Mom’s.  I don’t think I have much info on the others, but can bring you up to date on mine.  We are not as good as we should be in keeping in touch, my mom would be so heart broken over that!  I’m not sure what all you wish to know, so will do my best and you can ask for anything else.

I am the second of Agnes and Lloyd Thornton.  I lived in Egeland, ND until I was 12.  I saw that Mom sent you our birthdates, so will not include that.  We moved to Dufur, Or. in 1944 and lived there about 1 year, then moved to Medford, Or.  I think that was because Vernon and Nellie Rasmussen already lived there and she and mom were best friends.  I attended school in Medford, which I hated with a passion. (any school) I graduated in 1950 and was married to Nyle Arnon Reed in l951 in Denver, Colo.  He was in the Air Force.  We lived there, in Austin, Texas and Albany, Ga.during his 4 years.

We had a daughter: (I drove myself to the hospital as my husband was already there with spinal meningitis)  And came home by myself, 3000 miles from home! and my first baby!
Kathy Sue Reed, Nov. 17, 1953 born in Albany, Ga. She married Stephen Elliot in 1970 in Torrance, Ca.  They had 2 children:
Lori Ann born in Dec. 1970.  Lori is now married to Marc Seal and they have 2 children.  Kyler born Sept. 20, 2002.  They have a brand new baby girl Kayla Jordan Seal born July 15, 2007. They live in Capistrano Beach, Ca.

They also had a son, Robert Elliot. He was murdered by a 16 year old at the Dana Point Beach in Ca. when he was 18.  A very sad misunderstanding.

Kathy divorced Stephen many years ago and is now married to Eddie Killins and they also live happily near Lori and Marc. Kathy has been in sales for contruction material for many years and now works from her home.  Eddie has his own construction business. They are very involved in Christian work – plan to leave Fri for the Dominican Republic to work on homes for homeless. Have traveled to Russia, Venizuela and others to work with orphans.

Well that is one family taken care of.  I’ll not bore you with more right now, but will add to this tomorrow.  God bless you in what you are doing.  If you need more info on people just let me know what you would like.
Dolly Thornton

From: Rod and Dolly Twedell Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007

Here goes with more info.  Just use what you can.

My second child with Nyle is Terri Wynn Reed,  she has since changed it to Terri Danni Twedell.  She lives in Nashua, NH, with her husband, Dean Shalhoup.  She is an artist, having been in Education for many years until her health required that she discontinue that field.  She suffers from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and has much assistance but does keep up her teaching of art to disabled adults.  Her husband is a locally well-known newspaper writer.  She had 3 boys by her first marriage to Micheal Doerr of NY.  Her children are:
Errol Tyrone Doerr (Mom gave you their birthdates and I must say I do know that they were all born in Aug. one each year for three years.)  He now lives in Fl. where he travels all over the world to install computer programs.  He lives with his girlfriend Jennifer.
Micheal Sampson Doerr, he is schizophrenic and lives in a home in Nashua, NH where he is free to come and go and lives a normal live with the exception of working.(NH has wonderful coverage of disabled)  He can not hold it together for that.  His home makes certain he takes his meds every day and not doing so is the one thing that usually causes so much trouble with this illness.  He is a handsome, naive, wonderful young man.
Jacob Isaac Doerr is Terri’s youngest.  He was a 6 month preemie and weighed in at 2lb 14oz. Has no problems from that.  He is a stay at home dad, live-in wife is Christine. She is a Micmac Indian. They have 3 children and I will try to get their names and dates correct.  They live in Hudson, NH and we don’t see them often therefore lose some of the info from my poor memory.
Ariel Doerr March 27, 1998
Darien Xavier Doerr 6-1-2000  (who could forget that middle name?)
Devan Doerr 2-12-2002

Terri was born in Modesto, Ca. on Oct. 28, 1955, we were out of the Air Force by this time.  Nyle was going to college, we moved to Fresno so he could finish. He became a teacher. We were divorced in 1959.  The next year I met my old high school boyfriend, Rodney Daryl Twedell and we were married the next year in Torrance, Ca. where he lived.

Will continue on another page.  God bless you for reading all this.G   Dolly

From: Rod and Dolly Twedell

Rod and I lived in Torrance, Ca. for 10 years.  He began his career in Cryogenics at this time. We had two children:
Janette Denise Twedell born Apr. 9, 1962 in Harbor City, Ca.
She has been married twice and has a son by each husband.  Now is a single mom.
Daryl Ryan Munden, father is Phil Munden.  born 2-28-86 in Bay Harbor Hosp. I think it is in Capistrano Beach, Ca. He is now in college.
Garrett Chase Robinson, born in Manchester, NH on Aug. 23, 1991. He is a Jr. in high school. His father is Andrew Robinson of Nashua, NH.
Janette works for Keiser Hosp on the Hospise Team in Portland, Or.

We then had a son (finally) Marvin Daryl Twedell born in Harbor City, Ca.  He married Linda Straus and they have 3 children.  He is in the Security business. Manages the installation etc. of security systems.
Jason Twedell, not sure of middle name, 10-4-87
Ross Lloyd Twedell born 1-23-1992 named after his 2 grandpas.
Jenna Lynn Twedell born 3-27-1997  Her mom was in the hospital recooperating from a very serious brain annerism when she was born.  A miracle child for sure.

Rod and I with Terri, Janette, and Marvin moved to NH in 1970 (Hudson) Rod worked for Cabot Corp in Everett, Mass. for the next 25 years in cryogenics.  I went to college in Nashua and became a teacher for the learning disabled.  My last job was in an alternative school teaching the tough street kids.  My favorite job!  We moved to Orofino, Id. up here on the hilltop in 1997 and love it here, the small town happenings and the wild animals fill our days with happiness. Janette and Marvin now both live in Sandy, Or, Kathy and Eddie are still in Capistrano Beach, Ca, and Terri is in Nashua, NH.   Hope this fills in any empty spots you had on my family.  I will try to get in touch with the rest of my family and see what they can give you also.  If not I will try to do the job.

You do know that my mom and dad died on the same day from cancer?  That is a true love story.  Again, thanks.  Dolly





3.  Jack Wayne Thornton, b. March 7, 1934, married Charlotte Thomane Dionne, b. March 24, 1927


a.  Sherry Lynn Thornton, b. March 25, 1952, married                                                              Burrel “Gene” McCall


1.  Curtiss Scott, b. February 16, 1968


2.  Jill Marie, b. April 28, 1971


b.  Barbara Ellen Thornton, b. December 26, 1955,                                                                  married Richard Myrick


c.  Dolly Rae Thornton, b. May 2, 1957, married Gary                                                               Halaas


1.  Jackie Ellen, b. October 13, 1972


4.  Lloyd Alan Thornton, b. October 10, 1938, married Lola Mae Kinsey, b. April 15, 1938


a.  Veron Von Thornton, b. July 13, 1957


b.  Joyce LeRae Thornton, b. May 16, 1959


c.  Robert Wayne Thornton, b. December 28, 1961


d.  Tracy Lee Thornton, b. December 31, 1968


5.  Robert Gene Thornton, b. August 19, 1939, married Inga Beer, b. September 12, 1941


a. Diana Maria Thornton, b. January 2, 1961


b.  Darrin Abraham Thornton, b. April 23, 1967


6.  Myrna Kae Thornton, March 31, 1942, married Denis Glen Hagler, b. February 9, 1940


a. Loni Lee Hagler, b. September 15, 1961


b.  Lori Lynn Hagler, b. August 5, 1969


7.  Ronald Ralf Thornton, b. May 23, 1944, married Judy Mae Cork, b. January 7, 1946


a.  Debbie Jo Thornton, April 16, 1963


b.  Lesa Rene’, b. May 30, 1966




2.  MADS PETER RASMUSSEN, b. July 9, 1875, d. September 16, 1888 age 13,             in Ringe, Denmark, no cause of death recorded.



3.  CHRISTIAN HANS RASMUSSEN, born May 23, 1877, RINGE, DENMARK; died April 15, 1952, Kalispell, Mont. Married December 25, 1900, Egeland, Rev. Hektner; Dagny Marie “Mary” Jorgenson, born October 19, 1882 in Oslo, Norway.  Her brother Christ. lived Egeland, Died 1935.  (See Jorgenson) Homesteaded near Egeland; moved to Kalispell, Montana 1904. Dagney died, October 3, 1963.


(1) Lydia Mabel Rasmussen Grover Lunde – born in North Dakota on July 28,1902, d. December 1, 1957, Kalispell, Montana.  Married Ray Grover in 19__ at Libby, Montana, divorced about 1932.  Remarried Eilert Lunde, born March 17, 1904. Other sources say, b. January 29, 1892 in Stavanger, Norway, died December 17, 1977 in Kalispell, MT.


A.  Opal LaVonne Grover – b. June 22, 1923, Kalispell, Montana.  d.  Feb. 10, 1948, 24 years, 7 months, 19 days, Kalispell, Montana.  Became Eilert Lunde’s stepdaughter.

Lived at: 86 Sixth Ave. West North.


From the Death Certificate: Cronically sick for 14 years. Accutly sick for 2.5 days. Died of: Chronic Colitis – Toxemi


Additional Info from  death certificate: Worked as a bookkeeper at a Mercantile office. Father was: Raymond D. Grover – born in Montana. Mother – Lydia Rasmussen Lunde, born in: Cando, North Dakota.


Buried in Conrad Cemetery on February 13, 1948.


She had bursted her appendix and they didn’t know about it until she got gangrene. She was sick most of the time after that. When Grandpa Rasmussen came over and told us she had died, I remember him saying she had cancer. I’m not sure they knew in those days. She was such a fun person. Story from Rose Bowman Vanden Bos – September 2009.


B.  Doris E. Lunde, b.  March 21, 1920, Minot, N.D., married Don Rasmussen on June 9, 1946.  (See Don Rasmussen’s listing) Stepdaughter.  Doris’ mother had died in childbirth.


C. Helen Lunde Darras, b. 1934, Kalispell, Montana.

Married Jerry Darras. d. 1979 – age 44.


1. Randy Darras, b. 1958


1. Jessica, b.


a. daughter


2. Timmy Darras, b. 1960


3, Kevin Darras, b. 1964


4. Joleen Darras, b. 1970


Hi Larry…Rosealea forwarded your request for information about Helen Lunde….I can give you her mailing address but be advised, she is pretty private about anything these days and also getting pretty forgetful!!.
She was married to my cousin, Jerry Darras who died at an early age, I believe he was 44 , had a heart attack during a board meeting at their church (West Seattle Assembly of God) and died right there.(1979)  It was very devastating to his Mom & Dad and only sister (Doreen) as well as to Helen and their kids.  They had lost a son (9 or 10 yr old) Timmy in about 1969, he had a Kidney disease. The oldest child is Randy, born in 1958, Timmy was their second son, born about 1960 and died about 1969. Kevin, born about 1964, died from brain cancer in 2002, and their only daughter Joleen, born about 1969 or 1970,also passed away from a different Kidney disease than her brother, when she was about 18 yrs old in about 1988….so Helen only has Randy left, he has one daughter, Jessica, she is in her early 20’s…has a little girl about 3 or 4 yrs old.    So….that is a rough draft of what I know…the dates are not  exact and if you can get any correspondence from Helen, she could much better verify this info.    Her address is :
Helen Darras
9039  14th Ave. S.W.
Seattle, Wa  98106


Marlene Bowman Rusch



D. Lunde baby girl. Only lived a few hours. Perhaps in 1945 or 1946. The story was hushed up because Lydia felt she was too old to have a baby, and she was sick from diabetes.

Lydia would have been about age 43.


(2) Esther Minnie Rasmussesn – b. May 9, 1905, Evergreen area of Kalispell, MT, d. May 29, 1992, Kalispell, Montana.   Married Ted Ross, b. March 17, 1904, Butte, Nebraska, d. September 20, 1986, Married the 26th of September,1931 in the Assembly of God Church.  Ted’s parents were Alice & James Austin Ross.  They farmed in Nebraska & also lived in South           Dakota farming. Born at 1 p.m., mother was 23 years old and father was 28 years old.


From a letter written by Esther Ross to Larry Smith, Mar. 8 – 77.  I will try & answer your questions in your last letter. I know the birthdays of all the kids but don’t think I know the years they were born & some of the marriages.  With Bob & Ken so far away I don’t know if I can get it all complete.  Betty has all her kids dates etc. on a separate sheet of paper she made out for me.  I hope this will answer your questions & I hope you can read my scribbling.


I am sending you two of Bob’s church bulletins so you can see what he is doing.  Tho’t it might interest you.  We had a family reunion at Christmas time and there was 22 of us.  Eleven grand children.  We are having nice weather now looks like spring is coming.  My tulips are coming up and other plants also.  This will be all for now & I hope this will help you in your family tree.  Love, Ted & Esther (Ross)

A.  Betty Ann Ross Nolan, b. Feb. 10, 1933, Kalispell, Mont.  Married to Wallace J. Nolan, April 11, 1958, b. June 20, 1930 in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada.  Parents were from Scotland.


1.  Elise Ann Nolan, b. April 12, 1959, married Elmer                                                               Stiener, b. April 21, 1955 in July, 1976.                                                                                       Divorced in 1981.  Then Elise married Robert Van                                                                   Antwerp, August 19, 1984.


a. Aime Van Antwerp, b. March 17, 1986,                                                                                   married Novemer 2004, Divorced December                                                                              2004


1. Amaziah Freedom, born 2005


“Then everyone moved to New Mexico and                                                                               disappeared.”



2.  Judith Lynn Nolan, b. December 14, 1960, married                                                             Michael D. Hamilton, October 4, 1980. Michael born                                                                June 26, 1958.


a. Cassie Mae Hamilton, b. April 2, 1982.                                                                                    Married Jacob J. Guillory, June 14, 2003.


1. Augustus J. Guillory, b. May 7, 2004


2. Linus M. Guillory, b. May 31, 2006


3. Lucius D. Guillory, b. July 24, 2008


b. Connie Lynn Hamilton, b. December 13,                                                                                1984, married: Scott Jay Matson, February 9,                                                                             2007


3.  Rhondamae Esther Nolan, b. March 2, 1962,                                                                       married: Ronald Alan Patterson, August 22, 1981.


a. Jonathan David Patterson, b. March 2, 1982,                                                                        died March 4, 1982.


b. Bethany Mae Patterson, b. August 26, 1983,                                                                         married: Adam James Ager, b. April 27, 1980.


1. Madilyn Elaine Ager, b. May 30,                                                                                               2008.


c. Christian Michelle Patterson (daugher), b.                                                                             April 12, 1993.




4.  Jessica Michelle Nolan, September 19, 1963,                                                                      Kalispell, Montana, married: Gary Krueger, December                                                             19, 1992, Gary had three boys.


a. Derek Krueger, b. June 20, 1984, Kalispell,                                                                           Montana, married: Christen Lucky, 2008, b.                                                                               August 15?, 1987?


b. Trent Krueger, b. December 10, 1986,                                                                                     Kalispell, Montana.


c. Ryan Kruger, b. December 10, 1986,                                                                                       Kalispell, Montana.


Jessica and Gary Krueger


d. Carissa Kruger, b. February 23, 1993


5.  Bettejo Nolan, b. December 24, 1965, Kalispell,                                                                   Montana, married: Calvin Roy Dyck, April 5, 1984,                                                                   Kalispell, Montana, born: October 9, 1964 in Wolf                                                                    Point, Montana.


a. Vanessa Nicole Dyck, b. November 30,                                                                                  1985, in Kalispell, Montana, married: James                                                                              Hume in Kalispell, Montana on November 3,                                                                             2005?


b. Adrienne Rachelle Dyck, b. September 14,                                                                            1989, Kalispell, Montana,


c. Tyrel Roy Dyck, b. April 13, 1996, Kalispell,                                                                            Montana


6.  Scott Alexander Nolan, b. March 30, 1968,                                                                           married: Melissa Kay, b. September 19, 1969, on                                                                      December 12, 1987, Kalispell, Montana


a. Logan Scott Nolan, b. August 9, 1991


B.  Robert “Bob” Duane Ross, b. Jan. 7, 1935.  Married to Roberta Jean Cutsforth, b. Feb. 10, 1935. in Dallas, Wis, in the Assembly of God, in 1958.  Roberta’s parents were Christine & Spencer Cutsforth.  They lived in Wisconsin near Dallas. As of 2004, after pastoring for 40 years, Bob semi-retired and lives in Kalispell, Montana.


1. Ronald Duane Ross, b. February 28, 1959 in Dallas, Wisconsin. Married Debra Delight Freeberg, June 12, 1982 in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. Currently pastoring a church in Greenby, Wisconsin.


a. Nathan Curtis Ross, b. March 2, 1985


b. Justin David Ross, b. September 14, 1988


c. Collin Robert Ross, b. June 3, 1993


2. Rachel Lynn Ross, b. February 2, 1963 in Hungry Horse, Montana, married, Clifford Nelson Herbert, in Kalispell, Montana, July 17, 1982. As of 2004, living near Columbia Falls, Montana.


a. Breann Christine, b. October 28, 1983


b.  Brittany Joy, b. March 22, 1988


c. Chaemous Quinton, b. March 18, 1991


C.  Norma Lee was born Feb. 5, 1937 in Kalispell, Mont. Her & Kenneth Stromberg were married the 15th of Oct, 1960 in the Assembly of God at Hungry Horse, Mont. Kenneth came from International Falls, Minn, that’s where his parents lived.


Norma and Kenneth Stromberg were divorced, June, 1979. Norma remarried Ronald Robert Koefelda, September 29, 1984.  Ron was born in Livingston, Montana, April 20, 1948.  He graduated from the University of Montana with a degree in finaces.  Ron has one daughter, Jody Koefelda Dolan, born Aug. 19, 1976.  Jody married William (Bill) Dolan, August 10, 1999.  Bill was born on Long Island, New York, Septmeber 14, 1971.  They are expecting their first child May 6, 2004.  They live in Portland, Oregon.  Jody received her Masters Degree in teaching the mentally challenged children.  Bill graduated from Law School in May, 2004.


Norma and Ron were married almost 18 years when Ron became sick with acute leukemia, diagnosed on Augsut 8, 2003 and passed away August 17th, 2003.  Norma continues to live in their home at Twin Lakes Golf Course, Idaho, about 12 miles north of CDA, Idaho. Ron had been transfered to the Coeur d’Alene area by his work from Kalispell.


April 19, 2004.  Dear Larry, I think it’s wonderful you are doing the family history.  Of course I want a copy when you finish.  We are having a Ross family reunion this summer in Helena, Montana.  We have cousin, like you, that loves doing this and she is making up the whole family history also.  Has been working on it for several years.  If you come to the Cour d’Alene, Idaho area, give me a call. I would love to see you.  Attached is the continuation of my history.  Thanks for all you are doing, and may God’s blessing be yours. Norma Ross Koefelda.


P.S. I hope this history helps you. I’m sure you will arrange it as you see fit. Again thanks.


1.  Mark Stromberg, b. March 24, 1964.  Mark went to college in Springfield, Missouri, (football scholorship), met Kirista Rashel Montgomery.  They were married August 10, 1987. Krista was born July 7, 1965 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Mark received his degree in Bible Studies and Krista received a Music degree (voice).  After graduating they were youth pastors in Great Falls, Montana for 2 years and then Kalispell for 8 years. Mark then went back to school in Escondido, California to Westminister Semenary for 4 years, (with 3 small children).  He graduated with an MD. V. degree.  They accepted a pastorate in Belgrade, Montana at the United Reformed Chruch. They have three lovely children. (Norma Koefelda, 2004)


a.  Mackenzie Rashel Stromberg, b. January 26, 1995


b.  John-Mark Montgomery Stromberg, b. March 13, 1998 and his twin…


c.  Johanna Kristine Stromberg, b. March 13, 1998



D.  Kenneth Ross was born July 11, 1941 in Kalispell, Montana.  Kenneth & Marilyn Rae Krans, b. November 13, 1944, were married, May 29, 1964 in Richland Center, Wis.  They were married right after graduation.  Presently living in Clancy, Mont.



1.  Jeannie Renee (Roass) Conway, b. March 17, 1967. Married, Nicholas Bradley Conway, born December 23, 1967 on November 18, 1988.  They live in Helena, Montana.


a. Kyle Ross Conway, b. July 1, 1992


b. Michaela Elizabeth Conway, b. December 26, 1997



2.  Denise LeNette (Ross) Townsend, b. October 2, 1969. Married Brian Leckie Townsend, b. July 21, 1962?, on February 16, 1995. They live in Grapeland, Texas.


a. Carolyn Leckie Townsend, b. April 10, 1999.


b. Eastman Wayne Townsend, b. May 1, 2000.



(3) Iva Gladys – b. Oct. 11, 1906, d. Feb. 22, 1995.  Married Wesley Robert Carpenter, b. September 5,1905, d. June 5, 1972  (twin brother: Lesley) on August 29, 1929 at Sand Point, Idaho.  Mother was 25 years old and father was 30 years old.


A.  Donna Mae Carpenter, born: June 7, 1930, Kalispell, Montana, married –John James Dearden, November 5, 1948, in the Presbyterian Church, Black Diamond, Washington. John was born Novermeber 1, 1928 in Roslyn, Washington, divorced October 1959. John died, July 1997.


Then Donna Mae married Ivan George Bright, July 1, 1961 in the Lutheran Church, Bellevue, Washington, Ivan was born: April 29, 1934 in Chehalis, Washington. Died: March 13, 1997 in Colville, Washington.


Sons of the first marriage:


1.  Bruce James Dearden, born: April 8, 1949 in Renton, Washington. Never married.


2.  Mark John Dearden, born: February 25, 1952 in Renton, Washington. Married: Janice Marie Kingrey, January 1971, Auburn, Washington. Divorced: 1973


Then Mark married Louise Schmidt on Febraruy 25, 1997, she died: 2001.


a. Shellie Lynn Dearden, born to Mark and Janice on December 4, 1970, married: Carl Buoy in Los Vegas, July 1999, divorced 2002.


1. Kyle Vilesquez, born to Shellie,

September 9, 1988, Renton, Washington


July 12, 2004 – Dear Larry, I’m glad you’re doing this. I regret not getting more family information from Mother (Iva). I will go in hospital tomorrow for valve replacement, so trying to tie loose ends today. Glad to hear your floks are doing well. Today is our son #1’s 50th birthday. Stay well and happy – all your family. Love, Your cousin – Dodi


September 13, 2004 – Dear Larry – Dodi just called me this evening with more info so I rewrote. Will mail this tomorrow. Enjoyed reading what you’ve done. Very interesting. What a lot of work!  When will you be done?  Can I have a copy?  Will send the three (Jorgensen) book on to Dodi.  I didn’t know Grandma had a brother.  Hi to everyone. Donna


B.  Dolores (Dodi) Lucille Carpenter Brookhart, born: March 7, 1932, in Kalispell, Montana, married Elmer Earl.Brookhart on June 27, 1953 in Bellevue, Washington who was born June 7, 1929 in Campo, Colorado.


1.  Gregory Lewis Brookhart, b. July 12, 1954 in Seattle, Washington, married Janice Gail Cooke Brookhart, born July 12, 1954.


a. Mary Louise Brookhart Willimas, born March 13, 1979 in Amarillo, Texas, married Randy Cornett – divorced. Then she married Rex Williams on January 1, 2000


1. Jamie Rae Cornett, born March 14, 19996 in Amarillo, Texas


2. Abby Lu Williams, born July 9, 1902 in Amarillo, Texas


b. Anne Kathryn Brookhart, born February 2, 1981 in Amarillo, Texas



2.  Bradford “Brady” Earl Brookhart, born December 29, 1957 in Seattle, Washington, married Sandra Kay Watkins Brookhart, born May 5, 1958


a. Brandi Lea Brookhart Darnell, b. February 13, 1971, Hereford, Texas, married Michael Marqueg – divorced August 12, 1997. Then she married Matt Darnell, born August 19, 1977 on February 23, 2002


1. Jewel Christine Brookhart, born January 23, 1998 in Tulsa, Oklahoma


2. Rian Lane Darnell, born January 17, 2003 in Tulsa, Oklahoma


b. Christopher Brian Brookhart, b. January 2, 1981 in Hereford, Texas


c. Brenda Michelle Brookhart, b. November 28, 1983 in Hereford, Texas.


d. Brook Webster Brookhart, born May 4, 1988 in Hereford, Texas.



(4) Pearl Agnes Rasmussen – b. January 15, 1910, Kalispell, Mont., d. February 21, 1979, Kalispell, Mont., married Earl Bowman on May 7, 1927, who was b. April 14, 1901 in Steptal, WN, d. February 22, 1999, Kalispell, Mont.  Mother was 28 years old and father was 33.  Born at 2 a.m.


A.  Melva Jean Irene Bowman, b. August 1, 1930 in Kalispell, MT, married John Stewart, b. May 3, 1931 in Whitefish, MT, on April 2, 1955 in Missoula, MT. The minister was Rev. Brooks. John died, October of 2001. John worked for the Great Northern Railroad in St. Paul, Minn until he retired.


1.  Kevin, b. Helena, MT, January 5, 1968. Married Jennifer.


a. Dustan, born about 1988


b. Kavin, born about 1991


c. Caleb, born about 1995


2.  Pamela, b. Helena, MT, July 20, 1968, Married Daren Spies who was paralyzed in an accident while serving in the Coast Guard. Live in Ariz.

a. Diana, born about 1988


b. Robert, born about 1992


B.  Rosealee Ann Bowman, born Oct. 25, 1932, Kalispell, MT, married James Vanden Bos in 1951, b. Dec. 19, 1931 in Conrad, Montana. Married in the Assembly Church, Kalispell, Montana


1. Linda Marie Vanden Bos, b. Aug. 29, 1952, Kalispell, Mont. Married, December 31, 1971 to Rev. Joseph Benjamin Fuiten, b. Nov. 21, 1949 in Medford, OR


a. Rosalind Brooks Fuiten, b. July 15, 1975, Tacoma, Washington. Married August 20, 1995 to Craig Allen Gorc, b. September 30, 1960 in Tacoma, Washington.


1. Grant Allen Gorc, b. September 3, 1999 in Kirkland, Washington


2. Lucy Brook Gorc, b. October 24, 2001, Kirland, Washington


3. Bella Rose Marie Gorc, b. August 31, 2003 in Kirkland, Washington


b. Sandra Raache Fuiten, b. September 23, 1977 in Tacoma, Washington, married, August 5, 1996 to Jason Smith, b. January 5, 1978, in Kirkland, Washington


1. Talia Morgan Smith, b. March 20, 1997 in Kirland, Washington


2. Jazlyn Blyth Smith, b. April 23, 1999 in Kirkland, Washington


3. Olivia Jay Smith, b. April 22, 2002


c. Benjamin Haven Fuiten, b. September 10, 1980, Kirkland, Washington


2.  Cynthia Jean Vanden Bos, b. January 24,                                                                            1955 in Lebanon, Oregon.


3.  Sandra Kay Fuiten, b. March 15, 1958, Salem, Oregon. Married, July 15, 1978 to Loran Neal, b. December 19, 1948


a. Cody Robert Neal, b. April 13, 1988

Married: Amy Nicole Roppel on May 2,    2009 at the Museum of Oregon             Territory. Born to this union:


1.Aiden Levi Neal b. September                           5, 2009, St. Vincent Hospital,                                     Portland, Oregon


b. Makenzie Rose Neal, b. May 25,          1991


c. Conner James Neal, b. November 29, 1993


4.  Janice Vanden Bos, b. July 3, 1969, in Portland, Oregon, Married, July 10, 1992 to Derrick Allen Willhite, b. May 19, 1969 in Portland, Oregon


a. Natalie Rose Willhite, b. October 31, 1995 in Portland, Oregon


b. Emma Kate Willhite, b. July 29, 1998 in Portland, Oregon.


c. Joel Allen Willhite, b. August 21, 2001, in Portland, Oregon



C.  Roger Daune Bowman, b. May 20, 1936 in Kalispell Montana; married Marlene Brossick, b. Oct. 14, 1937 in Crasky, N.D. They divorced and then Roger married Sue Sorenson.


1. Deb            orah Ann Bowman, b. January 17, 1956, in Kalispell, Montana.  Married, Feb. 1, 1974 to Samuel McCartney, b. Jan. 21, 1955 in Kalispell, Montana.


a.  Brandy Joy McCartney, b. Oct. 3,                                                                                             1975, Kalispell, Montana. Married:                                                                                              Daniel Thompson


1. Malerie Thompson, b. July 25,                                                                                                  1995


2. Billie Thompson, b. October                                                                                                      29, 1997


3. Savanna Thompson, b.                                                                                                              February 16, 1999





B. Cory May McCartney, b. September                                                                                        17, 1977 in Kalispell, Montana. Marrieed                                                                                    Steve Smith


1. Marissa Smith, b. 1996

2. Patricia Smith, b.1998


3. Cody Smith, b. March 14, 1999


C. SAMUEL McCartney, b. November                                                                                         21, 1979. Married: Christina _________


1. Hunter McCartney, b. March                                                                                                     22, 1999


2. Haven McCartney, b. January                                                                                                  19, 2003


3. Kyler McCartney, b. May 18,                                                                                                      2008


4. Kaylin McCartney, b. May 18,                                                                                                    2008


Sam & Christina’s  twins were                                                                                                       born in Kalispell…that is where                                                                                                     both of their families have lived                                                                                                    all their lives, both born there too.                                                                                                  Sam’s grandparents on his                                                                                                           fathers side had 2 sets of twins in                                                                                      their guess it was                                                                                                             almost inevitable!!.



2. Vonita Dene’ Bowman, b. April 1, 1959 in                                                                              Kalispell, Montana. Married: Steve Hammack


A. Tiara Rose Hammack, b. October 18,                                                                          1984 in Bellevue, Washington. Married:                                                                                                 Richard Hike.


1. Mackenzie Hike, b. January 6,                                                                                                  2005.


2. Andrew Jackson Hike, b.                                                                                                           January 29, 1989.


3. Casandra Hike, b. April 12,                                                                                                        1994


3.  Gwendolyn Kay Bowman, b. April 1, 1960,                                                                           Kalispell, Montana. Married John Lence.                                                                                    Divorced 1990’s, then married Jeffrey                                                                                         Kaseburg 2000. Divorce pending – 2010.


A. Mario Valentino Lence, b. June 17,                                                                                         1984.


B. Natalee Nikolina Lence, b. January                                                                                        25, 1986.


4.  Valerie Jean Bowman, b. June 3, 1962,                                                                                Kalispell, Montana (unmarried)


(5) Ruby Helen Lucille Rasmussen Smith – b. January 7, 1917, b. Kalispell, Montana, on the farm in the Evergreen District of the Flathead Valley.  Married Elmer B. Smith, b. Jan. 4, 1913 – Big Bear Ridge, Idaho.  Moved to the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon, June, 1946,  Her mother was 35 years old and her father was 40. Born at 12 noon.  Ruby died: February 4, 2008


Ruby Helen Lucille Rasmussen Smith

On February 4, at the age of 91, Ruby Helen Lucille Smith was united with her Lord.  She leaves behind her husband of 72 years, Elmer Smith, of Phoenix, Oregon; her brother Don Rasmussen, of Kalispell, Montana; twin sons, Larry Smith of Jacksonville, Oregon, and Lloyd Smith of Longview, Washington; six grandchildren, and eleven great-grandchildren.

Ruby Rasmussen was born on January 7, 1917, on the family farm in Kalispell, Montana, to Christian Hans Rasmussen of Denmark, and Dagny Marie Rasmussen of Norway.  In 1933, when she was sixteen years old, she met Elmer Smith at church.  His request to walk her home was the beginning of a love affair that was to span 75 years.  They eloped two weeks after her graduation and were married in Salmon City, Idaho, on June 10, 1935; but they returned to Kalispell, and in the stuff of family legend, told no-one for six months.

Ruby and Elmer moved to the Rogue Valley from Southern California in 1946, and purchased twelve acres on the outskirts of Phoenix, Oregon. There they built three houses, raised their children, and educated and entertained their grandchildren and great-grandchildren for the next six decades.
Ruby faced her final illness with grace, courage and humor, presiding from her bed, and welcoming many dozens of visitors, friends and family.  She will be remembered as her husband’s most precious jewel, a warm and loving mother and grandmother, a faithful friend, a gracious hostess, an avid emailer, and an enthusiastic blogger (

A memorial service will be held Saturday, February 9, at 2:00 pm at Calvary Church Assembly of God in Jacksonville, 525 North 5th Street (541-899-1015). There will be a visitation on Friday from 4:00 – 8:00 pm, and on Saturday from 9:00 – 11:00 am, at Conger Morris in Medford, 715 West Main Street (541-772-7111).


Elmer’s final remarks read by grandson Kenneth:


Even though this has been by far the most heart-crushing experience I have ever had to go through, if it will help my loved ones to remember their promises that they will meet my darling and me in heaven, it will be worth any temporary pain that I have to endure. If my blessed Lord Jesus will get any glory from it all, I can only say, “Thank you Jesus.” And though the best half of me has been taken away, I know that my Redeemer lives and I will see my sweetheart again. She promised me that she would meet me at the gate and we would worship Him together.





A.  Larry Bennett Smith, born July 3, 1940, Los Angeles,                                                        California. Married Linda Lee Reb, born September 6,                                                            1944 b. Anchorage, Alaska, in Ashland, Oregon, June                                                           18, 1966


a. Brian Bennett Smith,  b. November 5, 1969,                                                                          Ashland, Oregon married Helen Verna Bajocich,                                           Born: February 22, 197O Seattle, Washington,                                                 Married: February 17, 1996, West Seattle,                                              Washington


1. Chloe Verina Smith, Born:                                                                         September 6, 2001, Silverdale,                                                             Washington


2. Everest Bennett Smith, Born:

February 9, 2004, Silverdale, WA


3. Logan Brian Smith, Born: September                                                  9, 2009, Rogue Valley Medical Center,                                                    Medford, Oregon.  Assisting in the birth                                                   is Auntie Amber Shields, an OB nurse


b.  Amber Lee, Smith b. February 14, 1973, Ashland,                                                               Oregon, married Richard Gordon Shields, Born:                                          January 31, 1972, Denver, Colorado, on June                                          14, 1994, Medford, Oregon.


1. Matthias Atlas Shields, Born: April 27, 1996, Portland, Oregon


2. Nathanael Patrick Shields, Born:                                                        March 31, 1998, Medford, Oregon


3. Deanndria Lee (Deelee) Shields,                                                                 Born: July 12, 2001, Medford, Oregon


c. Jose Edgar Rodriguez Marroquin, b. February 13, 1972 (December 24, 1971), San Salvador, El Salvador, C.A., married, Tanya Butler, b. May 30, 1973, Oxnard, California, on February 14, 1992 in Carson City, Nevada.

(bonus son)  Jose and Tanya divorced, 2008.


1. Alyssa Nicole Marroquin, b. November 29, 1993, Sacramento, Calif


2. Emilie Joselle Marroquin, b. June 30, 2002, Sacramento, California


3. Joseph (Joey) Angel Marroquin, December 4, 2003, Sacramento, Calif.



B.  Lloyd Christian Smith., b. July 3, 1940, Los Angeles,                                                         California. Married Helen Mae Borman, born – March                                                              9, 1945 in Klamath Falls, Oregon, m. in Ashland,                                                                         Oregon, March 19, 1966


a.  Jeanne Anne Sanchez, born – July 2, 1958, San                                                                Francisco, California, married James Stephen                                                                                      Jackson, b. March 16, 1963, Grants Pass,                                                                                  Oregon, m. November 13, 1982, Grants Pass,                                                                           Oregon (bonus daughter)


1. Jessica Helen Ann, born – January 15,                                                                                   1998, Los Angeles, California (adopted)


b. Christopher Clyde Zornes – b. May 19, 1968, in the                                                             Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, San Jose,                                                                                     California. Chris first slid his feet under a Smith table                                                                         in 1978 as a “bonus son”. Wed to: Ethie Ann Dean– b.                                                           May 27, 1970, on August 18, 1989 in Grants Pass,                                                                     Oregon.


“It is so nice to belong, Being included in the family tree makes me feel like

the graft has been a success. For a family with such deep roots it is

also generously grafted (Sanchez, Zornes, Rodruigez)”.


1.  Ashley Kelsey Zornes, b. October 28, 1992,                                                              Basset Army Community Memorial Hospital,                                                                             Fort Wainwright, Alaska


2. Brianna Mae Zornes, b. July 30, 1996,                                                                                    Josephine County Hospital, Grant Pass,                                                                                                Oregon



c.  Kenneth Lloyd, born – b. September 6, 1968,                                                                        Grants Pass, Oregon, married Galena Bowie b.                                                                        February 24, 1976 Reno, Nevada, on July 9, 2000,                                                                  Hood River, Oregon


1. Caedmon Dante Christian Smith, b. August                                                                          11, 2007. Kirkland,   Washington, at the Puget                                                                          Sound Midwives and Birth Center. Adopted.                                                                             Finalized on January 11, 2008.1.


d.  Keith Lloyd, born – b. May 2, 1971, Grants Pass,                                                                  Oregon


1.  Kaitlyn Rhianna Smith, b. Feb. 21, 1997,                                                                              Pasadena, California


2. James “Bennett” Smith, b. August 12, 2000, Seattle, Washington




(6) Arthur Donald “Don” – b. May 29, 1921, 5 a.m. – Kalispell, Mont. Married Doris Lunde in Kalispell, Mont. 1947 who died on October 2, 2002 in Kalispell.  Don’s mother was 39 years old and his father was 44 years old when Donald was born.  Don passed away on July 25, 2009 in Kalispell, Montana – age 88 – after a long illness.



Doris Evangeline Rasmussen, 82

Doris Evangeline Doris Evangeline Rasmussen, 82, was “called home to be with her          heavenly Father” on Wednesday, October 2, 2002, at Immanuel Lutheran Home.

Doris was born March 21, 1920, in Minot, N.D., to Eilert and Olga (Johnson) Lunde.

Doris’ parents moved their family to the Flathead Valley in 1924, and Doris has remained             ever since. Doris attended school in Kalispell and graduated from Flathead High School         in 1938.

After high school, Doris went to work at the Kalispell Mercantile. Upon his return from    the South Pacific after World War II, Doris married Donald Rasmussen on June 9, 1946.       She continued working at different bookkeeping jobs throughout her life. In 1951, they became proud parents of their only child, Lamar.

Doris and her family were charter members of the Assembly of God church in Kalispell.   She was always active in the church, helping with Missionettes and serving on various         boards at the church. Doris loved working with her hands, doing crafts and gardening.            She enjoyed her friends and going for coffee and dessert.

Doris was preceded in death by her son, Lamar.

She is survived by her husband, Don, of Kalispell; sister, Helen Darras, of Seattle;             daughter-in-law, Susan; three grandsons, Aaron, Joel, and Kirk Rasmussen, all of      Kalispell; and numerous nieces and nephews.

Graveside services for Doris E. Rasmussen will be at 1 p.m. Tuesday at C. E. Conrad        Memorial Cemetery. Memorial services will follow at 2 p.m. at Columbia Falls           Assembly of God, with Pastor Darrell Newby officiating.

Visitation for Doris will be from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday at Johnson Mortuary.

Memorial contributions may be given to the Trinity Lutheran School Building Fund, 400   W. California Street, Kalispell, MT 59901.

Arrangements are under the direction of Johnson Mortuary and Crematory.


Don Rasmussen, 88

Don Rasmussen “was called home to be with his Lord” on July 25, 2009. Donald Arthur   (Acturally: Aurther Donald) Rasmussen was born May 29, 1921, here in Kalispell. He   was the son of Christian and Mary (Jorgenson) Rasmussen. Donald was the sixth child         but the first boy. His five older sisters took very good care of him.

After school Don went to work in the grocery business, first as a delivery boy then on to   working in and managing several different groceries here in town. He even owned his        own small grocery, the “Eastside Superette.”

Don served in the U.S. Army during World War II. His tour of duty took him to the         South Pacific. He returned home in December of 1945 to his family and his “girl,” Doris         Lunde. Don and Doris were married on June 9, 1946.
Doris preceded Don in death in 2002. In August of 1951, their only son Lamar was born.             He preceded both his parents in death in 1993.
Don was a man of faith who loved his Lord. He served God through work in the church, but most of all in the way he led his life. He loved people and had a wonderful sense of        humor.
He is survived by his daughter-in-law, Suzanne Rasmussen; and his three grandsons,         Aaron and his wife Terri, Joel and his wife Amanda, and Kirk; also several nieces and   nephews.
“We celebrate his life and the joy of knowing that he is now resting in the arms of his        Savior, no more pain, no more sorrow.”
Funeral services for Don will be held at 10 a.m. Friday, July 31, at Johnson-Gloschat         Funeral Home. Visitation will be held from 1 to 6 p.m. Thursday, July 30, at Johnson-        Gloschat Funeral Home. Burial will follow services at C.E. Conrad Memorial Cemetery with full military honors.
Johnson-Gloschat Funeral Home is caring for Don’s family. You are invited to go to    <> to offer a condolence and    sign Don’s guest book.




A.  Lamar D., b. August 3, 1951, died age 42.  Fell through                                                     lake ice while fishing, married July 2, 1978 to Suzanne C.                                                     Hoffert in Metamors, Mich.


a.  Aaron Randall, b. March 14, 1981, Kalispell, Montana. Wed: Terri Weyrauch, July 17, 2004 in Kalispell, Montana.



b.  Joel Donald, b. June 24, 1982, Kalispell, Montana.             Wed: Amanda _____, in ______, May 12, 2007.



c.  Kirk



4.  REV. JAMES E., RASMUSSEN –  August 23, 1879; married December 24, 1902, Kalispell, Montana; Anna Christina Paulsen, daughter of Albert.  (See Paulsen) Farmed near Kalispell; 1906 Egeland; minister of Assemblies of God, Kalispell 1916 – 1920; Spokane, Washington 1920 – 1945. Children. James died: August 24, 1968 in Spokane, Washington. Anna died on 9 March 1973 in a convalescent center in Spokane WA, with a memorial service held 13 March at Hazen & Jaeger’s funeral home, Spokane.  She was 91 — and varying reports incl. flu, weakened heart and possible stroke, as cause(s).  Cousin Pastor Kenneth Woll  (then of Puyallup’s First Assembly) officiated at the service, Anna was born 17 Jan 1882 in Albert Lea, Freeborn Co.(?) MN, and married James Rasmussen on 24 Dec 1902 — in Kalispell. 



(1)  EVA PEARL RASMUSSEN, November 24, 1903, Kalispell; married December 24, 1927, Spokane; Samuel B. Turnbow, born September 27, 1903, Palouse, Washington, son of Isaac C. Turnbow and Fannie Parmalee.  Living in Spokane – no children. Eva died July 6, 1981. Ava’s husband Sam (They had married on Anna and James’ 25th anniversary), died: Febraruy 9, 1987.


(2)  JOY RUBY RASMUSSEN, December 31, 1904, Kalispell; married May 24, 1952, Spokane; Rev. Archie F. Bursch, born November 29, 1900, son of Herman Bursch and Mina Buehler. Live in Spokane. No Children.

Archie F. Bursch died on July 2, 1972.  Joy took care of brother-in-law Sam Turnbow for his last years. Joy died: October 18, 1991 in Spokane, Washington at age 86. She is buried at Riverside Memorial Park, Spokane.


(3)  ERVIN ELMER RASMUSSEN, February 1, 1907, Egeland; died July 26, 1923, Spokane of a heat stroke as he rode his bike back to town after an afternoon of swimming in the lake  – age 16.

From: <>
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2009 14:01:44 EST
To: <>
Subject: Anna and Joy

Larry:  I am sorry I have been so slow in getting this info to you.  I am pleased that you, too, are a family historian.  The Rasmussen and Paulsen families and histories are very intwined.  Uncle Jim (James) and Aunt Annie (Anna) were very much a part of my entire life (I was born in 1931).  They often visited in our Tacoma home when I was a child, and our family to theirs in Spokane.  When I was 14 a friend of mine and I traveled by train from Tacoma to Spokane and spent a week in the Spokane parsonage–Uncle Jim was pastoring what later became First Assembly of God.  Joy wasn’t married and we had such a great time there; it made a real impression on me–later, I, too became a pastor.  When Ethel and I were married in 1954 Uncle Jim was one of the pastors officiating.  He also had officiated at my parents, Nellie (Fredlund) and Robert Woll, wedding in 1927.  When our three children were dedicated, Uncle Jim had a part in each of those occasions.  When our second son, Kraig, died at 2 1/2 yrs. in 1962 in Spokane, Uncle Jim had part in his service.  We pastored in Spokane from 1961 to 1966 and had many special times of counsel and long talks with Uncle Jim and Aunt Annie in their home.
When Uncle Jim died, I officiated at his funeral at First Assembly of God in Spokane.
Aunt Annie was not well for several years before she died.  Before she was placed in a Convalescent Home, she was in the hospital, not expected to live.  Her heart was worn out.  Uncle Jim was at her bedside when I visited her on one occasion.  He told me as I came in, “She can’t made it much longer.”  After visiting, I told her I was going to pray for her.  Her immediate response was:  “Kenneth, don’t you pray for my healing.  The Lord wants to take me home, and I want to go!”  She did live for a couple more years.  I officiated at her funeral at Hazen Jaeger Funeral Home in Spokane.  She died on March 09, 1973 at age 91 and is buried beside Uncle Jim at Riverside Memorial Park in Spokane.  Ervin, Eva, and Joy are also there.  Anna was born in Alden, Minnesota, on January 17. 1882.  She was a very stately woman and spoke with a low voice with some faint Danish accent.  She had a dry sense of humor–a real contrast to Uncle Jim.  She was a very godly woman.  She was very organized and kept the books and finances for the family.  She was a meticulous housekeeper.
Joy Ruby was born in Kalispell on December 31, 1904 and died October 18, 1991 in Spokane, age 86.
She was one of my favorite people–rightly named, “Joy” – she was a delight to be around.  We became very close in her later years.  I will go through the pictures she left to me–I will send the Rasmussen pictures to you.  Please let me know your mailing address, Larry.  I officiated at her services at Hazen Jaeger Funeral home in Spokane, and she is buried at Riverside Memorial Park, Spokane.
There is so much that could and should be said about these great people.  I hope this gives you some of the info you needed.  Keep in touch.    Kenn Paulsen Woll


December 2, 2009 – Larry:  Thank you so much for sending the document.  I saved it in my file and will print it out (still feel the need for a “paper in hand”!  An age thing?)  I note the Rasmussen’s and the Paulsen’s came from the same island home in Denmark–very long and strong family ties.
Yes, I am an ordained Assemblies of God minister.  I received my 50 year ordination certificate and recognition last year.  Ethel and I pioneered the Southside Church of the Assemblies of God on the South Hill of Spokane; the church opened in July of 1961.  We went on to Puyallup (Tacoma), WA. First Assembly of God in 1966.  There were 170 present our last Sunday at Southside.  Pioneering was an unforgettable experience.  Sam and Eva Turnbow drove across town and were a part of our work there.  Eva played the piano and Sam sponsored us on the radio for over two years.  Uncle Jim and Aunt Annie were very supportive of our work there; we were very close to them.  The Southside Church in Spokane is now known as Southridge Community Church.
You seem to be an amazing person!  God bless you in your work for Him and all of us.   Kenn


5.  MAURICE (“Morse”), March 18, 1882, Died December 2, (Nov. 30) 1954,                     Wenatchee.  Married Anna Fletten, daughter of Andreas Fletten and Martha                    Christofferson. (See Fletten) Lived Twin Hill Tp.; 1917 Dodson, Montana;                          Wenatchee. Children:


(1)  HARRY , 1907


(2)  EVELIN, 1908


(3)  THELMA, 1910   (As of Oct. 2010 – She is 101, a widow for 36                      yrs, lives in Tucson with their only child                                                   Susan )


(4)  MILDRED, January 8, 1916


(5)  GRACE, 1917


(from Ernie Rasmussen’s scrap book.  Typed by Carlene Severson.)

Maurice Rasmussen was born March 18, 1882 (written in pen died Dec. 1954) at Fyn, Denmark, the son of Rasmus Rasmussen and Kristine Madson; married April 10, 1905, Kalispell, Montana to Anna Severena Johnson, born April 28, 1882, Kopervik, Norway, the daughter of Martha and Andreas Johanson.




1. Harry Walter Rasmussen, born January 16, 1906 at Kalispell, Montana.  Married June 5, 1928 at Coeur d’Alene, Idaho to Eva Johanna Jessen, born August 16, 1909 at Almira, Washington, the daughter of Jonas Jessen and Elizabeth Burch.

(A) Kenneth Marice Rasmussen born June 25, 1933 at Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; married September 11, 1956 at Sandpoint, Idaho to Eileen Marie Irons, born August 22, 1935.


(1) Paul Richard Rasmussen, born May 4, 1957 at ________


(2) Tammy Marie Rasmussen, Born July 24, 1959 at Portland, Oregon.


(3) Cathie Rasmussen, born May 1, 1961 at Portland, Oregon.


(B)  Marlene Joyce Rasmussen, born April 15, 1935 at Coeur d’Alene,                                                             Idaho; married June 22, 1958 at Okenogan, Washington to Glen Richard Larson, born

January 10, 1936


2. Evelyn Gladys Rasmussen born March 18, 1907 at Kalispell, Montana; married August                            17, 1929, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho to Floyd Charles Freeland, born June 8, 1903 at Plainsfield,                Wisconsin, son of Frank Freeland and Myrtie Crandall.


(A) Gary William Freeland, born August 1, 1934 at Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; married June 15, 1957 at Clarkston, Washington to Blanche Lucile Pearson, born November 24, 1934 at Lewiston, Idaho.


(1) Mark Allen Freeland, born November 20, 1959 at Encino, Calif.


(B) James Allen Freeland, born June 2, 1939 at Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.


3. Thelma Elizabeth Rasmussen, born June 2, 1909 at Kalispell, Montana; married November 27, 1957 to Austin LeRoy II Ward, born at Boulder, Montana, July 18, 1904, son of Austin LeRoy Ward I and Charlotte, (Loyta) Bartlett.


(A) Susan Ann Ward, born November 5, 1945 at Port Angeles, Wash


4. Mildred Alva Rasmussen, born November 2, 1912 at Egeland, N. Dakota; married February 1, 1932 at Wenatchee, Washington to Edward Mehl, born _______________at_________________


(A) Roger Lee Mehl, born December 23, 1933 at Wenatchee, Wash.; married August 15, 1959 to                 Anne VanBuren Sawen, born April 15, 1935 at ______________



I was delighted to receive your note and photos.  Yes, Marsha, Paulsen, Peters spoke with my wife several   and grandchildren.  My grandfather is the 3rd son, from the left, in the family photo taken before the family      births)  As there are only 6 children in the photo, one must have died.  I remember visiting with Maurice’s     brother, Rev. James  Rasmussen and wife several times in Spokane.  Also Karl lived next door to Maurice            and wife Annie, in Wenatchee where I was born and lived  till I left for college in 1952.  I also remember      both of his wives – the first, and later her granddaughter.  Yes, the 2nd was a strange marriage,  All of                 Maurice’s children have passed away, but their grandchildren are still living.  I’ll sent you a family tree of     these folk, by mail later.

Anne, my wife, and I received our first degrees at the U of Washington and one very good friend was not    only my roommate for a year, but in our wedding as well.  After completing college, he returned to           Longview where he’d been raised.  His degree was in engineering and he worked until retirement at the        Longview mill.  I believe that was the company name.  Maybe you know him.  His name is Tom Vaught          and his wife is Judy.  Anne  and I attended a reunion and dinner with them, about a year ago in Seattle.                  Also, we lived in Eugene, OR from 1971 till 1982, then told the neighbors that we’d be gone for a year –       maybe two – and stayed away for 25 years, returning 4 years ago to the same house that we’d left.  We’ve   driven down to San Francisco several times since returning, and one time we stopped
in Medford and looked in the telephone book for Rasmussens, because I remember that my grandparents use to go there to visit relatives when I was young.  And, did we find a lot of of them listed – about 25-30,            in Medford and Jacksonville.  So, were you born in that area, or are some of these
Rasmussens related to you?  Should you venture down our way, plan to visit and stay with us – we have lots               of room and would love to meet you. Anne & Roger Mehl


(B) Marilyn Kay Mehl, born at Wenatchee, Washington, April 9, 1940.


(C) Douglas Wayne Mehl, born at Wenatchee, Washington, October 21, 1948.


5. Grace Violet Rasmussen born at Egeland, N. Dakota, January 9, 1916; (written in ink Grace died January 1963) married to John Bergman April 8, 1936 at Wenatchee, Washington.  John Bergman killed in accident March 1, 1937.


(A) Nancy Gail Bergman, born at Wenatchee, Washington, August 18, 1937.

Grace Bergman married second husband, Thomas Seimons, May 30, 1942 at Wenatchee,                             Washington. Nancy Gail Bergman married March 10, 1956 (I’m not 100% sure of this date as the    copy was hard to read.) at Wenatchee, Washington, to Edward Minor, born at Phoenix, Arizona,                     February 14, 1937.


(1.) Kim Marie Minor, born April 6, 1957 at Crescent City, Calif.


(2.) Kelley Mark Minor, born June 5, 1959 at Wenatchee, Wash.


(3.) Karen Grace Minor, born May 31, 1961 at Wenatchee, Wash.



6.  WILLIAM FREDERICK RAS,ISSEM, born – August 16, 1884 , Fyen, Denmark; Son of Rasmus Rasmussen and Mette Kirstine Madson; died June 18, 1965,  married November 25, 1909, Egeland; North Dakota; Hilda Nikoline (Fjare) Jensen (Hilda took her uncle’s last name when she came to America), born February 19, 1889, Hedrum, Norway, daughter of Jens Hendricksen and Else Nelsen.  Her brother and sister: Mrs. Alvide Hansen, Tonsberg; Nels Jensen-Buer, Oslo, Norway.  Lived Egeland, North Dakota, Medford, Oregon.  Her brother and sister:  Mrs. Alvide Hansen, Tonsberg; Nels  Jensen-Buer, Oslo, Norway, lived in Egeland, North Dakota, Los Angeles, CA., Van Nuys, CA., and Medford, Oregon. All her children were born in Egeland, North Dakota – and delivered by mid-wife/sister-in-law Lena Rasmussen. Hilda died: June 17, 1968.


March, 1977 – Larry, We are now working to update the Rasmussen family history.  Will complete it this summer.  I still have several letters to write. However, I can give you some that you do not have listed.  Will Rasmussen started this history of his group.  I believe Jim Rasmussen wrote for it.  You must have gotten this through Uncle Jim.  I’ll go down your list and fill in whatever additional information that I have.  In July or August I will have it completed and send you the updated copy.  I just have a few to get, plus two weddings this summer.  Margaret Rasmussen (Margaret passed away on June 4, 2004 in Portland, Oregon.)


(1) VERNON VAUGHAN RASMUSSEN, b. October 8, 1910 in Egeland, N.D. worked as a carpenter; married October 22, 1930 in. Noonan, N.D.; Nellie Severson, b. January 16, 1909, daughter of Ole.  (See Severson)  Living Medford, Oregon..  Children:


A. VERNON VAUGHAN RASMUSSEN, JR., August 1, 1931, Cando; married August 14, 1955, Glendale, California; Betty Crane, born June 29, 1938.  Worked as a mechanic.  Vernon died: February 22, 1996. Vern died the day his granddaghter – Alina – was born. His wife Betty is the sister of Loyal Severson’s wife – Paula Crain Severson.  Children:


a.  BRYON BOYD RASMUSSENN, born December 9, 1955 in L.os Angles. Lives with his mother, Betty, never married.


b.  BRUCE WAYNE RASMUSSEN, born June 25, 1957 in Los Angeles. Armored car driver in Boise, Idaho.  Divorced.

(From Loyal – He lives in Idaho, He was a ready mix driver in Burbank  10 years then moved to Boice, and welded on new trailers for a few years  than became a prison guard and now drives  an armored truck .)


1. Andrea Rasmussen


2. Branden Rasmussen



c.  BRADLEY VAUGHN RASMUSSEN, b. July 9, 1960 in                                                      L.os Angles.  Married to: Michelle.  They live near Salt Lake,                                                  Utah. Bradley works as a diesel mecanic.


1. Kaitlen Rasmussen


d.  VERNELL PAULINE RASMUSSSEN, b. May 8, 1964 in                                                   L.os Angeles. Wed to: Louis Carranza.  Works for the                                                              Government. Live near the Pentagon.



1. Cori Carranza, Married to: Michael Marasco.                                                                         Principle of a Catholic school.


2. Lea Carranza – a great singer as a little girl.


3. Alina Carranza, b. February 22, 1996


B.  DOLORES JUNE, b. December 5, 1932.  Egeland, N.D. worked as a     secretary, married July 5, 1952, Medford, Oregon; Gerald Allen   Leslie, born August 10, 1929 in Sandpoint, Idaho, real estate and insurance.


a.  SANDRA LYNN, b.  April 2, 1955, (deceased) died at birth


b.  DANIEL SCOTT, b. December, 1956 in Medford, Oregon, married Teresa Marie on May 14, 177 in Redmond, Washington,         b. December 17, 1957 in Everett, Washington,


c.  SUSAN DEANN,  b. February 19, 1958 in Medford, Oregon


C.  ROBERT EARL,  b. October 3, 1934, Egeland, N.D. worked as a carpenter,  married October 11, 1952, Medford; Rose Marie Svitak, born November 17, 1933 in Hood River, Oregon.


a.  JULIE ANN, b. November 27, 1953 in San Francisco, CA, married Michael Lynn Raffisberger, a teacher, on July 4, 1976, in Eugene, Oregon.


b.  ROBERT EARL, JR., February 13, 1955 in L.A.


c.  CYNTHIA LYNN, May 30, 1957 in California


D.  DONALD DUANE RASMUSSEN, October 30, 1936, Los Angeles; married May 27, 1955, Medford; Mildred Stafford, born August 18, 1936 in Dunsmuir, Calif.  A carpenter. Died: Portland, Oregon, February 1, 2009




a.  KENNETH ALAN, born -July 2, 1956 in Medford, Oregon, Married Darla Ruth Ravan, November 6, 1977 in Medford, Oregon, who was born October 11, 1957 in Oregon City, Oregon.


b.  David Duane Rasmussen, b. May 14, 1959 in Medford,                                                     Oregon


c.  James Lee Rasmussen, b. April 8, 1961. Jim runs the                                   company:  Modern Bldg. Systems which his father                                   Don founded.


Donald Duane Rasmussen October 30, 1936 – February 1, 2009

SALEM – Donald Duane Rasmussen rose to walk with the Lord on Sunday, February 1, 2009 at the age of 72. He was a husband, father, and grandfather, as well as a friend, gardener, and fishing enthusiast. Born October 30, 1936 in Los Angeles, Calif. Don is the son of Vernon and Nellie Rasmussen. Don moved to Medford at the age of eight years old in 1944. He graduated from Medford High School, class of 1954. Don married the love of his life, Mildred Loraine Stafford, on May 27, 1955 in Medford. Together they raised three sons, Ken, David, and Jim. The family moved to Portland in March of 1965. And then out to the farm in Canby in 1980. Don served his country for eight years in Ashland with the Oregon National Guard. Don started his career working as a carpenter and later became a construction superintendent for Brand “S” Homes. In 1971, Don co-founded Modern Building Systems, Inc. with his nephew Gary Dawson in Wilsonville. And then in 1988 he brought his three sons into the company. Don served on the board of Canby Telephone, Northwest Spring, and St. Johns Assembly of God. He was an elder at Canby Christian. Don was a charter member of Canby Rotary and Creekside Rotary member and attended Morningstar Community Church. He was a highly respected business owner, industry pioneer and leader for over 25 years. Don retired in May of 1996. Don and Millie moved to Salem in November of 2000 to be closer to their children and grandchildren. His greatest joys were sharing times with his children and grandchildren to whom he was devoted. He exemplified a zest for living and inspired everyone with whom he encountered with his energy and humor. Don lived a life full of love, prayer, and family. He spent his time hunting, fishing, working on his tree farm while also helping his sons build their family homes. Don also spent much time building and enjoying the family beach house where family and friends could gather and always feel welcome. Don and Millie ran a yearly cousins camp at the beach house where all of the cousins gathered for a week of fun with the grandparents. No parents allowed. Recently, Don enjoyed visiting and working on his son Ken’s farm. His surviving family includes his wife, Millie; three sons, Ken Rasmussen (Darla) of Sublimity, David Rasmussen (Janelle) of Salem, and Jim Rasmussen (Colleen) of Salem. He was also blessed with eight grandchildren, Alan (Angela), Andrew (Michelle), Ryan, Ben, Sara, Kaitlyn, Elisa, and Laura. His only living brother, Bob Rasmussen lives in Salem. Visitation will be from 3 to 7 p.m. on Thursday and 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Friday at Virgil T. Golden Funeral Service. Memorial service will be at 2 p.m. Friday, February 6 at Morningstar Community Church. His family requests any remembrances or contributions be made to Morningstar Community Church Salem, Oregon – Bridge 45 4775 27th Ave SE Salem, Ore. 97302. Arrangements are by Virgil T. Golden Funeral Service.


(2)  WALLACE WALTER, May 19, 1912 in Egeland, North Dakota, Married June 7, 1933, Minot, ND, by Rev. Johnson; Margaret Evelyn Wilson, born May 14, 1912, in Minot, N.D., daughter of Arthur Wilson and Amelia Olson, Living Medford. Worked for Harry and David and as a school teacher and as principal of Phoenix Elementary School,. Farmed in Fern Valley for many years. They sold their farm and moved to West Linn, Oregon, near Portlandin 19994. Wally died: February 22, 2003. Margaret died: June 4, 2004 in Wilsonville, Oregon. Both buried in Medford, Oregon. Children:


A.  ELVINA “JEAN” RASMUSSEN WEK, b. April 29, 1934, Minot, N.D., married September     12, 1953, Inglewood, California, Los Angeles County to: Irvin Peter Wek, born November 17, 1924, Nemiskam, Canada. Worked as a optometrist.


a.  Sharon Renee Wek Eggleton, born December 21, 1954, in Lynwood, Calif., Los Angles County. Married: August 16, 1980, in Santa Ana, California, Orange County to Brian Eggleton. Sharon is a school teacher. (Divorced)


1. David Paul Eggleton, b. January 18, 1982 in Fullerton, California, Orange County


2. Kathyrn Nicole Eggleton, b. January 29, 1984 in Fullerton, California, Orange Counnty.


3. Matthew James Eggleton, b. June 1, 1992 in Fullerton, California, Orange County.



b.  Ronald Charles Wek, born April 21, 1958 in Inglewood, Calif., married July 18, 1987 in Corona Del Mar, California, Orange County to: Sheree Ai Hiramoto, b. September 28, 1959 in Kapaa, Hawaii. Both are scientists.


1. Andrew Tatsuo Wek, b. March 3, 1991 in Gaithersburg, Maryland.


2. Kristen Sachiko Wek, b. July 10, 1995 in Indianapolis, Indiana


c.  Robert James Wek, b. August 27, 1963 in Inglewood, California, Los Angeles County. Married July 30, 1988 in Santa Ana, California, Orange County to: Cindy Carol Trovarelli, born: January 4, 1966 in Inglewood, Califrnia, Los Angeles County. Bob is President of General Monitors.


1. Hilary Lynn Wek, b. February 28, 1992, Orange, California, Orange County,


2. Jaclyn Noel Wek, b. February 28, 1992, Orange, California, Orange County.


3. Natalie Rae Wek, b. July 31, 1996, Orange, California, Orange County


B. WILLIAM FREDERICK, b. February 15, 1942, Crosby, N.D. Works in data processing management.  Married July 29, 1967 in Eugene, Oregon to Janice Elaine Van Cleve, b. February 4, 1939 in Sylmar, Calif.


a. Eric Roger Rasmussen, b. September 13, 1968 in Portland, Oregon, married November 30, 1991 in Portland, Oregon on June 25, 1989 to Stacey Jeanette Frelichowski, b. in Hayward, Wisconsin.  Eric and Stacy met on June 25, 1989, at Ft. Meade, MD (an Army installation near Washington, D.C.) while Eric was on duty as a Military Policeman.


1.  Shelbey Erica Rasmussen, b. April 6, 1995 in Spokane, Washington.


2.  Haley Evelyn Rasmussen, b. October 16, 1997 in Spokane, Washington


3.  Bradley Michael Rasmussen, b. April 12, 2000 in                                                                Spokane, Washington


b.  Michael Frederick Rasmussen, b. May 7, 1971 in Danville, Illinois, married May 29, 1999 in Wilsonville, Oregon to Kerri Lynn Murphey, b. July 3, 1972, in LeGrande, Oregon.  Kerri has an identical twin sister Sherri. Michael and Kerri met thorugh a mutual friend while living in Portland, Oregon. They now reside in Newman Lake, Washington. (Near Spokane.)


1. Carson Frederick Rasmussen, b. May 4, 2004, in Spokane, Washington.


c.  Janis Ray Rasmussen, b. August 26, 1972 in Salem, Oregon, adopted. Name changed to Jennifer after adoption.


d.  Chad Gregory Rasmussen, b. March 13, 1978, in Portland, Oregon, married to Christy Colleen Duffey, b. November 16, 1976 in Richland, Washington


1.  Kaelan McKenna Rasmussen, b. November 28, 1994, in Portland, Oregon


2.  Kamryn Elizabeth Rasmussen, b. May 21, 1999, in                                                            Bithburg, Germany.


3.  William Nathaniel Rasmussen, b. October 20, 2001, Landstuhl, Germany


C.  LOIS KAY, b. June 3, 1946, Walla Walla, Washington, Married August 14, 1971 in Inglewood, Calif. to Joseph Rocco Fortunato, b. November 1, 1938 in Philadelphia, PA, an electrical contractor. Lois is an elementary school teacher.


a.  Joseph Rocco Fortunato, Jr., b. April 3, 1973 in Inglewood, Calif.


b.  David Joseph Fortunato, b. May 29, 1975 in Torrance, Calif. Married, October 26, 2001 in Paramount, CA to: Judith Marie Ecker Keller, born October 30, 1965.


(3) HERMAN HUBERT,  B. November 15, 1913, Egeland, N.D.; married July 20, 1941, N. Hollywood, Calif., by Rev. Thomas Curry; Vivian Violet Malvick, born May 14, 1918, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, daughter of Peter Malvick and Christine Teresa Olson.  Living Los Angeles.  Worked as a group leader for space travel to moon at North American Air Craft/Lockheed.


A.  CHERYL DAWN, born – March 26, 1953, Los Angeles, Calif.,                                                      adopted


B.  Marlys Dee b. February 11, 1958, Hawthorne, Calif. adopted.


(4) EVAN EDMUND, born, January 11, 1916, Egeland, N.D. farming and cattle; married June 5, 1938, Wasco, California, Rev. Mincey; Eileen Nylander, born April 21, 1919, Noonan, ND, daughter of Carl Nylander and Anna Vick.  Living Medford, Oregon.


A.  LINDA RAE Rasmussen Rickert, born March 17, 1949, Portland, Oregon, adopted, married in Medford, Oregon, April 14, 1973 to Craig Allen. b.  June 18, 1942


B.  LORIN JAY,  born, June 24, 1953, Portland, Oregon, adopted.  Died August 17, 1972 in a gravel cave-in while running a front-end loader.


(5) LEONA LEATTA, born, May 8, 1918, Egeland, North Dakota; married March 1, 1942,  Malvern, Arkansas, by Rev. Vandermerve; to Rev. George William Southwick, born December 1, 1918, Lakeland, Florida, son of Frank Herbert Southwick and Ida May Howard White.  Living Granada Hills, California. Leona was a pastor’s wife, homemaker and expert seamstress, and the mother of their four children.  She lived to age 78 and died on October 8, 1996 in Santa Maria, California.  She is buried in Los Osos, CA (by the beach that she loved). The Southwick family came from England and arrived first in America by way of the second sailing of the Mayflower – that landing was in 1627.  (The Southwick family has a long history of important roles in early founding of the United States).  George and Leona Southwick moved to Santa Maria, CA in 1968 from Granada Hills, CA.  George began the “Bible Educator Ministry” there in about 1973, and continues that to this date (2004) – sending out approximately 200 audiotapes each month. He has a collected a “theologian’s library of religious and historical books”, comprising approximately 10,000 volumes! and has read them all. George Southwick received an honorary “Doctor of Divinity” in 1998 at the age of 80.  He traveled to Florida to receive this honor. He is a well-learned student, and versed in both Biblical and American History.  He currently lives by himself at the family home in Santa Maria, CA.  He celebrated his 85th birthday on December 1, 2003.  Leona and George were married for 54 years. (from Carol Dekorte, Dec. 2003)


Children: Southwick


A.  CAROL JOY,  born, August 9, 1946, in Medford, OR.  Married, James Dennis DeKorte (born 12-09-42) in Reseda, CA. on Sept. 11, 1965.  James is a custom home builder, and Carol is an interior decorator and they own their own businesses,             James Dekorte, Inc. & De’Kor Blinds. They have lived in Santa Maria, CA., Sisters, OR, and Central Point, OR.


(1)  Kevin James DeKorte, born December 19, 1970 in Santa Maria, CA.  graduate of Cal Poly,San Luis Obispo, CA, and employed by IBM of Boulder, CO.  Married, Jodene Lynn Jones of Brush, CO on June 19, 1999, Jody was born April 4, 1971 in Brush, CO., and daughter of Merton & Jean Jones, Brush, CO.  Jody is a Mathematics Instructor at Community College in Longmont, CO, and studying for her Doctorate in Math.  They live in Longmont, CO.


(2) Kimberly Joy Dekorte, born July 23, 1980 in Santa Maria, CA. Nearly has a two year degree in Jr. College as of 2003, and Professional Photographer and studying Horsemanship. She married Matthew John Samitore of Milton-Freewater, OR. on March 18, 2000 in Medford, OR.  Matthew was born September 28, 1975 in Oregon – oldest son to Samuel & Wendy Samitore. Matthew is a graduate of the University of Oregon, Eugene & is a City Planner.  They currently live in Central Point, Oregon


B.  PHILIP ROGER, December 14, 1948, Medford, Oregon, married, Linda Lee Lindsey (born May 11, 1949, Colorado Springs, CO, to parents Glenn and Ruby Lindsey (divorced).  Phil and Linda married on October 21, 1972 in Santa Maria, CA.  Philip has his own business, American Garage Door & Opener, and Linda is a hairdresser. They have three daughters:


(1) April Marie, September 2, 1975, Santa Maria, CA. married Gregg Duvall Sargeant October 22, 1999 in Redmond, Washington. Greg was born February 7, 1973, in Baltimore, Maryland to parents Burt and Oletta Sargeant.  April and Gregg both work for AT&T Wireless, and live in Bothel, WA.


(2)  Kelli Ann, September 5, 1977, Santa Maria, CA.  Kelli is a member of the U.S. Air Force – now stationed in Germany.  She is in her second tour of duty.


(3)  Kristi Lynn, September 7, 1982, Santa Maria, CA., married Phillip Dixon July 26, 2003, born 1974 Owensboro, Kentucky to parents Tom and Judy Dixon. Currently lving in Asheville, North Carolina.



C.  WANDA JEAN, September 26, 1954, b. Portland, Oregon, married March 10, 1973 in Santa Maria, CA. to Steven John Stouffer, born March 23, 1951, Van Nuys, CA. to parents Kathryn Lois Fisher and John William Stouffer.  Wanda and Steve live in Bellevue, WA, where they operate their own business from home – selling wireless communication equipment and related products.  They also have a second home in Lincoln City, OR.


D.  PAUL JAMES – November 28, 1955. n/ Portland – married to Marguerite Agnes Koster on February 4, 1984  (divorced) Paul also operates his own business,Paul’s Door Service, in the Petaluma, CA.– Santa Rosa, CA. area.


(1) Ashley Nicole, Born August 9, 1984, Ontario, CA.


(2) Nathan Richard, February 10, 1986, Santa Maria, CA – just joined the USAF & will graduate high June 2004, and  then start USAF Basic Training – already has received his air flight certificate at age 16.


(3) George William II  (goes by “William”) – born April 3, 1989 in Santa Maria, CA.  Named after his Grandfather, George William Southwick.



(6) JAMES JONATHAN Rasmussen, June 12, 1920; married April 12, 1941, North Hollywood; to Lela Davis, born March 3, 1919, Giltner, Nebraska, daughter of Bert Davis and Clara Vorhees. They lived in North Hollywood and Granada Hills, CA.  Lela died, April, 1971, age 52.  James married Marguerite Louise LeMercier du Quesnay in approximately 1972, and they currently live in Boise, Idaho.  Both are in their 80’s (aprox. 2004). James was a custom builder for all his years, and was known for his quality work, and beautiful craftsmanship.  His father, William Frederick taught him many things about working with his hands in carpentry.  James dearly loved his mother, Hilda and let the family know what a wonderful mother she was, as well as a very devoted Christian woman.  James died: January 8, 2009 in Nampa, Idaho of congestive heart failure dure to double pnemonia. He laso suffered from dementia.


James’ children were born during the marriage with Lela Davis Rasmussen.  They are:


A.  LORIE JAMES RASMUSSEN –  “Jim”,b.  February 18, 1943, North Hollywood, CA. married Judith Ann Fels of Panorama City, CA.  Judy’s father was a pastor of the Panorama Baptist Church. Judy’s mother died approximately 1980 or so.   “Jim” as he is now known, and Judy moved to Boise, Idaho in the mid-1970’s and he was in business with his father, James, in their custom home building.  Jim died February 11, 2008 age 65. He had suffered for many years with MS. Was bedridden at a VA hospital. Judy and the girls have decided to plant a tree in Jim’s memory at the VA hospital with a plaque on it in his honor. Judy and Jim have two daughters.  They are:


(1) Amy Nicole Rasmussen – born in April of 1971 in Granada Hills, CA.  – Amy is married and lives in Baltimore, MD.


(2) Heather Lynn Rasmussen – born in April of 1973 in Granada Hills, CA  (?) aprox. Heather is married and lives in Meridian, ID. and is mother of one son, and a daughter – another daughter is expected to arrive February 7, 2004.


B. SHARON ANNETTE RASMUSSEN, b. November 16, 1947, Ashland, Oregon,  and now lives in Colorado Springs, CO.  She owns about five beauty shops in the area, and has one daughter, who is now married.  Sharon was married the first time to Bif Turner of Reseda, CA. and is now married and divorced from another man who she met in Colorado Springs.  She is now known as Sharon Austin – not much other information is known at this time.


1. Jennifer Marie Turner, b. October 16, 1974 in Van Nuys, Calif.


(7) MIRIAM “MARIE” RASMUSSSEN,  b. June 24, 1923 in Egeland, N.D.; Married September     18, 1941, North Hollywood, California; Delbert Johnson, b. January 14, 1912, Egeland, N.D., A real estate salesman, son of Erland Johnson and Freda Olson.  (See Johnson) Delbert died: June 14, 1983.  Miriam Marie Rasmussen Johnson remarried April 25, 1987 to Dwain E. Miller born December 4, 1921, in McPherson, Kansas.  Currently living in Tualatin, Oregon (2004).


A.  NANETTE FAYE Johnson Anderson, born February 11, 1949, Medford Oregon, married September 20, 1968 in Eugene, Oregon to La Marr Anderson, b. January 26, 1949 in Eugene, Oregon


a.  Gregory Scott Anderson, b. October 14, 1974 in Dayton, Ohio, Married to Melanie D. Gilliland, born July 20, 1980 in St. Paul, Nebraska.  Currently living in Lincoln, Nebraska (as of 2004)


b.  Kimberley Nicole Anderson, b. January 18, 1977 in Anchorage, Alaska, Married April 11, 1996 to Joseph Reed Seaboalt, born May 28, 1977.  Kennewick, Washington. Currently living in Anchorage, Alaska, (as of 2004).


c. Jeffrey Lee Anderson born January 23, 1980 in San Antonio, Texas. Married October 1998 to Angelina Fay Acireno, born December 13, 1978 in Grants Pass Oregon.


1. Wyatt Lee Anderson, born September 22, Springfield, Oregon.


2.  Colton Jeffrey Anderson, born June 30, 2003, Springfield, Oregon.  Currently living in Anchorage, Alaska, as of 2004.


d. Christopher David Anderson, born February 14, 1983, in San Antonio, Texas


B.  DAVID LARRY JOHNSON, born September 24, 1955, Medford, Oregon, died November 15, 1970 in Eugene, Oregon while drivng their El Camino to church. David had just received his driver’s learner’s permit.


(8)  NORMA NAOMI RASMUSSEN, September 3, 1929 in Egeland, N.D.; married June 5, 1947, Ashland, Oregon, to Rev. Jonathan M. Harrel, Jr., born February 27, 1926, Anthony, Kansas, son of Jonathan Harrel and Ruth Elizabeth Hewitt.Living Ventura, California.  Children: Harrel


A.  MARCUS JONATHAN, April 26, 1951, Medford, Oregon, married June 24, 1972 in Resada, Calif to Linda Adele York, b. August 26, 1952 in Tucson, Arizona. Currently living in  Escondido, California.


a.  Michele Lynn Harrel, b. June 19, 1976 in Los Angeles, Calif., married, August 15, 1998 to Keven Glen Petty born March 13, 1974, Bakersfield, Calif, Currently living in Riverside, Calif.


1.  Jayden Glenn Petty, born December 31, 2002, in Bloomington, California.


2. Adelynn Nicole Petty, born March 23, 2005 in Riverside, California


3. Tytus Marcus Petty, born March 5, 2009 in San Diego, California


b. Joanna Nicole Harrel, born June 18, 1980, Los Angeles, Calif. Married July 24, 2004 to James David Ackerman, born April 13, 1978 in Newport Beach, CA. Living in Costa Mesa, California.


1. Tyler James Ackerman, born April 15, 20099 in        Fountain Valley, California


c. Matthew Jonathan Harrel, born September 29, 1985, Tarzana, California. Married December 21, 2008 to Christina Maria Nunez, born October 19, 1985 in Guam. Currently living in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Married in Newport Beach, California.


B.  STEPHEN VICTOR HARREL, b. April 21, 1953, Wichita Kansas, married April 12, 1975 in Canoga Park, Calif to Celeste Esther Carpenter, b. May 5, 1947 in Los Angeles, California, currently living in West Lake Village, California. Celeste passed away July 2005. Remarried: Sharon Wek Eggleston, July 2006.



a. Aimee Renee Harrel, born July 14, 1979, Thousand Oaks, Calif., married August 16, 2003 to Kevin Anthony McCullough, born March 25, 1970, in Springfield, MO, currently living in Ridgewood, New Jersey.


1. James Kevin McCullough, born April 25, 2010 in     Ridgewood, New Jersey.


b. Jason Stephen Harrel, born April 5, 1982, Westlake Village, California. Lt. U.S. Navy.


C.  KEVIN VAN HARREL, born – May 8, 1963 (twin) in Van Nuys, Calif., married January 21, 1989 to Vicki Lou Toy, born July 5, 1968, in Jackson, Calif., Currently living in Bakersfield, Calif.


a. Clayton Van Harrel, born May 21, 1993 in Bakersfield,       California.


b. Corbin Victor Harrel, born February 5, 1999 born in                                                                         Bakersfield, California.


D.  KAREN ANN HARREL, born – May 8, 1963, (twin) in Van Nuys, Calif., married August 7, 1982 to Michael Lee Davenport, born February 17, 1961, Northridge, Calif., currently living in Ventura, Calif.


a. Timothy Michael Davenport, born March 27, 1989, Santa Barbara, Calif.


b. Allison Anne Davenport, born February 2, 1992, Santa Maria, Calif.



7.  CARL, the youngest  Rasmussen son, born – March 18, 1882, in Ringe, Denmark, died December 18, 1957, married Agnes.  She died and he then married his step granddaughter, Francis.  Carl had no children. By marrying his step-granddaughter, Uncle Carl became “his own grandpa!”.




Everything you could possibly want to know about the Rasmussen family back in Denmark.


In 1999, Don Rasmussen (Vernon’s son), commissioned Danish geneolgist, Kenneth Veigaard Jørgensen, Odense, Fynn, Denmark,  to search archive records to locate distant ancestors and then trace the Rasmussen family forward to see if any relatives could be located still living in Denmark.


In 2004 Larry Smith commissioned Mr. Jørgensen to type his handwritten notes.


The following are the results of Kenneth’s research.


From: Kenneth Vejgaard Jørgensen <>

Date: Wed, 5 May 2004 10:24:41 +0200

To: “Larry Smith” <>

Subject: Hello again


Hello Larry!


Thanks for your very kind mail which I was happy to read. At my computer I do not have Word but a similar program called WordPad, which I think is a simplified version of the Words programme. I will re-write my findings and comments and again, if necessary, adapt some passages – if, e.g., some words were “clumsy”-mistranslated by me or so.

Just one practical question: simply, I do not remember how many pages my total report made for Donald is – just in order to know and prepare a bit, and to get an idea how to set up etc. Would you kindly let me know, please?


In fact, when making a genealogy report, I always send my search results as a hand-written report to my customers’ postal address (like I did for Donald back in 1999 and for all customers)  – because: spending 5-6 hours at the Archives searching and then re-writing my search results as an e-mail at home in the evenings means that I will have no time for my family 😦 , a very long day of research, all causing me to stress up (which is not good) – my customers are always invited to ask if there is doubt abt. certain words, expressions, etc. This is simply the way I work best – but then again, I will be glad to help you.


I will do my best – perhaps I will set up pedigree lists in some different way to make them more overlookable. I think I have an idea how to set it up. Please note: it might take some weeks (I am very, very careful abt. giving time limits for delivery – this is simply impossible 🙂  – because, normally, I am working for 1-2 customers most of the time), I may write a small bit one day, a larger bit the next day and thus changing – to avoid “stress”-  and also depending on how much time I have every day. Hope that you understand me. My “invisible” handicap, which I mentioned shortly yesterday, often makes me stress up/getting in a bad mood and that’s what I want to avoid as much as possible.


Looking forward to receiving Donald’s reports (in copy) – and, again, will you be so kind as to tell me beforehand how many pages it is in total so I can prepare a bit? Thank you.


Kenneth, I am almost sure I found out once, is an ancient, Celtic name meaning “handsome”, “neat” – and many Danes are called Kenneth. At primary school, we were two of us in my class called Kenneth – and we often sticked together, not only because we were name-sakes but also, I reckon, because we are both left-handed (most people write with their right hand, I know – and many people sometimes seriously ask me how it is possible for me to write with “my left one” 🙂 ). Later on, mailing to each other, my old name-sake from school, like myself, married a girl named Birgit. So: same name, same way of writing, wives sharing names as well :-). – Actually, many British names are used in Denmark: John, Jimmy (a pet name of James in America, I think), Bill, Mary, etc.


I just know that you use name abbreviations – hence my asking. I also know that William will often be Bill, Will or Willy, Michael will be Mike or Mick, Charles will be Charlie, Chuck, Chas, Chet (as far as I know), and Gregory will be Greg.  Is Larry an abbreviation, too – e.g. of Lawrence (I remember watching a movie once with a young man named Lawrence, called Larry)? In Denmark, though, we have not this tradition of abbreviations/pet names as such :-).


Glad to hear that you have already visited Denmark twice. Hope you liked our small, beautiful country.


I understand why you find hand-written reports quite tedious to read – and that is why I make an exception for you and offer to re-write it on computer. As mentioned, re-writing my hand-written reports at home into e-mails etc. is all too time-demanding so hand-written reports is the usual way I work. – Then, I will look forward to receiving the copies you have sent me in a few days.


About Donald, I got quite shocked to read that he had been severely ill 4 years ago – shortly after having sent him my last report of research. I did fear that this was what happened and now I know – sorry to hear about him being through a very long recovery. Please give him my best regards – I hope that he keeps on well now. Glad to hear that he looks much better!


Best regards,





Mr. Don[ald] Rasmussen

1200 NE Territorial RD # 43

Canby, OR 97013




Dear Mr. Rasmussen,


Thank you so much for your letter dated April 19, inquiring about genealogical assistance. I should certainly like to help you. What I can do for you to begin with may be as follows:


1) Rasmus Rasmussen who appears to be a wheeler & smallholder in Sønderskov in the village of Ferritslev, Rolfsted parish, died on June 10 1871, aged 70.


2) Anne Marie Larsdatter, his wife, died, aged 77, on October 26 1881 (not February 1 1880).


When people died, there would often be a division of their estates – registered in records of deceased persons’ estates [by now I know these are Probate Records!]

– mentioning who their children were and where they lived – which is an important step in genealogical researches if you want to search forward (descendants) – or else it will be rather difficult to trace people. If they moved to a city with several parishes (like e.g. Odense) we may be lucky to trace them if we do have a few precise dates. My offer is to see whether or not there is a division of Rasmus’ and Anne Marie’s estates telling us where their children lived – and then look up some information where especially the brothers in question were domiciled.


My fee is $ 10,- an hour. If you wish, we can make an agreement of e.g. 8-10 hours (to begin with) – then I will send you the results of my research – and then, if possible, make a new agreement.


Way of paying: please by check (within 14 days on receipt of genealogical task) – if possible: with the amount exchanged into Danish Kroner (as my other foreign customers do, usually, because exchange fees in Danish banks are rather expensive).


Looking forward to hearing from you again and hoping for your accept,



Kenneth V. Jørgensen [in hand signature]

Kenneth V. Jørgensen


PS: I just looked up Rasmus Rasmussen, smallholder in Ferritslev, Rolfsted, in the alphabetical register of estate divisions (pp. …? to 77? [unreadable, sorry] – a very fine division of(?) 6 pages totally (pp. 107, 204, 285, 302, 340, 342). [“Upwards note” says,] This will be a fine item of information.



This will be my first letter to Donald re-written. In some ways I might have chosen other/better expressions – e.g. “we may be lucky to trace them … ” might have been “we may be so lucky as to trace them … ” But practice comes through training :-).


One letter per e-mail – just to keep the whole task overlookable. OK?




1.06.1999 [a Danish way of writing dates; in English, this

would mean “January 6 1999” – but when I write this way: date first, month next, year last]



The term Smallholder explained


Danes had three reasons to emigrate to the United States. They wanted land, They wanted to live under an elected president and they wanted to live in a place where all people were treated fairly.


There was neither land nor opportunity for us. We were slaves to the government, the nobility and to the authorities, both temporal and religious. Our rewards were miserable food and poor wages. Whether or not a man enjoyed his legal rights depended entirely on the question of wealth. The squires demolished our fathers’ houses and farms, and the small plots were added to the large estate fields. These same men accumulated houses and fields until there was no more available land in the country. Thus the squires alone could remain there, bringing God’s woe upon themselves“.
 “I gave my back to the squire’s cane and my jersey to the first lieutenant’s flat of the sword and my cheek bone to the farm bailiff’s slap on the ear. Beatings and blows were not allowed, but those in charge did still hit the little ones. They knew our rights were non-existent“.

During the last decades of the absolute monarchy, the vicissitudes of the nobility left a mark on the immigrants for the rest of their lives. It was a patriarchal society with a rigid class structure, the king, of course, being at the top. Below him the nobility, squires, vicars and civil servants ruled over shopkeepers, farmers and workmen, while smallholders, people without land and laborers served at the very bottom of society.


Given that social class was hereditary, the stupid and deaf became vicars or civil servants while the bright and wise would face a future under miserable conditions at the bottom of society“.  (Found on the Internet.)



Dear Donald,


Thank you so much for your accept & your letter with your draft for US $ 100,- . In a couple of weeks, you will hear from me again.


I am a full-time genealogist and, besides firm customers, I get m[any] other orders of genealogical work – and this is very enjoyable. Some[times] I take a break and then find some new information of my wife’s and my own ancestors whom I have traced back (with help from friends & colleagues) until the beginning of [the] 1300’s (it took many years). Very exciting and interesting to do genealogy both as a job (primarily) but also as a hobby.


I also work as a church singer which is also an enjoyable job. You will hear from me as soon as possible.








Larry – as some words, totally or partly, lacks in the copy, I have tried to reconstruct them with a [ ].

By know, you may already know, working as a full-time genealogist is hardly possible – half-time or 3/4-time is, mostly, the factual reality, which suits my colleagues and myself very well.








Donald Rasmussen

1200 NE Territorial RD # 43

Canby, OR. 97013

Thursday, June 10, 1999


Dear Donald,


Beginning with your great-great-grandfather Rasmus Rasmussen I am going to try to, at least,, trace his & Anne Marie Larsdatter’s descendants a few generations forward. At once I will say: tracing living descendants of a couple of ancestors is far more complicated than going backwards through the centuries, because descendants always spread far more than ancestors – and I am limited by the fact that all births – confirmations – marriages are not accessible until 50 years later – i.e. a birth in 1949: I am allowed to look it up in a parish record, whereas a birth in 1950: no access until next year.


Today is your great-greatgrandfather’s date of death (June 10 1871).


Like I said some time ago, and to repeat this:

Register 1854-73 of Bjerge-Åsum districts records of deceased persons’ estates [Probate Records], the letter R:

June 12 1871- date of registration of death: Rasmus Rasmussen, smallholder, Ferritslev, Rolfsted: pp. 107.B, 204.B, 285.B, 302.B, 340.B, 342 [so-called “double pages”].


– register 1874-94, the letter L:


October 27 1881: Larsen, Anne Marie – widow, Ferritslev: pp. 169, 210, 216, 228, 303, 316, 329, 379.


(As name rules in Denmark were remarkably changed from 1828, e.g. women called Larsdatter (Lars’ daughter) would often be called Larsen, Hansdatter => Hansen, Pedersdatter => Pedersen etc. – peasants/rural inhabitants were often confused by the rules that had been changed).


Hoping for positive results, I will then carry on and look up all [of] these pages!


Odense County, Bjerge-Åsum Districts, records of deceased persons’ estates.

Record of 1870-75, pp. 107.B-108: 1871, June 10, notified the death of Rasmus Rasmussen, Ferritslev Field, smallholder there. He leaves his widow and children of age in common.


– p. 204.B-p. 205: on May 18 1872 met Anne Marie Larsdatter, widow of smallholder Rasmus Rasmussen, Ferritslev, delivering a testamentarical disposition made by her late husband on June 10, last year, according to which she was allowed to keep this estate undivided. Regarding this disposition … , this widow had notified the following children in common [with Rasmus Rasmussen]:


1. A son, Lars Christian Rasmussen, wheeler [ = wheelwright], Højby Field (Højby: a village parish south of Odense).


2. A daughter, Anne Marie Rasmussen, married to Rasmus Clausen, worksman [= labourer] in Såderup Field (Såderup: a village split up and partly situated in the Kullerup & Skellerup parishes a bit east of Rolfsted).


3. A son, Rasmus Rasmussen, wheeler, in Sødinge, Ringe parish (south of Odense)


4. A daughter, Karen Sophie Rasmussen, aged 30, staying in Skellerup


5. A daughter, Dorthe Kirstine Rasmussen, staying in the Vordingborg Hospital of Mental Diseases [I wrote:] (South of Sjælland) – [- what I meant: Southern part of Sjælland].


Dorthe Kirstine R. is staying at the Hospital of Mental Diseases (in Vordingborg [city] as mentally suffering.



6. A son, Anders [Jacob] Rasmussen, tailor, Ferritslev Field


7. A daughter, Maren Rasmussen, married to Lars Christensen, Jylland [Jutland in English], where exactly: not known (later added: at Ikast Church at Silkeborg City (Jylland)).


8. A daughter, Laurentine Rasmussen, at home in Ferritslev, aged 26.




Anne Marie Larsdatter


with guided pen (i.e.: she was not able to write har name herself).


15.6.: Note: their son named Peder/Peter Rasmussen must have died as he was not mentioned in either of the estate divisions in question. If he had left any children, they would have been mentioned there.


[Back to] June 10 1999, continued.


– p. 285.B: 1873, February 7, met wheeler Lars Chr. Rasmussen from Højby Field. A testamentarical (testimonial?) disposition – delivered to the court of divisions of estates, dated June 10 1871, was read, and afterwards. Lars Chr. Rasmussen declared that he would not agree to this disposition being sustained in its present state; consequently, he would demand the disposition being proved (at/through) village thing witness.


A thing as translated from Danishis a legal witness or a notary public.


– p. 302.B -p. 303: on March 13 1873, Anne Marie Larsdatter – widow of wheeler Rasmus Rasmussen in Ferritslev field, met after having learnt about her son Lars Chr. Rasmussen’s statement (of February 7) and wished a legal village thing witness made to prove her husband’s disposition made on June 10 ‘ 71, as well as she asked for everything necessary to be arranged. – She notified that her mentally suffering daughter’s husband was Niels Møllekusk [i.e. nick-named through his job as a horse wagon driver for a mill factory], Rolfsted Mølle [R. Mill]. – The family name of this son-in-law: she does not know it …


(Was there a kind of family trouble? People don’t just forget the names of their children-in-law!).


– p. 340.B, July 18 1873, this testimonial disposition was read: I, Rasmus Rasmussen, smallholder and wheeler, Ferritslev mark ( = F. field ), Rolfsted parish, who signed here myself, and who [these two words were erased] having only children born in my marriage with Anne Marie Larsdatter, hereby declare that if I should die before my wife she is to have the same right to keep this estate undivided with our children in common, be then of age or under age, which belongs to myself according to legal statement of May 21 1845, if I myself should survive her.

Ferritslev Field, June 10 1871

Rasmus Rasmussen

We men who signed here and who were all called here for this purpose and who know personally Rasmus Rasmussen, wheeler & smallholder …. , all confirm that in our presence he signed this disposition mentioned with guided pen, after this had been clearly read aloud to him, and he had rectified the contents of this document in a state where he was of his full senses, and we are willing, if demanded, to confirm this statement of ours with our … ? (unclear writing) oath.

D.u.s. (an abbreviation not known to me)


Christian Pedersen                                 Rasmus Rasmussen

Mads Nielsen                                          Rasmus Knudsen

Anders Andersen


– p. 342: 1873, July 25: (final) division of late smallholder Rasmus Rasmussen, Ferritslev, his estate. His widow Anne Marie Larsdatter showed up together with her legal guard, forest official Christian Pedersen, Sønderskoven ( = Southern Wood/Forest), situated in Ferritslev. A great-greatgrandfather of my wife’s was a forest official there as well from 1837-45).  She delivered a village thing witness … through which she now reckoned to have proved her late husband’s testament dated June 10 1871 …


(I suppose that Lars Christian Rasmussen. protested because the testament in question was made by his father on the very day when he died and his father would probably not be able to think clearly).


2). Record of 1880-84 p. 169: 1881, 27th of October, Peder Hansen, freight worker, Ellinge (neighbour parish of Rolfsted & Skellerup), notified that the widow of wheeler Rasmus Rasmussen, Ferritslev Field, called Anne Marie Larsdatter, had died. She leaves heirs of age.

– p. 210: 1881, December 14, division of the estate of late Rasmus Rasmussen, smallholder, and his late widow, Anne Marie Larsdatter, Ferritslev Field. – Lars Christian Rasmussen, wheeler in Højby, met and notified the heirs of the late married couple as follows:


1. A son, the Lars Chr. Rasmussen mentioned


2. A daughter, Maren Rasmussen, widow of Lars Christensen, smallholder in Ikast in Jylland (Jutland)


3. —-  ”  —–  , Anne Marie Rasmussen, the wife of Rasmus Clausen, smallholder in Såderup Field


4. A son, Rasmus Rasmussen, smallholder in Sødinge (Ringe)


5. A daughter, Karen Sophie Rasmussen, Nyborg, for whom met her brother Lars Chr. Rasmussen.


6. A son, Anders Jacob Rasmussen, smallholder & tailor in Havndrup, Hellerup parish (a neighbouring parish)


7. A daughter, Dorthea Kirstine R., mentally diseased, staying in the Viborg Hospital of Mentally Diseased [Viborg: city in Jylland and the place of the Jylland Provincial                                                                                                                                              Archives].


8. A —  ” —  , Laurentine R., living at her home in Ferritslev.


11.06.1999. From Maren Rasmussen, who had been legally called to this division, had sent a message dated December 9 according to which and because of the long distance she could not show up … Guarding her needs etc. today was [Mr.] Stokkeby, miller in Rolfsted. – For Dorthea Kirstine Rasmussen – who is a patient at the (Viborg) Hospital of Mentally Diseased, paid by Rønninge-Rolfsted municipality – also met Mr. Stokkeby.


(It will be all too detailed to re-write all of this division – as what you wish is to trace relatives. If you want this re-writed (pp. 210-214) I should like to do so later on? Shortly, there is some trouble with a couple of obligations made by Anne Marie Larsdatter in favour of two of her heirs and in prejudice (whatever that might be – these acts contain a lot of rigid legal expressions that are hard to translate into English) of the others).


– p. 216 – 1881, December 21: continuation of division of RR.’s and AML’s estate. – Now there is some trouble about a watch and a pipe. – Ended on p. 218.


– p. 228 – 1882, January 9 – continuation of this estate division. Ended at p. 230.


– p. 303, 1882, May 16. Continuation of this estate division. Now notified that their youngest daughter: Laurentine Rasmussen had been married to Hans Hansen, smallholder in Havndrup [Hellerup parish in the neigbour area].


Højby parish register [i.e.: of weddings (~) and deaths (+) ) 1752-1891: no Lars Chr. Rasmussen (probably died after 1891) => Moved to Højby parish

Ringe parish register 1707-1891: Rasmus Rasmussen, wheeler, Sødinge, aged 33 ~ May 4 1872: Mette Kirstine Madsen, Sødinge => Moved to Ringe parish


Rolfsted parish register 1686-1891:

Maren Rasmussen, Sønderskov, aged 25 ~ December 11 1858: Lars Christensen, Hellerup => Moved to Ikast, Jylland


Anne Marie R.: not married there


Karen Sophie R.: ——  ”  ——– (she probably remained unmarried)


Anders Jacob R.: ——  ”  ——– (probably married in Hellerup) => Moved to Hellerup parish


Dorthea Kirstine R., Hudevad [Rolfsted parish], aged 24 ~ Nov. 20 1867: Niels Nielsen, smallholder, Hudevad


Laurentine R., Sønderskov, aged 35 ~ March 25 1882: Hans Hansen, smallholder, Havndrup, Hellerup parish.


15.06.1999. Well, back to the record of Bjerge-Åsum districts (1880-84) p. 306:

May 16 1882. Continuation of division of Rasmus Rasmussen’s and Anne Marie Larsdatter’s estate, Ferritslev.

These heirs/persons showed up:


1. Lars  Christian Rasmussen, wheeler, Højby; 2. Maren Rasmussen, widow of Lars Christensen, smallholder, Ikast parish in Jylland – Stokkeby, miller in Rolfsted, met on her behalf; 3. Anne Marie Rasmussen, who met without her husband: Rasmus Clausen, smallholder in Såderup Field; 4. Rasmus Rasmussen, smallholder in Sødinge (Ringe parish); 5. Karen Sophie Rasmussen, Nyborg; 5. Anders Jakob Rasmussen, tailor in Havndrup (Hellerup parish); 7. Dorthea Kirstine Rasmussen, R.R.’s mentally diseased daughter, on her behalf met Stokkeby, miller, mentioned above; 8. Laurentine Rasmussen, on her behalf: her husband Hans Hansen, smallholder, Havndrup.


– p. 316, 1882 – June 12. Continuation of the same division. – Mentioned here that some of the heirs of Rasmus & Anne Marie wouldn’t appreciate the fact of Anne Marie remaining in an undivided estate after her husband’s death. There was a disagreement whether or not Anders Jacob’s and Laurentine’s desirements in this estate were valid (what exactly they desired – economically or whatever – I do not know).


15.06.1999, continued.


– p. 329: July 18 882. Continuation.

– p. 379: Nov. 13 1882. Continuation & ending of this estate division.

— * —

Let us try to find the deaths of the brothers Peder, Anders Jacob, and Lars Christian Rasmussen. Their brother Anders *) *1830 died before 1840 according to your family scheme enclosed. Peder must have died at an early age, not leaving any children (cp. page 1 below: if he had any children, they would have been mentioned during the divisions of Rasmus’ & Anne Marie’s estates).

*) Note: the latter Anders (Jacob) was named from his late brother Anders (* 1828) according to “name rules” of that time.


(I understand that you have all important dates of your great-grandfather Rasmus Rasmussen).


In Rolfsted parish register I found this:

Peder Rasmussen, unmarried, Sønderskov, aged 29, + February 22 1857. (To be checked in Rolfsted parish record!).


I have to look up the death of the older Anders (* 1828) in Rolfsted parish records as parish registers have only people’s deaths registrated from the age of 14 and on.

Rolfsted parish record no. 8, 1834-51, microfich no. 5 p. 170, 1837 no. 5:

Anders Rasmussen, + October 23, buried: October 30 1837. Aged: 7 1/2 years old. A son of Rasmus Rasmussen, smallholder & wheeler in Sønderskov at Ferritslev Field. He probably died of STRUBEHOSTE [I do not know the exact expression in English; it is a, then quite severe, disease: “cough of throat”] after having been ill for 7 days.


STRUBEHOSTE – ‘croup’ in English Croup is characterized by a loud cough that resembles the barking of a seal, difficulty breathing, and a grunting noise or wheezing during breathing.


Rolfsted parish record no. 9, microfich no. 6, 1852-73, p. 169 – 1857 no. 2:

Peder Rasmussen, + February 22 1857, buried on March 3. Aged 29. Bachelor. A son of Rasmus Rasmussen, smallholder & wheeler in Sønderskov.


Well then, Donald, the only boys left are your great-grandfather Rasmus Rasmussen, Lars Chr. Rasmussen & Anders Jacob Rasmussen.


I am now going to look up the deaths of


1) Lars Christian Rasmussen after 1891 in Højby parish. He was born in 1832. He was a wheeler.


2) Anders Jacob Rasmussen, * March 22 1843, after 1882 in Havndrup, Hellerup parish (there is no parish register of Hellerup; most of the Funen parishes have such registers of marriages & deaths until 1891 – a few of them [still] haven’t). He was a smallholder & tailor in Havndrup, Hellerup parish.


(As you have all information necessary of Rasmus R., I will not look up more about him).


Please note: all parish records from 1814-91 are now only available on microfiches. The ones before 1814: both available on microfiches & as “real” books. The ones after 1891: available as “real” books [only].


I hope that we may be lucky enough to find the deaths of Lars & Anders (and probably their wives) – and, as well, divisions of their estates. – I cannot, of course, guarantee you that they died in the same parishes where they lived by 1882. But, being hopeful, I start looking for their deaths!


1) I had no luck finding Lars Christian’s death. So sorry about it. Searched until 1935 in Højby. He may have emigrated, too … ? We do not know.


2) Anders Jacob: did not marry in Hellerup 1871-83 (inclusive). I hope we can find his death there.


15.06.1999 (continued).


Hellerup parish record no. 6 (1892-1917) p. 153: 1899:

Anders Jakob Rasmussen, aged 56, + March 25 1899, Havndrup, Hellerup parish, buried: April 1 1899, Hellerup parish. Married. Smallholder & tailor in Havndrup village, Hellerup parish, district of Vindinge. Born in Sønderskov, Rolfsted parish. He was a son of Rasmus Rasmussen, wheeler, & his wife Marie Larsdatter *) in Sønderskov, Rolfsted parish. Married to Jensine Madsen, born in Tarup, Sønder Nærå parish (a neighbour parish as well) on October 23 1859. Their latest domicile: Hellerup parish.

*)  Names like Anne Marie, Anne Elisabeth, Anne Margrethe, Anne Cathrine would often be abbreviated into Marie, Elisabeth, Margrethe, Cathrine, etc.


– p. 145: 1926 – July 19: died, July 23: buried, Havndrup, Hellerup parish: Laurentine Hansen, née Rasmussen. Aged 79. Pensioner in Havndrup. The widow of Hans Hansen, farmer; she was a daughter of Rasmus Rasmussen, smallholder, and Anne Marie Larsdatter; born in Rolfsted parish on August 10 1846. Their latest domicile: Havndrup. (Parish rec. no. 7, 1918-41).


(The latest parish record of Hellerup: no. 7 (1918-41). Jensine Madsen’s death searched here – no luck. She may still be alive by 1941 as she was born as late as 1859 (see above). – Parish records from there has [ ! – should be: HAVE ] not yet been delivered to our Provincial Archives (wheres other priests have delivered their parish records as new as e.g. 1980’s)).


– p. 121: Hans Hansen, aged 82. Died: April 19 1925, Havndrup, Hellerup parish. Buried: April 24 1925, Hellerup. Aged 82 [sorry abt. mentioning his age twice].

A pensioner in Havndrup, born in Skellerup in 1842, December 22, a son of Hans Bendixen, miller journeyman, and unmarried girl Karen Hansdatter. Married to Laurentine Rasmussen who survives him. Their latest domicile: Havndrup ( [again:] Record no. 7, 1918-41).


I found some information of Anders Jakob/Jacob Rasmussen’s children:

– p. 2 (parish rec. no. 6, 1892-1917): Aage Christian Jacob Rasmussen * 1893, February 3, Havndrup, Hellerup parish, a son of smallholder & tailor Anders Jakob Rasmussen & his wife Jensine Madsen (aged 33), Havndrup. Baptized:  April 3, Hellerup Church. His parents were married in Sønder Nærå, November 21 1879. – Witnesses of baptization: his mother; the wife of P. Chr. Nielsen, farmer in Havndrup, called Maren Cathrine Hansen; Hans Kristiansen, farmer there; Rasmus Madsen, bricklayer, Tarup Field [Jensine’s family] (Sønder Nærå parish); Mads Jørgensen, carpenter in Sønder Nærå [Jensine’s family?].


– p. 83: Confirmed on October 5 1902, Hellerup Church: Rasmus Georg Arnold Rasmussen, serving at “Ringstedgård,” [a farm in] Sønder Nærå. A son of Anders Jakob Rasmussen, smallholder & tailor in Havndrup, and his wife Jensine Madsen. – Born on May 25 1888, Hellerup parish; baptized: July 8 1888, Hellerup Church. Learning: good; behaviour: very good.


District of Vindinge: record of registrations of deaths [probate record], 1896-1908: No. 249. Died: March 25 1899, registered/notified: March 25: Anders Jacob Rasmussen, tailor, Havndrup, aged 56. Leaves his widow and 8 children under age. 17/446 [what this means – I am not sure … ]. His widow keeps this estate undivided with their children.


June 15 1999, continued.


Vindinge district: record of estate divisions 1892-1900, p. 445.B or 446 [no. 17/446 just means: registration no. 17 on p. 446]. No. 249 – 1898/99:

Anders Jacob Rasmussen in Havndrup, died on March 25 1899. – 1899, on May 2nd, his widow Jensine Rasmussen, née Madsen, met. Their heirs were their children:


1. A son, Mads Peder Balzer Rasmussen, * November 14 in 1880


2. A daughter, Agnes Caroline Marie (or Maren?) Rasmussen, * August 28 in 1882


3. —– ” ——- , Karen Emilie Frederikke Rasmussen, * June 2 in 1886


4. A son, Rasmus Georg Arnold Rasmussen, * May 25 1888


5. A daughter, Elise Sophie Jensine Rasmussen, * October 31 1890


6. A son, Aage Christian Jacob Rasmussen, * February 3 1893


7. — ” — , Erik Valdemar Rasmussen, * April 20 1895


8. — ” — , Axel Thorvald Rasmussen, * September 6 1897.

She wished to keep this estate undivided. Guardian of these children was farmer Hans Christiansen, leader of parish council, in Haundrup [ = Havndrup ].


Nyborg, parish record no. 37 (1925-28) p. 503:

April 6 1926: died at the Nyborg Retirement Home, April 10 1926: buried in Nyborg: Karen Sophie Rasmussen, aged 85, unmarried, former server. Born in Rolfsted parish on October 21 1840.


I accidentally found her mentioned in Nyborg city court, record of divisions of estates 1925-27 on p. 461: Miss Sophie Rasmussen, Nyborg, died on April 6 1926. – On July 21 1926 mentioned that she leaves nothing but what covers her funeral [i.e.: … what covers THE COSTS OF her funeral].


Next time: Nyborg city court: record of death registrations 1920-28 p. 240 (Laurentine Rasmussen’s death). Please note: by 1919, records of estate divisions were no longer attended by district officials but by courts/judges in the nearest cities.


17.06.1999: – the record just mentioned, p. 240 no. 121/1926: Laurentine Hansen, née Rasmussen, widow of farmer, Havndrup in Hellerup parish. She died at home. Widow in undivided estate. Aged 79. On July 22 1926 notified by Public Registrations Office. [Her estate] covering [the costs of] her funeral c. p. (compare) 510(?). 12 – 1925/26. Attended. She died on July 19, her death notified on July 21.

Nyborg city court: record of divisions of deaths 1925-27, p. 510: the widowed Laurentine Rasmussen (married Hansen), Havndrup, who died on July 19 1926.

1926, September 29, her son-in-law, Knud Hansen, farm owner in Havndrup … She leaves nothing but what covers her funeral [costs].


Nyborg city court: record of registrations of deaths 1920-28 p. 190, no. 12/1925: Hans Hansen, retired farmer, Havndrup, Hellerup parish. He died on April 19, his death notified on April 21. He died at home. Married. Aged 82. On April 21 1925, notified by Public Registrations Office. His widow remained in undivided estate with no public division with their 2 children of age … C.p. (compare) 130.

– record of divisions of deaths [i.e.: divisions of ESTATES – sorry] 1925-27 p. 130: Hans Hansen, retired farmer in Havndrup, who died on April 19 1925 … Their only two children were as follows:


1. Johanne Marie Jensine Hansen, married to Knud Hansen, then smallholder, Havndrup.


2. Kamilla Rasmine Hansen, married to Hans Erik Hansen, carpenter, Lørup, Ryslinge parish [close to Ringe!]. All of age.


June 17 1999.


I just re-checked: no parish records of Hellerup are available here after 1941 yet. So Jensine Madsen’s death – and therefore, hopefully, more information of her and Anders Jacob Rasmussen’s children  – cannot yet be found. Sorry about that!

Sønder Nærå ~ & + : Anders Jacob Rasmussen, tailor, Havndrup, aged 36 ~ 21.11.1879: Jensine Madsen, Tarup, 20.


Most Danish censuses (censi?) are available on microfiches – not 1870 yet [is available by now in 2004!], sadly – but the 1880 census is – and there we may get at least some of Lars Chr. Rasmussen’s children’s names.

Time is running fast, and the 10 hours of research will be covered in about half an hour from now. (I hope it is alright that I supplied with some information of Laurentine and Karen Sophie? I thought we might get this information now that Lars Christian moved away).


1880 census – Odense County, District of Åsum:

Højby parish: fiches nos. 2851 + 2852. There is no doubt that Lars Christian moved from Højby later on – but where? He still lives there by 1882, and the lists of accession and departures in parish records, sadly, stop by 1875.


Census of 1880, Odense County, District of Åsum, fich no. 2851; page … (no page numbers, sorry), Højby Field, Højby parish:


Lars Kristian Rasmussen, aged 47, married, Lutheran, born in Rolfsted parish, county of Odense – father of the house, wheeler


Ellen Marie Nielsen, aged 42, married, Lutheran, born in Thurø parish, county of Svendborg (a small isle south of Svendborg city), his wife


Karl Ditlev Ludvig Rasmussen, 13, Lutheran, born in Højby


Oline Kristine Mathilde — ” —, 10, ————– ” —————


Peter Martin Rasmussen, 3,          ————– ” —————        => their children.


They were not married in Turø or Svendborg – but, would you believe, in Odense:

ODENSE ~ & +, part 4.A, [covering the letters from] K-L:

Lars Christian Rasmussen, wheeler, Sønderskov, 26 ~ May 6 1858, Odense Sct. Knud parish: Ellen Marie Nielsen, Turø [same as Thurø], aged 20.


Well, Donald, this was it for now. I have a copy of this material so that we can go a bit further from here – hopefully – if you wish. (Please note: the further we get up to our days, the more difficult research, like I mentioned in the beginning of this letter). I am looking forward to hearing from you again.




Kenneth [hand signature]


Kenneth V. Jørgensen


If you have any questions, please let me know.

Bill of genealogical research

1999 – June 10:                                             3 hours at $ 10,-          = 30,-

June 11:                                              1 hour                          = 10,-

June 15:                                              5 hours                        = 50,-

June 17:                                              1 hour                          = 10,-

Total                                                                                        = 100,-  – all covered


by your check received by me – thanks!



Do not worry, Larry, about the bill at the end of the letter. These amounts are no longer valid – as I suppose you did figure out 🙂 – and all costs, then, paid by Donald.

This was re-writing of my 3d letter to Donald in 1999. Hope that all will be satisfactory. – Quite a few things refreshed my memory going through this first report (and 3d letter) – among other things, I remember finding the above Jensine Madsen from Sønder Nærå parish having returned to her native parish and died there – this may be in the next report or the next one again (I am not sure but I know I found it). Also, I remembered LCR’s marriage in Odense and his wife being from Thurø – and that they lived in Højby from where they moved.


In fact, a lot of new things have happened at the Archives since then. All of the Funen Church/Deans’ Offices have delivered their whole stock of parish record to date – yes, up to 2003 (only a few ones left are expected to deliver the last records within a relatively short period of time). But your & Donald’s family, I am afraid, will be traced no longer up to date than in 1999 – regarding the time limits of parish records (at least 50 years, deaths only 10 years, though) and then most Public Registrations Offices may be a vastly better help.


By now, we reached 4 hours + 10 minutes work this first time.

Next sending will follow as soon as possible.


Best regards,








July 19 1999


Dear Donald,


Thanks a lot for your letter which I received just today. – I got very pleased that you liked my genealogical task, and I should like to go on – 10 hours or more (or what would you like)?


IF I ever may find a living relative of yours – there is no guarantee, I am afraid – I recommend our Public Registrations Office(s), again because I am limited by the “50-years-rule” [concerning access to parish records]. They may find something positive (at a rather low price, as far as I remember – ca. $ 8,- or 9,-).

You may not receive or read this letter until you get back from Denmark – but at least I try to write to you right away, and by then we may have already met – if you receive it before you leave for Denmark, you are welcome to pay a visit to THE ARCHIVES, the address of which you may still have (JERNBANEGADE 36, 5000  ODENSE C) – nearly just across the street – opposite side of our Railway Centre. If we could arrange for lunch or dinner at a cafeteria or something – which sounds like a great idea – I would certainly be very pleased. – I work at the Archives every day (Mon-Friday (many customers)) – together with my church singer job I am fully employed (sometimes – or often, in fact – I leave the Archives for about 1 hour – 2 hours to work at a wedding/funeral, for instance tomorrow). Again, I should be very pleased to meet you & your wife – looking forward to seeing you!


Sincerely yours,








[In this letter, beginning w/Aug. 27 1999, I am going to start w/the enclosure abt. raising fees – simply because it says, ‘Please read this first’].


September 2 1999




Dear Donald,


As I may have told you when working for you in the late Spring, I had to increase my fees of genealogical work a bit so that, from August 1, every hour will cost $ 11,50 (approx. = Dkr. 75,-). I hope this will be alright.


When you paid a visit here, you paid me $ 100,- in advance (covering 10 hours of work at the fees then) and asked for a task of totally 20 HOURS, which means that the last 10 hours will be at my new fees of $ 11,50. (I hope this will cause no big trouble) [I rather like the expression: ‘I hope this will be of no inconvenience’ – sounds better?].

See inside for the whole task.






August 27 1999


Dear Donald,


At first, I wish to thank you & Mildred so much for paying a visit to the Archives of Odense. I hope you got positive results from studying sources of your family history. Sadly, I forgot my dictionary – many genealogical expressions are simply impossible to translate [directly] into English without a dictionary, but we managed to get a meaning of what the old records say, however.


And, as well, I would like to thank you for a very nice dinner. And it was a pleasure to meet your Danish friend Jacob who turned out to live in my native quarters.

Then, I hope that you have not been afraid that I forgot you but, as I told you, it was my summer holiday and, when we had no plans, I took a day or two at our Archives so I had not so many genealogical reports done as usual. I really enjoyed having some vacation – because I am “alone” in this job – my colleague, who is a teacher, has asked me to have him helping only if I get a stressed period.


A good thing was this: we found out that my wife had a throat disease causing fever so the day after you had been here she went to her doctor’s and had some strong penicillinum for quite a few days. You may remember that she felt ill about the time you were here.


You paid me $ 100,- in advance covering 10 hours of genealogical work and asked me to do, totally, 20 hours and then send a bill of the last 10 hours.

I think I mentioned that from August 1, my fees will increase a bit so that from now on it will cost $ 11,50 per hour. I hope this will be OK?


(When you paid me $ 100,- – it was fine, fine – we were still in July and my prices/fees had not increased by then).


I cannot guarantee that all your questions will be equally thoroughly answered during these 20 hours because it it a lot of things to trace/find. But, Donald, I am going to do what I can.


Again, tracing living descendants is quite – not to say: very – hard/difficult if you are not related to the family that you work with. I am going to try and find children of Rasmus Rasmussen’s & Anne Marie Larsdatter’s children (- maybe not all of them will be found) as this is your strongest wish. – In the 18th & 19th centuries people WOULD move, often more than expected, as only ONE person would be needed to take over his/her parents’ house/farm, and the rest of the children would often move away.


Let us recapitulate a bit and go into Bjerge-Åsum Districts: Record of deceased persons’ estates, 1880-84 p. 210, December 14 1881, which is the first division after the death of Anne Marie Larsdatter. – Her children were as follows:


1. LARS CHRISTIAN RASMUSSEN, wheeler in Højby (near Rolfsted)


2. MAREN RASMUSSEN, widow of Lars Christensen, smallholder in Ikast, Jylland (Jutland).


3. ANE ( = ANNE ) MARIE RASMUSSEN, Rasmus Clausen, smallholder in Såderup Field (Skellerup parish near Rolfsted) – his wife


4. RASMUS RASMUSSEN, smallholder in Sødinge, Ringe (near Rolfsted) (your great-grandfather)


5. KAREN SOPHIE RASMUSSEN, Nyborg, who was unmarried & without children (compare what I found about her a few months ago)


6. ANDERS JACOB RASMUSSEN, tailor in Havndrup (Hellerup parish – near Rolfsted)


7. DORTHEA KIRSTINE RASMUSSEN, mentally diseased, staying at the Viborg Hospital of Mental Diseases (Jylland) (she was married)


8. LAURENTINE RASMUSSEN, at her own home in Ferritslev – on p. 303, May 16 1882, she had been married to Hans Hansen, smallholder in Havndrup [again: Hellerup parish].


ROLFSTED, register of ~ & +, 1686-1891


Maren Rasmussen, Sønderskov [in Ferritslev village], 25 ~ Dec. 11 1858: Lars Christensen, Hellerup, 27.


(Anne Marie Rasmussen: probably married in ([not Kullerup but] Skellerup) – see below at Vilhelmine Marie R.’s birth & baptization.


(Rasmus Rasmussen: you already have all his necessary dates)

(Karen Sophie Rasmussen: unmarried until she died)


(Anders Jacob Rasmussen: probably married in Hellerup? – no: Sønder Nærå [near


Rolfsted parish – as mentioned earlier] (see p. 3 below)


Dorthea Kirstine Rasmussen, Hudevad [Rolfsted parish], 24 ~20.11.1867: Niels Nielsen, smallholder, Hudevad, 38.


Laurentine Rasmussen, Sønderskov (in Ferritslev), 35 ~ 25.3.1882: Hans Hansen, smallholder, Havndrup, 39.


ODENSE ~ & + 1646-1891:


Lars Christian Rasmussen, wheeler, Sønderskov (Ferritslev), 26 ~ May 6 1858, Odense Sct. Knud’s parish: Ellen Marie Nielsen, Thurø parish, 20. (- which [i. e. Thurø/Turø] is situated a bit south of Funen – and is a small isle).

(As you may remember, they moved to Højby (as we already know from his mother’s estate division) but they did not die in Højby.


Let us take LARS CHR. RASMUSSEN’s children first – searching from 1858 and on[wards] in Højby:


HØJBY parish record no. 3 (1843-84), fich no. 1 p. 17 no. 4:


Frederik Ferdinand Christian Rasmussen

* July 2 1863, because of disease he was baptized at home on July 8, in Højby Church: December 6. A son of wheeler, renter Lars Christian Rasmussen & his wife Ellen Marie Nielsen, aged 25, in Højby Field. – Witnesses of baptization: Karen Sophie Rasmussen (Lars Chr.’s sister), unmarried, in Rønninge (next to Rolfsted parish); the wife of Peder Jørgensen, smallholder, Højby Field; Anders [Jacob] Rasmussen, tailor in Ferritslev (Lars Chr.’s brother); Rasmus Rasmussen, bachelor there (Lars Chr.’s brother, your great-grandfather); Mads Madsen, smallholder in Højby Field. – Vaccinated: July 17 1867 by Reumert (probably a [ = the ] local doctor).


– p. 19 no. 5: Carl Ditlev Ludvig Rasmussen

*  1866 – October 2, baptized at home: Oct. 2 (twin brother of female births no. 3), in Højby Church: March 17 1867. A son of renter & wheeler Lars Christian Rasmussen & his wife Ellen Marie Nielsen, 28, Højby Field. (Vaccinated on July 17 1867 by Reumert). Witnesses of baptization: Kirsten Hansen, servant girl in Højby; the mother of the child; Hans Larsen, miller boy in Lindved Mill (Stenløse parish, nearby); renter Niels Christiansen in Odense; renter Jens Hansen, Højby Field.


– p. 52 (fich no. 2), 1866 no. 3 – Carl Ditlev Ludvig’s twin sister: Vilhelmine Marie Rasmussen, * October 2 1866; baptized at home: Oct. 2, in Højby Church: March 17 1867. (Same parents as above). (Vaccinated on July 17 1867 by Reumert).

Witnesses of baptization: Rasmus Clausen smallholder’s wife (i. e. Lar Chr.’s sister Anne Marie) in Skellerup parish *)  ; Mads Madsen smallholder’s wife in Højby Field; Mads Madsen himself; Jens Hansen, smallholder in Allerup Field (Allerup: a neighbour parish); Anders [Jacob] Rasmussen, tailor in Ferritslev (Lars Chr.’s brother).

*) now we know that Anne Marie & Rasmus [Clausen] lived in the part of Såderup which belonged [and still belongs!] to Skellerup.


– p. 27 (back to fich no. 1 again), 1876 no. 3:

Peder Martin Rasmussen * April 30, baptized in Højby Church on July 16 1876. – A son of renter Lars Rasmussen & Ellen Marie Nielsen (38), Højby Field. (Vaccinated: July 19 1876 by Reumert (?)). Witnesses: Jens Kr(istian) Bork’s, smallholder’s, wife, Højby Field; Knudsine Mortensen, girl, there; Mads Larsen, smallholder there; Hans Kaspersen, smallholder there; Rasmus Hansen, smallholder there.


Searched their sons 1858-84 incl. No more sons – than mentioned at p. 2 – were found in Højby. – A couple of twins – 1 boy & 1 girl – found as well.


I am going to look for more girls:

– fich no. 2 [still same record!] p. 47, 1858 no. 2:

Ida Franzisca Laurine Rasmussen. * June 1 1858, baptized in Højby Church: September 12. – A daughter of renter & wheeler Lars Christian Rasmussen & his wife Ellen Marie Nielsen (20), Højby Field. – (Vaccinated: Aug. 4 1859 by Møller). Witnesses: Anne Marie Rasmussen, servant girl in Ferritslev (Lars Chr.’s sister (before she would marry Rasmus Clausen)); Peder Larsen smallholder’s wife, Højby field; Peder Larsen smallholder – himself, & Niels Chr. Andersen, smallholder (?) in Højby Field; wheeler Rasmus Rasmussen in Ferritslev (Lars Chr.’s brother – your great-grandfather).


I will go on next time. It is time to finish for today.



– same record & fich (no. 2), p. 49, no. 3/1862: Johansine Viradine (which is a name which I did not know existed!) Petronelle Rasmussen. * 25.2.1862, baptized in the church: March 30. – A daughter of renter & wheeler Lars Christian Rasmussen & his wife Ellen Marie Nielsen (24), Højby Field. – Witnesses (of baptization): Eline Kirstine Henriksen, unmarried girl; the wife of Peder Larsen, smallholder, Højby Field; Vilhelm Pedersen, inn owner in Højby; Mads Madsen, smallholder in Højby Field, and Niels Chr(istian) Andersen there. – Vaccinated: July 10 1862 by Reumert.


(Next daughter born is the twin Vilhelmine Marie, see p. 2 below).


– p. 54 no 5/1869: Oline Christine Mathilde Rasmussen. * November 15 1869, bapt. in Højby Church Nov. 21. – A daughter of renter & wheeler Lars Christian Rasmussen & his wife Ellen Marie Nielsen (31) in Højby Field. – Vaccinated: July 19 1871 or -76(? – unclear hand writing) by Reumert. – Witnesses (of baptization), all living in Højby Field: the wife of Jens Hansen, smallholder; the wife of Mads Madsen, smallholder; Mads Madsen himself; Peder Frederiksen, smallholder; Jens Hansen himself.


Searched till the end of 1884. No more daughters either.

Now for a research of marriages of these children of LCR & EMN (hopefully, some of them were at least married in Højby):

3. Frederik Ferdinand Christian Rasmussen * July 2 1863 € – not married 1883-91 in Højby


4. Carl Ditlev Ludvig Rasmussen and 5. Vilhelmine Marie Rasmussen * October 2 1866: €€ – not married 1886-91 in Højby


7. Peder Martin Rasmussen * April 30 1876 (married abt. 1896 or afterwards)


1. Ida Franzisca Laurine Rasmussen * June 1 1858 € – not married 1878-91 in Højby


2. Johansine Viradine Petronelle Rasmussen * Febr. 25 1862 € – not married 1882-91 in Højby


6. Oline Christine Mathilde Rasmussen * November 15 1869 € – not married 1889-91 in Højby


[Now, years later, I wonder a bit why I wrote exactly like that – Højby has a ~ & +-register (like most Funen parishes and cities as menfioned before) ending 1891 so what I did here was simply a research for the children of LCR’s and EMN’s, alphabetically – the daughters could have been married before their 20th year (which was not seldom) and what I did was a research of persons having the names mentioned – in Højby ~ & + – register].


€ = searched in Højby ~ & + register 1752-1891. No luck!

I am now going to search all of them in Højby parish record no. 7, 1892-1914: nought, nil, zilch, zero [ 🙂 ] – shortly: no luck. – This family may have emigrated – or whatever.

Well – Lars Christian may have caused trouble after his parents’ deaths [cp. the probate records already mentioned] – but he did use, though, many of his siblings as witnesses of baptizations.




I [do] remember a case where I did have some luck – and that is about Anders Jacob Rasmussen who lived in Havndrup village (Hellerup parish) as a tailor. –


I was right! Here is some of it:


In Hellerup parish record no. 6 (1892-1917) p. 2, 1893 no. 1:

Aage Christian Jacob Rasmussen * Febr. 3 1893, Havndrup, Hellerup parish, bapt.: April 3 1893, in Hellerup Church. – A son of smallholder & tailor Anders Jacob Rasmussen and his wife Jensine Madsen in Havndrup (she was 33). Witnesses: the child’s mother; P. Chr. Nielsen farmer’s wife in Havndrup; Hans Kristiansen, farmer there; Rasmus Madsen, bricklayer in Tarup Field (Sønder Nærå parish), and Mads Jørgensen in Sønder Nærå, carpenter [the two last mentioned of whom were probably Jensine Madsen’s relatives]. The parents of this child were married in Sønder Nærå Church on November 21 1879.


[I do hope this is a recapitulation of what I found about them – because I remember writing quite a lot about them to you the other day … ]


(In parish records after 1891, all parents’ – or most parents’ – dates & places of marriage will be notified at their children’s births):

(Parish records until 1813/14: both [available as] books (records) & on microfiches;

——- “””” ——  1813/14-1891: on microfiches [only];

——- “””” ——  after 1891: real books).


– same parish record (Hellerup no. 6), p. 153, 1899 no. 1:

Anders Jacob Rasmussen + aged 56, March 25 1899, Havndrup, Hellerup parish, buried in Hellerup on April 1 1899. Married. Smallholder, tailor in Havndrup village, Hellerup parish; born in Sønderskov (Ferritslev village), Rolfsted parish. A son of Rasmus Rasmussen, wheeler, and his wife Marie Larsdatter in Sønderskov, Rolfsted parish. Married to Jensine Madsen, born in Tarup, Sønder Nærå parish, on October 23 1859. – Latest domicile: Hellerup parish.

– 1899-1916 (where the marriages of this record stop) incl.: no sign of Jensine re-marrying.


– – (I myself have ancestors in Rolfsted and Sønder Nærå parishes, and my wife has ancestors in Rolfsted & Hellerup parishes) – –


Sønder Nærå ~ & + 1665-1891:

Anders Jacob Rasmussen, tailor, Havndrup, 36 ~ 21.11.1879: Jensine Madsen, Tarup, 20. – Well then, let us try to find their children!


Hellerup, parish record no. 4, fich no. 1 (1870-87)

– p. 25, no. 3: Mads Peder Balzer Rasmussen * Nov. 14 1880, bapt.: Dec. 12, Hellerup Church. A son of Anders Jacob Rasmussen, tailor, Havndrup, & his wife Jensine Madsen, 21. – God mother: Jensine herself; witnesses: the wife of Christian Pedersen, forest officer, in Sønderskov; Lars Madsen, bachelor in Tarup [Jensine’s brother?]; Rasmus Madsen, bachelor in Tarup (perhaps Jensine’s brothers); farmer Peder Nielsen’s son Hans Pedersen, Havndrup.


– – I think I told you about my wife’s maternal grandfather’s paternal grandfather who was also a forest officer in Sønderskov? – –


– p. 29, 1884 no. 8:

Rasmus Georg Arnold Rasmussen * Sept. 30 1884, bapt. on Nov. 16 (at church), a son of Anders Jacob Rasmussen, tailor, & his wife Jensine Madsen, 25, in Havndrup. God mother: Karen Christiansen, a daughter of Jens Christiansen, carpenter in Herrested (a neigbour parish – my wife’s maternal grandfather was born there in 1892; I have ancestors there, too); witnesses: Christian Pedersen, forest officer’s, wife in Ferritslev; Hans Hansen, small farmer in Havndrup (probably = he who married Laurentine, Anders Jacob’s sister); Peder Knudsen, farmer there; Rasmus Madsen, smallholder, Tarup [again a brother of Jensine’s?]. [DIED and had, accord. to name traditions, a YOUNGER BROTHER named after him; SEE BELOW].


(No more boys born during 1885-87. I shall go on with rec. no. 5 (1887-91) afterwards searching for more sons).


– fich no. 2, p. 71, 1882 no. 5:

Agnes Caroline Marie Rasmussen * August 28 1892, bapt.: October 1 (church); a daughter of Anders Jacob Rasmussen, Havndrup, tailor, and his wife Jensine Madsen, 23. God mother: carpenter Mads Jørgensen’s wife, Tarup; witnesses: Hans Hansen’s, smallholder’s, wife in Havndrup (= Anders Jacob’s sister Laurentine); Hans Petersen, bachelor there; Rasmus Madsen, bachelor in Tarup; Mads Jørgensen, carpenter, Tarup.


– p. 75, 1884 no. 6 (NB: LAURENTINE’s DAUGHTER!): Johanne Marie Jensine Hansen * June 9 1884, bapt.: July 27 (church); a daughter of Hans Hansen, smallholder, and his wife Laurentine Rasmussen (= Anders Jacob’s (and Lars Christian’s) sister), 38, in Havndrup Field. God mother: the wife of Chr. Pedersen or Petersen, forest officer, Sønderskov; witnesses: the wife of P. Petersen, smallholder, Ferritslev; Rasmus Jakobsen, farmer in Havndrup; Hans Nielsen, farmer in Havndrup; Niels Esbensen, smallholder there.

(Hans & Laurentine had obviously no children in 1882 & 1883).


– p. 77, no. 5/1885 (LAURENTINE’s [next] DAUGHTER!): Kamilla Rasmine Hansen * August 14, bapt.: Sept. 27 (church); a daughter of Hans Hansen, smallholder, & his wife Laurentine Rasmussen, 39, Havndrup. God mother: Stine Rasmussen, unmarried girl in Havndrup; witnesses: the wife of Hans Nielsen, farmer there; A. Rasmussen, tailor, there (= Anders Jacob Rasmussen); Niels Esbensen, smallholder there; Lars Jørgensen, forest officer, Skellerup parish.


– p. 553, no. 4/1886 [back to ANDERS JACOB R. again]: Karen Emilie Frederikke Rasmussen * June 2 1886, bapt.: July 18 (church). A daughter of Anders Jacob Rasmussen, tailor, & his wife Jensine Madsen in Havndrup, 26. Witnesses: Trine Nielsen, unmarried girl, Hellerup (probably the god mother); the wife of P. Nielsen, farmer, Havndrup; Kristen Nielsen, farmer there; Hans Petersen, bachelor there; L(ars?) Madsen, Tarup, bachelor  (witness of Mads Peder Balzer’s baptization in 1880 – see above).


Hellerup, parish rec. no 5 (1887-91) – fich no. 1 p. 2, 1888:

Rasmus Georg Arnold Rasmussen * May 25 1888, bapt.: July 8 (church). A son of Anders Jacob Rasmussen, smallholder, tailor, and his wife Jensine Madsen, Havndrup, 28. God mother: Jensine herself; Mads Jørgensen carpenter’s wife in Sønder Nærå; P. Kr. Nielsen, farmer, Havndrup; Hans Sørensen, farmer there; Kr(istian) Petersen, forest officer in Sønderskov.

(No more sons in this period).


– p. 83, 1890 no. 3: Elise Sofie Jensine Rasmussen * Oct. 31, bapt.: Dec. 28 (church). A daughter of Anders Jacob Rasmussen, smallholder and tailor, and his wife Jensine Madsen, Havndrup, aged 31. – Witnesses: Jensine herself; the wife of Rasmus Madsen, brick layer in Tarup; Hans Petersen, bachelor, Havndrup; Mads Jørgensen, carpenter, Sønder Nærå; Lars Madsen (probably Jensine’s brother), maker of wooden shoes, Birkum Field (Fraugde parish – near Rolfsted; Tornbjerg, which is the village I live in, is now a parish of its own but until c. 1993 it still belonged to FRAUGDE as well [Rolfsted is only a few miles from where we live, exactly] ). (My wife and I also have several ancestors in Fraugde parish).


Hellerup, parish rec. no. 6, 1892-1917:

(Next son is Aage Chr. Jacob Rasmussen … [see above], (* 1893) ).

– p. 4: 1895-no. 3: Erik Valdemar Rasmussen * April 20 1895, bapt.: May 23 (church). A son of Anders Jacob Rasmussen, smallholder & tailor, and his wife Jensine, née Madsen (aged 35), Havndrup village. Married in Sønder Nærå parish on November 21 1879. Witnesses: Maren Sofie Madsen, unmarried girl; Hans Hansen, smallholder, and his wife Laurentine Rasmussen; Hans Kristiansen, farmer; Hans Pedersen, farm supervisor – all in Havndrup.


– p. 6 no. 8: Aksel Thorvald Rasmussen * Sept. 6 1897, bapt.: Oct. 17 (church). A son of Anders Jacob Rasmussen, smallholder, tailor, and his wife Jensine née Madsen (aged 37), Havndrup village.They were married in Sønder Nærå parish on Nov. 21 1879. [I wonder if no witnesses/god parents were announced here – – ??].


(No more sons 1898-99-1900 and no daughters 1892-1900 incl.).


Let us try once more to have Laurentine’s and Anders Jacob’s children notified through [Probate Records]. But, let us, before then, recapitulate the deaths of Laurentine & her husband Hans Hansen:


Hellerup parish rec. no. 7, 1918-41, p. 121, 1925 no. 1: Hans Hansen, aged 82, died on April 19, Havndrup, Hellerup parish, buried in Hellerup on April 24 1925. – Retired smallholder (pensioner) in Havndrup. Born in Skellerup (where both my wife and I have several ancestors) on Dec. 22 1842, a son of the miller journeyman Hans Bendixen & Karen Hansdatter, unmarried girl. Married to Laurentine Rasmussen who survives him. – Latest domicile: Havndrup.


– p. 145, no. 3/1926: Laurentine Hansen, née Rasmussen, aged 79, + July 19 1926, Havndrup, Hellerup parish, buried in Hellerup on July 23 1926. Pensioner in Havndrup. Widow of Hans Hansen, FARMER (!). A daughter of Rasmus Rasmussen, smallholder, and his wife Anne Marie Larsdatter. Born in Rolfsted parish on August 10 1846. Latest domicile: Havndrup.


I do remember that Anders Jacob’s widow dies [probably!!] after 1941 (no more Hellerup records kept here after then).


Vindinge District: Record of Registrations of Deaths 1896-1908 p. 50:

No. 249 – died: March 25 1899, notified: March 25: Anders Jacob Rasmussen in Havndrup, tailor, aged 56. He leaves his widow & eight under-age-children. 17/446 (I do not know this signature [I didn’t then – but it must mean: no. 17 at p. 446 in the probate record] ). His widow keeps this estate undivided with their children.


[Probate Record], Vindinge District, 1892-1900: p. 445.B, no. 249-1898/99: Anders Jacob Rasmussen, tailor in Havndrup, + 25.3.1899. – May 2 1899, his widow Jensine Rasmussen, née Madsen, met and claimed their children to be as follows:

1. Mads Peder Balzer Rasmussen (*14.11.1880); 2. Agnes Caroline Marie R. (*28.8.1882); 3. Karen Emilie Frederikke R. (* June 2 1886); 4.Rasmus Georg Arnold R. (*25.5.1888); 5. Elise Sophie Jensine R. (* 31.10.1890); 6. Aage Christian Jacob R. (* Febr. 3 1893); 7. Erik Valdemar R. (* 20.4.1895); 8. Axel Thorvald R. (* Sept. 6 1897). (No relatives of Anders & Jensine mentioned as guardians [of the children under age] at this case).






I allowed myself to abbreviate the long, “tedious” passage “Record of divisions of deceased persons’ estates” into PROBATE RECORD which latter mentioned name I simply did not “meet” until abt. 2 years ago starting to study a Danish internet database incl., among censuses, lists of emi- and immirgrants etc., some ‘probate records’ (I read the English version then).


I shall continue as soon as, at all, possible.







Nyborg Court: [Probate Record] (the pages in question mentioned in Nyborg Court [refer to] record of registrations of deaths 1920-28). (Here Laurentine was mentioned as “farmer’s widow”).


I) P. 130, about Hans Hansen, pensioner in Havndrup, + 19.4.1925.

June 26 1925.

His widow, Laurentine née Rasmussen, who was his only wife ever [this is often mentioned to ensure that deceased persons do not leave children of any other marriage], claims their only children to be as follows:


1. Johanne Marie Jensine, née Hansen, married to Knud Hansen, smallholder, Havndrup


2. Kamilla Rasmine, née Hansen, married to Hans Erik Hansen, carpenter, Lørup (Ryslinge parish).

A testimony dated April 9 1910 was mentioned. She – Laurentine – wanted to keep this estate undivided.


II) P. 510, about the widowed Laurentine née Rasmussen in Havndrup + 19.7.1926.

1926 – September 29.

Her son-in-law, the farm owner Knud Hansen, Havndrup, mentioned.


Hans Hansen seems to have sold his house (we have him mentioned as a smallholder a few times) and then bought a farm (Laurentine was, when she died, widow of Hans Hansen, farmer) – a good many smallholders did so (the other way around happened quite often as well, i.e. a farmer who got a house instead) – which farm was apparently taken over by his son-in-law Knud Hansen (who was still a smallholder when Hans Hansen died).


Next time I will search marriages of Anders Jacob Rasmussen’s & Jensine Madsen’s and of Laurentine Rasmussen’s & Hans Hansen’s children in:

Hellerup parish records nos. 6 (1892-1917) & 7 (1918-41). (AJR’s children[‘s marriages to be searched] 1900-41; HH’s & LR’s children: 1900-41).


31.8.1999. A) Re-Children of Anders Jacob R. & Jensine M. as mentioned in his death in 1899:


I give all these children the following signatures:


*1. Mads Peder Balzer Rasmussen *14.11.1880, Havndrup => came to Allested (lived there 1906)


*2. Agnes Caroline Marie Rasmussen * 28.8.1882 – do. –   =>  came to Gudbjerg (1906)


*3. Karen Emilie Frederikke Rasmussen * June 2 1886, do. => came to COPENHAGEN (1910)


*4. Rasmus Georg Arnold Rasmussen * 25.5.1888, do. => Hellerup parish, by 1910 serving in Fløstrup


*5. Elise Sophie Jensine Rasmussen * 31.10.1890, do. => stayed in Havndrup, Hellerup (1913)


*6. Aage (Åge) Christian Jakob Rasmussen * Febr. 3 1893, do.


*7. Erik Valdemar Rasmussen * 20.4.1895, do.


*8. Axel Thorvald Rasmussen * Sept. 6 1897, do.


[Not yet am I sure but the places & years notified at these persons should mean the places where they lived – e.g. through their being godparents at baptizations or something; simply, I do not yet remember for sure – I had numerous customers since 1999]


B) – and of Hans Hansen & Laurentine Rasmussen as mentioned at Hans’ & Laurentine’s deaths in 1925 & 1926:


#1. Johanne Marie Jensine Hansen * June 9 1884, Havndrup, Hellerup parish ~ Knud Hansen, smallholder (1925) & farm owner (1926), Havndrup


#2. Kamilla Rasmine Hansen * 14.8.1885, Havndrup, do. ~ Hans Erik Hansen, carpenter, Lørup, Ryslinge parish

(near Rolfsted & Hellerup [and Ringe, too] ).


Hellerup parish rec. no. 6 (1892-1917) p. 131 no. 1/1906:

Hans Erik Hansen * in Ryslinge parish in 1870 – October 18, carpenter in Lørup, Ryslinge; a son of Mads Hansen, smallholder, and his wife Sofie Charlotte Hansen in Lørup, Ryslinge parish


#2. Kamilla Rasmine Hansen, unmarried girl, born in Hellerup parish in 1885 – August 14, a daughter of Hans Hansen, small farmer, and his wife Laurentine Rasmussen, Hellerup parish.

Best men: August Nielsen, farmer in Ryslinge parish, and Hans Hansen, small farmer, Hellerup parish.


The banns published: 1906 – April 29, May 6, May 13. – Married in Hellerup Church on May 18 1906.


“Banns” was the public announcement made three times by the priest at his pulpit at services, previous to a marriage to be. Hence the expression “publishing the banns.” For decades priests/vicars were obliged to make this announcement three times to give any parishioner a chance to object against the marriage in question – just to make sure that neither the future bride groom nor his future bride had, for instance, made any promises of marriage at another church. Bigamy was/is still considered a crime. If a case of bigamy was discovered (it only seems to have happened very seldom, but I do

have one such case in my own row of ancestors), the parishioners had this chance to object against the actual marriage to be and it would be claimed not valid.


Later on, I do not know the exact point of time, but it was during the 1800’s, the banns would be only published once (instead of three times – usually 3 Sundays in a row). And nowadays, if you wish, you may order publication of the banns but it is no necessary, legal act anymore. During my 12 1/2 years as a church singer, our priest did only once publish the banns for a young couple. – As Birgit & I were to marry in 1987, we applied to the Odense City Hall and filled in documents with our personal dates etc. to avoid any of us being illegally married – and every married couple-to-be

has to do exactly the same thing at their own City/Town Hall. And at the same time, we ordered our marriage at the priest in Birgit’s home parish, Ubberud (in the present Odense Western district).


– same page, no. 2/1906: Rasmus Rasmussen, bachelor, born in Gudbjerg parish in 1881, February 15, farm owner in Gudbjerg parish; a son of Niels Rasmussen, farm owner, & his wife Sofie Jensen in Gudbjerg parish




*2. Agnes Karoline Marie Rasmussen, unmarried girl, born in Hellerup parish in 1882 – August 28; a daughter of Anders Jacob Rasmussen, smallholder & tailor, & his wife Jensine, née Madsen, in Havndrup village, Hellerup parish.

The banns published: 1906 – April 29, May 6 & 13. – Married in Hellerup Church on May 16 1906.


Best men: Mads Peder Balzer Rasmussen, maker of wooden shoes, Allested parish [south of Odense, between the cities of Odense & Fåborg] (Agnes’ brother, i.e. = *1 – now we know where he lived), and Mads Jørgensen, carpenter, Tarup, Sønder Nærå parish. (Mads Jørgensen we already know as a witness of some of AJR’s children’s baptizations).


– p. 133, no. 1/1910: Peder Henriksen Knudsen, born in Tyrstrup parish (Southern Jylland), 1878 – on Nov. 2; police officer in Copenhagen; a son of Henrik Petersen Knudsen,  tailor, & his wife Christiane, née Schmidt, in Tyrstrup




*3. Karen Emilie Frederikke Rasmussen, unmarried girl, born on June 2 1886 in Hellerup parish. – A daughter of late smallholder & tailor Anders Jacob Rasmussen & his wife Jensine née Madsen in Hellerup parish. Best men: Peder Rasmussen, fodermester (Danish, means = herdsman), Hesselager parish (SE of Rolfsted & Hellerup), & Arnold Rasmussen, servant boy in Fløstrup parish (eastern part of Funen between Kerteminde & Nyborg; = *4, Karen Emilie’s brother).


The banns published: 1910 – May 1,8,15. Marriage: May 16 1910, Hellerup Church.


(As we have only until 1891 the parish records of Jutland (Jylland), Southern Jutland (Sønderjylland) and Sealand (Sjælland) on microfiches, I will not be able to trace Karen Emilie’s children [Copenhagen is situated in Sjælland] (SEALAND OR ZEALAND ISLAND); besides, in Copenhagen there are at least 20 [vast] parishes by 1910, and in each parish there are so unbelievably many children born every year – believe me, I have 3 [now even more found] couples of ancestors in Copenhagen – I got their marriages, their children – but I did not yet succeed to find their deaths [by now: except for a few ones]; recently, I searched a[nother] regular customer’s wife’s 3d great-grandfather 1779-82 in Copenhagen – no luck; to make a genealogical research, you will have to have all dates & information as exact as possible before you start [especially when you work with cities like Odense & Copenhagen!]; luckily, we have a very good record of all marriages of all parishes in Copenhagen 1735-1868 which was a large help for me when I traced the few ancestors I have there: a couple of 6th great-grandparents (whose son came to Funen, my ancestor), a couple of 5th great-grandparents whose daughter (my ancestor) married a man from Poland (my ancestor as well [since then I found a lot more of most of them – including that my “Polish” ancestor was a German instead] ) – they remained in Copenhagen but a daughter of theirs (my 3d great-grandmother) moved to Fyn and married my 3d great-grandfather. Copenhagen surely is quite extremely difficult if you have no exact information beforehand).


Well, let’s get on with this!


[ – same rec. of Hellerup], p. 135, no. 2/1913: Lars Peter Nielsen, bachelor, smallholder, born in Dronninglund parish, Vendsyssel ( [far] northern part of Jutland) in 1878, Dec. 11; house owner, Havndrup, Hellerup parish; a son of Just Peter Nielsen, smallholder, & his wife Marie Larsen, Dronninglund parish


*5. Elise Sofie Jensine Rasmussen, born in Havndrup, Hellerup parish, in 1890 – Oct. 31. Staying in Havndrup. A daughter of Anders Jacob Rasmussen, tailor, & his wife Jensine Rasmussen, née Madsen, “Tarup parish, Åsum District” (they have Jensine’s birth place and Anders Jacob’s birth place & domicile confused; Tarup is not a parish, as we surely already know, but a village in Sønder Nærå parish, Åsum District, where Jensine was born [and I myself have a few ancestors in that very Tarup] ).

Best men: Laurids Kristensen, smallholder, Havndrup, & Hans Hansen, small farmer, Havndrup, Hellerup parish.


The banns published: April 27, May 4 & 12 of 1913. Married: 1913 – May 16, Hellerup Church.


– p. 137, no. 2/1915: Knud Hansen, bachelor, Hellerup parish, born on Sept. 21 1877 there. A son of Hans Hansen & his wife Karen Thomsen, Kattekilde ( = “Cat’s Brook” in English 🙂  ), Hellerup parish


#1. Johanne Marie Jensine Hansen, Hellerup parish, born (there) on June 9 1884. A daughter of Hans Hansen, small farmer, & his wife Laurentine Rasmussen, Hellerup parish.


Best men: Hans Hansen, small farmer in Havndrup, & forpagter (in English: TENANT) Hans Peter Hansen, Herrested parish.


The banns published: 1915 – Sept. 26, Oct. 3 & 10. Married: October 16 1915, Hellerup Church.


[By the way: Gudbjerg and Hesselager, mentioned above, are close neighbour parishes in SE-part of Fyn between the cities of Odense and Svendborg].


Now, the only 3 ones to be hopefully found in Hellerup among marriages are:


*6. Åge Christian Jakob Rasmussen * Feb. 3 1893


*7. Erik Valdemar Rasmussen * 20.4.1895


*8. Axel Thorvald Rasmussen * 6.9.1897.


We have all daughters of Anders Jacob R.’s & Laurentine Rasmussen’s married, and we know that by 1906 Mads Peder Balzer Rasmussen lives in Allested (in the middle of Fyn), and that by 1910, Rasmus Georg ARNOLD Rasmussen served in Fløstrup.


No marriages took place in Hellerup in 1917).


End of parish rec. no. 6 of Hellerup [: no further result].

We go on to Hellerup parish rec. no. 7 (1918-41): no sign of Aage, Erik or Axel being married there.


Let us recapitulate:


A) LAURENTINE’s children:


#1. Johanne Marie Jensine Hansen *9.6.1884, Hellerup parish, ~ 16.10.1915 there: Knud Hansen, smallholder, farmer, Havndrup – NO CHILDREN


#2. Kamilla Rasmine Hansen *14.8.1885, Hellerup parish, ~ 18.5.1906 there: Hans Erik Hansen, carpenter, Lørup, Ryslinge – 1 DAUGHTER


B) ANDERS JACOB’s children:


*1. Mads Peder Balzer Rasmussen *14.11.1880, Hellerup parish (not married in Hellerup; in 1906 maker of wooden shoes in Allested – best man of his sister Agnes)

– obviously no children of his in Allested


*2. Agnes Karoline Marie Rasmussen *28.8.1882 there, ~ 16.5.1906 there: Rasmus Rasmussen, farmer in Gudbjerg – HAD A GOOD MANY CHILDREN


*3. Karen Emilie Frederikke Rasmussen *June 2 1886 there, ~ 16.5.1910 there: Peter Henriksen Knudsen, police officer in COPENHAGEN  [ – a research made from here

is impossible]


*4. Rasmus Georg ARNOLD Rasmussen *25.5.1888 there – in 1910 servant boy in Fløstrup (where my wife and I both have several ancestors; [our ancestors “collide”

there 🙂  ] and best man of his sister Karen Emilie – he was not married in Hellerup;




*5. Elise Sophie Jensine Rasmussen *31.10.1890 there and ~ 16.5.1913 there: Lars Peter Nielsen, house owner, Havndrup

(Both Agnes, Karen and Elise are all married on MAY 16 in different years!)


*6. Aage (or Åge) Chr. Jacob R. * Febr. 3 1892 there,


*7. Erik Valdemar R. * 20.4.1895,


*8. Axel Thorvald R. * Sept. 6 1897 – no sign of these being married in Hellerup until 1941.

= § = § = § = § = § = § = § = § = § = § = § = § =


Let us take


#1. Johanne Marie Jensine Hansen’s & Knud Hansen’s children, Hellerup parish (1915 and on): no children notified 1915-17 incl.; no sons 1918-22 incl., no daughters 1918-22 incl. Obviously they had no children.


#2. Kamilla Rasmine Hansen’s & Hans Erik Hansen’s children in Ryslinge parish (1906 and on).


Ryslinge parish record no. 10 (1892-1907): no sons in 1906 + ‘ 07.




– p. 100: no. 4/1907: Anna Hansen * March 6 1907, Lørup village, Ryslinge parish, ^ (= baptized) April 21 (church/at home?). – A daughter of Hans Erik Hansen, carpenter, & Kamilla Rasmine, née Hansen (aged 21), Lørup, Ryslinge.

Married in Hellerup 1906 – May 18.  –  Witnesses: the parents themselves; August Nielsen, farm owner, “Rosenlund,” Ryslinge; Hans Hansen, smallholder, Hellerup parish [Kamilla’s father – Anna’s grandad].


Ryslinge rec. no. 11 (1908-1919): no sons, no daughters. Obviously they only had ANNA.


*1. Mads Peder Balzer Rasmussen: not married in Allested 1899-1913 incl. No daughters nor sons 1900-13 incl. – 1914-16 incl.: no sons, no daughters [all in Allested].


NEXT TIME: Hellerup – rec.’s nos. 6 & 7; Gudbjerg – rec.’s nos. 10 & 11.





Right now, I need a break. As soon as possible, I shall continue this letter – from p. 9,


Sept. 1 1999.


Till then,


best regards –




5th Letter to Donald – continuation. P. 9 and on.


Sept. 1 1999.


Children of Rasmus Rasmussen (not to be confused with your grandfather), farmer in Gudbjerg, and Agnes Karoline Marie Rasmussen (married 16.5.1906, Hellerup).

Hopefully we may find some children of them in Gudbjerg (parish records nos. 10 (1902-12), 11 (1913-23), 12 (1924-34).


Yep, here was the first one:

Gudbjerg rec. no. 10 (1902-12) p. 22 – no. 16/1906:

Niels Christian Rasmussen * Sept. 5 1906, Gudbjerg Skov (G. Wood/Forest) and parish, ^ (bapt.) Oct. 14 1906 (at church). A son of Rasmus Rasmussen, farm owner, & his wife Agnes Karoline Marie Rasmussen (aged 23), Gudbjerg Skov. – Married on May 16 1906 in Hellerup Church.


Witnesses: Agnes herself; the wife of Nikolaj Kær, farm owner at Gudbjerg Skov, called Maren Dorthea Hansen; Jørgen Jensen, farm owner, Gudbjerg Skov; Nikolaj Kær himself; Karl Marius Rasmussen, bachelor, Gudbjerg Skov.


– p. 29, no. 23/1907:

Jakob Gunnar Rasmussen * December 27 1907, Gudbjerg Skov & parish, ^ 23.2.1908 (church). A son of Rasmus Rasmussen, farm owner, & his wife Agnes Karoline Marie née Rasmussen (aged 25), Gudbjerg Skov. – Married in Hellerup Church on 16.5.1906. – Witnesses: Agnes herself (who was the god mother); Maren Dorthea née Hansen, the wife of the farm owner Nikolaj Kær, Gudbjerg Skov; Nikolaj Kær himself; Karl Marius Rasmussen, bachelor & farm hand in Ellerup (Gudbjerg parish); Hans Peder Hansen, smallholder, Gudbjerg Mark (mark = field).

(No more sons 1908-12 incl.).


– p. 106, no. 8/1909: Ester Sofie Jensine Rasmussen * 1909 – April 10, ^ May 31 (church). A daughter of Rasmus Rasmussen, farm owner, and his wife Agnes Karoline Marie née Rasmussen (aged 26), Gudbjerg Skov. Married in Hellerup on May 16 1906.


– Witnesses: Agnes herself (god mother); Elise Rasmussen, unmarried girl, Sønder Nærå (Agnes’ sister, who, as we know, married on May 16 1913 in Hellerup); Nikolaj Kær, farmer, Gudbjerg Skov; Karl Marius Rasmussen, bachelor, Gudbjerg Skov; Hans Peder Hansen, smallholder, Gudbjerg Field.


– p. 117, no. 15/1910: Erna Marie Rasmussen * 1910 – August 28 (i.e.: on her mother’s 28th birthday!), ^ October 23 (church). A daughter of Rasmus Rasmussen, farm owner, and his wife Agnes Karoline Marie née Rasmussen, Gudbjerg Skov (married in Hellerup Church on May 16 1906). – Witnesses: Agnes herself (god mother); Karen Kirstine née Hansen – wife of Hans Peder Hansen, smallholder, Gudbjerg Field; Hans Peder Hansen himself; Nikolaj Kjær (= Kær), farm owner, Gudbjerg Skov; Karl Marius Rasmussen, bachelor, Gudbjerg Skov.


– already after 8 months they have another daughter who was surely not full grown [inside her mother]:


– p. 124, no. 15/1911: a daughter, died immediately after having been born; parents: Rasmus Rasmussen, farm owner, and his wife Agnes Karoline Marie née Rasmussen (aged 29), Gudbjerg Skov – married in Hellerup Church on May 16 1906. Born & + : April 13 1911.


– p. 129, no. 11/1912: Sylvia Caroline Rasmussen, * May 17 1912 – ^ July 7 (church). A daughter of Rasmus Rasmussen, farm owner, & his wife Agnes Karoline Marie née Rasmussen (aged 29), Gudbjerg Skov & parish – married in Hellerup on May 16 1906. – God mother: (Agnes’ sister:) Elise Rasmussen, unmarried girl, “Langkildegård”, Lunde parish [a neighbour parish]; witnesses: the widowed Jensine Rasmussen née Hansen (!! – should be Madsen! – i.e. the child’s grandmum), Tarup, Sønder Nærå parish *) ; farmer Nikolaj Kjær, Gudbjerg Skov; Peter Rasmussen **), smallholder, Høje Field, Lunde parish; the child’s father.


Gudbjerg parish rec. no. 11 (1913-23): no sons 1913-23 incl., no daughters 1913-23 incl.


*) Anders Jacob Rasmussen’s widow (Agnes’ mother) who had, as we see here, moved BACK to her native village. We will find her there later (her death).


**) Agnes’ brother? – His name was Mads Peder Balzer Rasmussen – perhaps called only Peder/Peter. We did not find him in Allested yesterday.


Sønder Nærå parish rec. no. 17 (deaths 1910-46): I found the death of Anders Jacob Rasmussen’s widow Jensine Madsen on p. 143, no. 1/1936:

Jensine Rasmussen, née Madsen. Died: January 18 1936, Tarup Hede (hede: a slightly waste country area), Sønder Nærå parish, buried in Sønder Nærå: 1936 – Jan. 23.

Aged 76. Pensioner, Tarup Hede. Born in Tarup, Sønder Nærå, Oct. 23 1859, as a daughter of the smallholder Mads Rasmussen & Karen Larsdatter (“Lars’ daughter”). A widow of Anders Jacob Rasmussen, who died in Havndrup, Hellerup, in 1899 – March 25 (right date – I checked!). Latest domicile: Havndrup.


I found no registration of her death – in the archives of Nyborg, Kerteminde, and Odense Courts. Strange. I was hoping to find a division of her estate. Bad luck.


Now for the children of Lars Peter Nielsen, house owner, Havndrup, Hellerup

~ 16.5.1913, Hellerup: Elise Sophie Jensine Rasmussen (* 31.10.1890, Havndrup).


No sons 1913-17 incl. in Hellerup, no daughters 1913-17 incl. there.


No sons 1918-20 incl. in Hellerup, no daughters 1918-20 incl. there.


Well Donald, that was what I could find for now. All 20 hours have been spent. Tracing descendants is, in fact, a lot more complicated than tracing ancestors – as descendants spread to the four quarters of our globe – some will stay in their native area but many of them will move to another part of Denmark or emigrate.


If you want still to have some information of the houses where your great-grandfather & his father, both called Rasmus Rasmussen, lived (and if the information necessary/wanted will possibly show up) – and a list of brothers and sisters etc. of the Christina Rasmussen Lund (there are numerous Rasmussen-families in Denmark, so, in advance, the possibility of you being related to CRL is tiny), *13.5.1847, Silkeborg – that a friend/relative of yours wanted – we can make a new agreement of e.g. 10-12 hours to have this done? (If so, please let me know).


Tracing descendants of Rasmus Rasmussen was quite interesting as well as very time-consuming – as this kind of work always is and always will be – so I hope that you are not too disappointed that this was what I spent all 20 hours on. I know that finding descendants was your strongest wish.


I enclose a bill.


Looking forward to hearing from you again.


Best wishes to you and Mildred.







================== ######################## =




1999.                        August 27: 3 hours    =  $ 30,-

August 30: 6 hours    =  $ 60,-

Old fees ( – paid in advance on 29.7.1999)

August 31: 1 hour      = $ 10,-

Totally                      = $ 100,-


New fees:                  August 31: 5 hours    = $ 57,50

Sept. 1:      5 hours   = $ 57,50

[Totally]  = $ 115,-  [which latter final sum is] please to be paid within 2 weeks on receipt of this letter  (please by check – if possible: with the amount exchanged into Danish Kroner (which will save me from a high-priced exchange fee in my bank)).



€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ –



This was 3d and final part of my 5th – and very longest – report for Donald. We now only have one letter left which will, as “my saying goes” :-), be re-written and e-mailed to you as soon as possible. – Re-writing these reports & letters I see that I repeat myself quite some times – like I, sadly, sometimes do – assumingly because I have a handful of customers all the time, exchanging and “refreshed” by new customers once and between, and not always do I remember exactly what was written to each person from the one time to the next – hoping this is OK. At other times, some recapitulation/repetition is needed – all in order to help everyone as well as possible.

Have a nice Sunday, Larry. Hope you enjoy/enjoyed your stay in Canada!





———————————- €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ ———————————–

Donald Rasmussen
1200 NE Territorial Rd., Unit 43
Canby, Oregon 97013-2441

Odense Provincial Archives, Oct. 7 1999
Dear Donald,
Thank you so much for your letter received [on] 24.9.1999.
Yes, thank you, we are doing quite alright here. During the last 8-10 days I got 3 new customers who at once accepted all conditions, fees etc. One of them visited the
Archives and we spoke over a nice cup of coffee. Two weeks ago, a married couple from California went here 3 times and as they had no more time here than a week, I let one of my regular customers wait in order to work for these two. I found a lot of interesting material (ancestors) and we met here again, I gave them my new information and they paid me at once. Very nice people as well.

Well, you needn’t worry about me having your draft on time – I got it OK, and you were not late. Very fine. It is OK to send a check/draft in US $; I do not know how exactly my other USA & Canada customers have the amounts changed into DKR, but each of them found a way – it it OK, Donald. Fine!
To find your great-grandfather’s medal you will have to write to/visit Rigsarkivet [ = Danish National Archives ] / Hærens Arkiv (Archives of Army; [a part of the National Archives this is] ) *) in Copenhagen. (I have no exact address present – you will get it later on in this letter).  *) Here is the address: Rigsarkivet, Rigsdagsgården 9, 1218 Copenhagen K; phone: 33 92 33 10; e-mail: Hærens Arkiv is only [just] a part of Rigsarkivet.

I hope you came back home safe, and still I say: it was nice meeting you both & Jacob.
You paid me $ 230,- – the $ 115,- of which were what you owed me and the other $ 115,- were in advance. This is fine – I shall try to work for [another 10 hours]. I cannot guarantee anything because working with descriptions of houses/farms is not always quite easy [and not exactly my speciality]. As you may know, most often I trace ancestors which is, very much, my speciality.

I have, by the way, a few corrections:
Rasmus Rasmussen (1838 [1837, I think that was?] – 1924) & Mette Marie Madsen (1849-1910) lived in Sødinge [with an “S”], not Lødinge (which [latter place] does not exist), and they married in Ringe Church (Sødinge has no church as it is “only” a village belonging to Ringe parish).
Rasmus Rasmussen (1801-71) & Anne Marie Larsdatter (1804-81) married on 28.11.1829, Gislev parish (he was [then] 28, she was 25; Rasmus then served in Rønninge parish (which had the same priest as Rolfsted parish); according to the 1845 Census and [according] to the records of Ferritslev (Sønderskov), Rolfsted, Anne Marie was born in Holme Sølt in Gislev parish (not in Odense). Gislev is in the neighbourhood of Rolfsted & Ringe).

They are the Father and Mother of  the below Rasmus.

Rasmus R. & Mette Kirstine M. married in 1871 – as you mentioned in your Family Group Record. Lived in Sødinge, Ringe parish before moving to the U.S.A. in 1889.

No. SP 1843: Register of Sunds-Gudme Districts: Deed Records 1845-77 (chron[olog]ically of each parish; register of parishes in the last part of the book; no name register).
No. SP 1844: Register of Sunds-Gudme Districts: Deed Records 1853-77. (A continuation of SP. 1843). (No register of names & parishes).
No. SP 1845: Register of Sunds-Gudme Districts: Deed Records, 1877-94. (With a register of parishes. – Chron[olog]ically of each parish. Refers to the so-called “Real Registers”, i.e. records mentioning every transaction of every house: deed, obligation, owners/(renters?), etc.).
[All of these records checked].

SP. 1844 – Ringe parish: pp. 216-236. Pp. 233-236 contain 1863-77: nothing abt. Rasmus Rasmussen.
SP. 1843 – Ringe parish: pp. 139-183. Stop at mid-1853. (Then why do they call it a register of deed records 1845-77?). Nothing of Rs. Rasmussen.
SP. 1845 – Ringe parish: pp. 88 (checked), 87 (checked), 111 (checked), 173 (checked), 174 (checked), 167 (checked), 68-80, 227-231, 89 (checked) [I suppose all entries were checked]: Nothing. – [Note] 1: p. 88: Obligation from S. Hansen, Brangstrup, Ringe, to R. Rasmussen, 23.6.1890, Dkr. 200,- ; reg. no. 2 p. 361 – where it says R. Rasmussen in Brangstrup village. Not “your” Rasmus Rasmussen [who lived in SØDINGE and emigrated 1889 ] – sadly.

So sorry not to have found anything about Rasmus Rasmussen in Sødinge.
About his father: Rasmus Rasmussen in Sønderskov, Ferritslev, Rolfsted parish, this may be useful (Bjerge-Åsum Districts):
SP. 1315: Registers of names of real registers A-E (1829-90) – 1829-76 [my two registrations abt. period may indicate a difference between what the main register of
deed records said and what the actual record said].
SP. 1316 [covering the period of] 1877-92.
We only need the SP (1829-76) no. 1315.
(Possibly: SP. 1317 – Register (of names) of real registers A-D (1829-92) 1829-92, fixed in groups of owners. We only need SP. 1317 as SP. 1315 contains, rough alphabetically, all owners etc. [but] not regarding GROUPS of owners – all persons with a last name beginning with A: in the letter A group, with B: in the letter B group, with C: in the letter C group and so on).
[Reference to SP. no. 1315 this will be]:
Letter R.

2) Rasmussen, (young[er]) Rasmus, farmer, part of land in Ferritslev, p. 677 in the real register

1) Rasmussen, (old[er]) Rasmus, farmer, part of a wood in Ferritslev, p. 678, same register.

Neither your great-great grandfather (1801-81 [1871?]) nor his father RR. were farmers). NOTHING.

So sorry not to find anything here either. One’s best chances to find something [in Deed Records] will exist/occur when people are known to have OWNED their houses/farms on their own. [Your forefathers were probably COPYHOLDERS – i.e. making a contract with the owner of their nearby estate on whose owned ground they lived – which was the most common way to obtain a house, farm or small farm].

1). Rasmus Rasmussen [senior], farmer in Ferritslev, died on 26.11.1826, aged 64, Ferritslev, Rolfsted. His wife Karen Rasmusdatter + aged 84 on 30.3.1830 there
(they married on March 6 1795, Rolfsted; Karen [had been widowed] [before] then – lost her 1st husband.


[Traditions/rules decreted: death of husband/wife at an early age: re-marry as soon as possible to get a new supervisor attending of your property or a new mum for your children – then, you may imagine, people did not always marry because of a great love 🙂 but often as a practical act].

2). Rasmus Rasmussen [junior], farmer in Ferritslev, married, aged 25, on Dec. 2 1815 in Rolfsted: Maren Hansdatter, Ferritslev, who died [at the age of] 43 on 13.7. 1829 there (after which he re-married there).

[I.e.: these were no ancestors of yours – Rasmus & Rasmussen were – and still are! – very common names and, in those days, e.g. Rasmussen just meant = Rasmus’ Son – so you can imagine the name Rasmussen was quite numerous – not necessarily indicating family relationship].

Your 3d great-grandfather, wheeler in Sønderskov, Rasmus Rasmussen (+ aged 70, 30.8.1834 there) lost his wife Dorthea Pedersdatter on May 26 1831 (she was 66).
As you see, your great-great-grandfather & great-great-great-grandfather, both named Rasmus Rasmussen, were both wheelers [wheelwrights!] in Sønderskov in Ferritslev and had, as such, nothing to do with the two farmers Rasmus Rasmussen in Ferritslev.

Sorry – no luck here.


Laurentine Rasmussen (* c. 1847, Sønderskov, Rolfsted, daughter of RR. & Anne Marie Larsdatter) & her husband Hans Hansen in Havndrup, Hellerup parish, had two daughters only [as we have found “long ago”]:

a. Johanne Marie Jensine Hansen (* 1884, Hellerup parish) ~ 16.10.1915, Hellerup: Knud Hansen, smallholder, farmer, Havndrup, Hellerup – NO CHILDREN.  (Still living there after Laurentine’s and Hans’ deaths).

b. Kamilla Rasmine Hansen (* 1885, Hellerup parish) ~ 18.5.1906, Hellerup: Hans Erik Hansen, carpenter in Lørup, Ryslinge parish (still living there after Laurentine’s and Hans’ deaths).

Kamilla & Hans Erik had one child [only], namely Anna Hansen * March 6 1907, Lørup, Ryslinge. Let us try to find some[thing] more about ANNA HANSEN in order to get a little more descendants!

– She was NOT confirmed in Ryslinge parish, nor in RYSLINGE FREE COMMUNITY – a pity. [But take a look a bit later on in this report – I did find something which I was also sure that I had in mind correctly].

Not to forget Christina Rasmussen Lund [Donald sent me some information of this, then: possible, distant relative], I will now check her birth (13.5.1847, Silkeborg, [Jylland]). Until 1856 Silkeborg belonged to Linå parish – by 1856, Silkeborg had grown from a small village [in]to a large town and then became Silkeborg city.

Checked: not born in Linå parish (the whole year 1847 searched), rec. no. C396.A-5 (1847-54).

Checked: not born in Dallerup parish ( ————— ” —————— ), rec. no. C396.A-15 (1847-62). [Dallerup had the same priest as Linå].

Checked: not confirmed in Silkeborg (the whole years 1861-62 searched), rec. no. 396.B-2 (1861-67) (no records until 1856 [when Silkeborg became a
parish of its own!] – as mentioned above).

Checked: not born in Funder parish (the whole year 1847 searched – archivalic no. C265.A)

Checked: not born in Ry parish       (——————– ” ——————-  – archivalic no. C397)

Checked: not born in That parish   (——————– ” ——————-  – archivalic no. C402)
Checked: not born in Kragelund p.   (——————– ” ——————-  – archivalic no. C265.A)

[All of these parishes are all neighbour parishes of Silkeborg].

Her birth place must be meant to be in the neighbourhood of Silkeborg.. She was not registrated in any of the parishes mentioned above which all belong to Silkeborg & in any case some of its neighbourhood. Sorry not to have found her in any of these 7 parishes at all.


To get back to Kamilla Rasmine Hansen’s & carpenter Hans Erik Hansen’s, as far as I found, only daughter & child: Anna Hansen (* March 6 1907, Ryslinge [parish]).

She was not confirmed in any of the Ryslinge Churches but may be, however, married in Ryslinge (a person’s confirmation [not always depended on] where her/his parents lived but (often) where he/she was working/serving).
I.e.: Anna is one of Rasmus R.’s and Anne Marie L.’s great-grandchildren.

I searched Ryslinge parish (rec.s nos. 12 & 13) 1923-36 incl. (marriages kept only until 1936 in the records here at the Archives):

Here she is:
Ryslinge parish record no. 13 (1928-40 (marriages stop 1936)) p. 162:
Kaj Alberth Christiansen, born in Hesselager parish, Svendborg county, in 1905-June 4. Unmarried brewer in Ryslinge parish. A son of Carl Christiansen, driver, & his wife Bodil Hansen, Hesselager parish
Anna Hansen, born in Ryslinge parish, Svendborg county, in 1907-March 6. Unmarried house maid in Ryslinge parish; a daughter of Hans Erik Hansen, carpenter, & his wife Camilla Rasmine Hansen, Ryslinge parish.

The banns published: 1929-May 19, Ryslinge Church.

Marriage: 1929-June 4, Ryslinge parish, Ryslinge Church; best men: parents of the bride.

Well, this all covers 10 hours of research. Hopefully they [Kaj Alberth & Anna] got some children. Do you want me to go on searching (descendants) – then please let me know [which Donald did not].

Best wishes to you & Mildred and your family. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,



[Then you enclosed some photo copies which I will try and set up and re-write systematically].

ROLFSTED parish record – no (?), p. (?): 1834.
No.: 6. Date of Death: August 30. Date of funeral: September 3. First and Added (Last) Names of the Deceased one: Rasmus Rasmussen.
(His) (social) rank, employment and residence: Wheeler (Wheelwright) & retired smallholder in Sønderskovhus (Sønderskov House). Age: 70.
Where referred to in the common register of conference *) : p. 281 no. 23. – Notes: death probably caused by water in his body in connection with some chest disease and weakness of age.

*) the list in which the pages and no.’s of person’s births, confirmations, marriages, accesses to & departures from the actual parish, and their deaths, is referred to. A few priests, only, “grasped” the idea of these registers (often in the back section of parish records): the person in question was born in this or that parish, confirmed in so-and-so, married in this or that parish etc. – even if it had all taken place in another parish. Most parish record keepers (priests & deans), sadly, only/mostly just notify this exact date of this exact person at this exact page; other dates of him/her may be registered on other pages.

ROLFSTED parish record no. 12 – p. 162: 1881 –
– no. 8. Date of Death: 26th of October. Date of Funeral: November 2. First & Added (= Last) Names of the Deceased one: Ane (= ANNE) Marie Larsdatter.

(Her social) rank, employment and residence: the widow of the late house copyholder [I was right: not owning “their” house] & wheelwright Rasmus Rasmussen in Sønderskov at Ferritslev. Her father was the late smallholder Lars Christiansen in Gislev (parish) where she had been born. Age: 77. Referred to in reg. of conference: – – .
Notes: – -.

ROLFSTED parish rec. no. …, p. 93:
1871 –
– no. 7. Date of Death: June 10, Date of Funeral: June 15. First & Added Names of the Deceased one: Rasmus Rasmussen.
(…. some of his information lacks in the copy …. ): Married. Smallholder … in Sønderskov af Ferritslev. A son of the late smallholder … [Rasmus] Rasmussen there. Aged … Notes: Died of Gangrene.

———————————-################################## ——————————–

This was it, Larry.
End of last letter to Donald.
Bill will follow as quickly as possible. Just wanted you to get the reports first not to have them mixed up with my final bill.





To: “Kenneth (Danish Researcher) Jorgensen” <>

Sent: Sunday, May 23, 2004 3:09 AM

Subject: Your reports came in loud and clear





Thanks so much for your many reports. I have really enjoyed reading them. They have added to my knowledge of our Danish family.


Did Don ever ask you to continue on with your research?


I especially enjoy your “aside” comments.


And I am in awe of your command to the English Language.


When you get your final report in, please send me a bill and I will mail you  the money.


I am in eternal gratitude to you for all your work.


Larry Smith




From: Kenneth  Vejgaard Jørgensen <>

Date: Sun, 23 May 2004 10:13:07 +0200

To: “Larry  Smith” <>

Subject: Re: Your reports came in loud and clear


Hello Larry,


Glad to hear that you got my reports – thank you!

If you had some difficulties reading my “scrawly” hand-

writing (I know it can be – esp. if I get anxious to find what I am planning

and write somewhat quickly 🙂  ), then I am happy to have helped you.

My wife sometimes tells me that I write too “ornate” 🙂 – so do some people

I know and others like my handwriting. I am just doing my best :-). So – a

good thing really is writing at your pc.


No, Donald never asked me to continue. Continuing forwards in time is quite

more difficult the closer we reach our own time of living – you see from my

notes that the Rasmussen descendants spread wide and the more descendants

found the more impossible they will be to follow. Tracing back in time which

is very much my speciality should be possible if either of you might want it

some day.


Thanks for your nice words and appreciation – and for your compliments –

very happy!


Hopefully my latest report will be re-written today (Sunday) or tomorrow and

sent to you – with a bill enclosed. In advance, and in order not to make

inconvenient surprises: yesterday I reached 10 hours of work – with my last

report, yet to be sent, we will reach, assumingly, 12 or 13 hours of work in

total. My final bill will be enclosed.


Glad to help you – many historic details were refreshed – some details

really did occur in my mind again re-writing  my reports to you – e.g.: I

suddenly remembered that Jensine Madsen returned to her native parish and

died there – and I remembered that some of your distant relatives came to

Gudbjerg etc.


Till then,


have a nice Sunday,



From: “Larry Smith” <>



= BILL of GENEALOGICAL WORK = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

May 19 2004: 4 hours 10 minutes
May 22 2004: 3    ”     00      ”
+ 0    ”     10      ”
+ 1    ”     35      ”
+ 1    ”     00      ”
May 23 2004: 2    ”     30      ”

Makes:  11 hours 85 minutes = 12 hours 25 minutes, rounded up => 13 hours
at US $ 13,- = US $ 169,-   – please to be paid within 14 days – a cheque would be quite fine!

This will be it – thank you for a very pleasant cooperation so far and for getting to know you so well within a short time.

Sorry about my long “rambling” about pet- or nick names etc. My psychically disabled daughter (autism – from which I also suffer as you will know but another kind of it and more well-functioning) had a quite difficult period causing both of us two old “fool parents” 🙂 to be completely dizzy with tiredness. I still prefer Kenneth to Ken, though – as always.

Enough about that
and hoping that this will all reach you well –
best regards

Again, my full address is:
Ridderhatten 174, Tornbjerg
5220  Odense SØ



Hello Larry,

Thanks for all of your 4 letters and happy about your appreciation.

In one passage in one of these mails I understand that you ask me to send me a bill of the reports that I re-wrote and sent or if I will wait and then get a final bill of further research included.

The bill of US$ 169,- that I sent you yesterday  I should like you please to pay today (Monday) as you suggest in your first letter. Thank you.

I am about to start with new researches for 2 of my regular customers – this may take between 20 and 30 days (I do not know yet – it is “dangerous” to give any time limits and no two reports are alike). Some days I take a full day (6-7) hours at the Archives, other days I work 2-3 hours only – so therefore my reports for my Danish customers will probably take abt. a month or a bit more to make.

You are welcome to send me a copy of Rasmus’  war record and then I shall translate it having finished my other tasks.

Tracing back one or two generations of your Rasmussen family will probably take 10 hours.

You tell me about 50 pages w/several hundreds of names listed … Wow, that is impressive and you have made an admirable family history over the years, I can see.
The descending family tree – consisting of the ancestors & relatives found in my reports for Donald – I will then try to put into a more family tree-like list to make my work for Donald overlookable.

I assume that you have already systemized your own 50 pages with hundreds of relatives? Listing 50 pages would mean 15-20 hours work including my days of research at the Archives – which I cannot overlook.

MY OFFER will then be as such: 1) a more family tree-like list of your and Donald’s ancestors & relatives found in 1999 by me should be possible to make and possibly be a nice combination to what you yourself found over the years. Assumingly, making no promises, this could take abt. 10 hours.
2) And a research of 1-2 generations backwards in time is also, assmumingly, another 10 hours.
3) Translation of RR’s war record – well, about 1 hour depending on specialized military language or not (don’t worry – I have dictionaries).
This will be my offer of further work for you. What do you think?

And then again: my bill for US $ 169,- I should like you to pay by now – already today will be very fine (as you suggest) – thank you!

Thanks again for all of your kind words and appreciation.

(All of your 4 mails arrived here from 01:43 to 03:28 A.M. – i.e. during the night – when I was sleeping :-), so therefore this short message hopefully covers all of your questions etc.).

Looking forward to hearing from you again,

Best, Kennet

From: Kenneth  Vejgaard Jørgensen <>

Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2004 20:47:43 +0200

To: “Larry  Smith” <>

Subject: War Record & Your Questions


Hello Larry,


Having now finished systemizing the senior Rasmus Rasmussen (+ 1834, Sønderskov, Ferritslev, Rolfsted)’s descendants found in Fyn, I also re-read our correspondence made immediately after having sent you my reports to Donald re-written. So sorry to have completely forgotten to answer a few questions you asked in your mail dated 24.5.2004.


In April 1980, still at 1st grade at High School, I finally decided to join the prayer & bible study group there gathering every Monday & Thursday at lunch break because, in the beginning of that same school period, Autumn of 1979, I “ransaked” myself and found out that my belief in God and Jesus Christ was so strong that I felt an increasing need to have it nourished through meetings with co-believers – but not until April 1980  did I decide to join the group and I never regretted.


In August 1980, my future wife, Birgit, started in her 1st High School grade and immediately joined our group at the age of 16 (I had just turned 17 then). This group was a part of the high school & university students organization called (in English) “Christian Union of Students and School Youngsters” which has lots of arrangements all over Denmark – camps (where I have not ever participated – large gatherings of people make me feel somewhat unsafe/unsecure), study groups meeting in private homes, etc. – The latter part I joined and made lovers with Birgit in April 1983. Having finished their high school/merchant high school/college etc., a very large part of this organization will then, typically/traditionally join in the all-church-union called “Lutheran Mission Union” where we also started taking parts in meetings most Wednesdays. Luckily, many very nice and lovely friendships of ours have their origin from all these activities – and through the Archives, of course :-).


One of those whom we got acquainted with in a private bible study group turned up to be the one helping me start with my genealogy, me made very close friends – and we are still in close contact. Later on, we got acquainted with his younger brother in another bible study group – friendships for life.


Birgit had been a member of the Odense Christian Singing Choir for quite some time, so in late August 1983 she got me to become a member there. I joined this choir for two long periods, 1983-87 and again from 1990-97. My mother-in-law had been a member since 1954 when she was 15, and therefore my father-in-law did baby sitting for our daughter, Sarah, from 1993 to 1997 when my mum-in-law quitted because of increasing trouble in singing – so, from then on, I quit as a firm member there and hereafter “look after” our daughter every Tuesday evening when Birgit rehearses with this choir, now simplified into: Fionia Choir. Sometimes, esp. close to holy events (Easter & Christmas), I still help the choir because lack of men’s voices. Our two bass singers are/were very much involved in church working as deans and church servants and therefore are often unable to take part in concerts because they have/had activities in their own churches to attend. – The choir repertoire is, of course, cantatas & songs with Christian themes in them, but also amusing & humouristic parts & songs.


In June 1990, having been hopelessly unemployed for almost 2 1/2 years, our friend Steen ( = he who died all of a sudden on May 3 this year as I mentioned earlier in our correspondance), then also a many-year-member of our choir, told Birgit that they were in great need of a bass singer in their choir at Dyrup Church (the SW-part of Odense) – he was the tenor singer there, having started in 1989, and by June 1990 I joined this wonderful choir of 5 singers. Steen & I made close friends and ditto colleagues and had an increasingly close friendship and contact.


Being a church choir singer, you are the lead vocalist in every church service together with your 4 choir colleagues, singing psalms and, once and while, doing special choir parts, 4-voiced – and, little by little, our organist had our wage increased because of being of availability at “awkward” points of times (funerals, weddings, baptizations outside Sunday services, etc.). A very pleasant job, really, and this was the direct cause of me re-starting in the Christian Singing Choir/Fionia Choir in August 1990. – In February 2000, because of my family’s well-grounded suspicion of me suffering from Asperger Syndrome, “the well-functioning autism,” the youngest of my 3 elder brothers started, with my accept, helping me getting a final diagnosis (finally obtained on Oct. 4 2001) and a very much more stable economical situation (ending with me being granted with Early Retirement from Oct. 2002). When my retirement had been settled, I gave my notice at church and my organist fully understood this.


During 2-3 years, an increasing number of evening services took place which somewhat bothered me – imagine, going by bike 12 km’s each way to do a short service in Autumn and Winter evenings in all sorts of weather. My wife felt an increasing need of me being more home at week-ends so I decided quitting by Dec. 1 2002 – a nice celebration, marking my “copper wedding” (12 1/2 years) at this nice church, was made, I got presents etc. And then I asked our organist to please call me if a choir substitute would be needed ever – which he often did with other ones of my former colleagues.


Since then and through all the year 2003 I did visit the church sometimes on Sundays and they were, obviously, in no need of a substitute. The day when my friend Steen was buried there, I also joined, of course – the choir with their new bass singer since January 2003 sang Bach’s “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” (very beautiful!).


All of a sudden, last Saturday, the organist phoned me and asked me if I would be able to join their church service the next day – and of course I was more than willing – it was very nice re-joining them, and I have been asked to join them for another few times during this Summer – lovely! – because they have not yet found a replacing tenor singer yet, and because the four other members have their Summer holidays on different Sundays.


– € –


Well, let us get to the “serious part” of it. We made the agreement that I translate Rasmus Rasmussen’s war record. This will come in a moment.


First, I have the pleasure to inform you that I have now finished listing the oldest Rasmus Rasmussen (c. 1764-1834) & Dorthea Pedersdatter (c. 1765-1831) with the descendants of theirs that I found – using my Brother’s Keeper genealogical programme in which I erected a file especially for you. Not yet am I sure that I can transform the list of descendants into an e-mail but electronical prints I can make and that is what I will do if I cannot e-mail the list. Then you will have it through “snail-mail” – hoping that this will be OK.


Whew – listing all this nearly took off my breath – going through my copies of your re-written reports I realize that I do recapitulate and resume quite much and it had me getting quite confused and worried that I might have missed some personal information of your relatives – and then criss-cross-revided until my mind “swirled.” But, on the other hand,  quite often a recapitulation is necessary in an attempt to keep new information overlookable – and, finally, I had it all listed.


First, let us take it from here with Rasmus’ war record.

I am about to send it in a short moment in order of you getting it as a document of its own.


In a moment I will be back.



on 6/19/04 12:23 PM, Kenneth  Vejgaard Jørgensen at wrote:


QUESTIONS.                                                               ANSWERS.

What is your full name?                                             Rasmus Rasmussen Sønderskov

On what day and in what year were

you born?                                                                 On July 10 1838

In which year did you take part in war?                        1864

In which sector (institution) did you serve

by then?                                                                   19th Regiment

At which company, squadron or battery

were you?                                                                  7th Company

You had which number?                                              558

From & until what day were you at

service?                                                                     >From 28th of January until October 3.

Was your service as a private or as

non-commissioned officer?                                          A private

Were you wounded during the war?                               No


Were you at camp hospital?                                         No

Which one?

Were you caught/captured during the war?                     No

When and where?

Are you granted with retirement or

invalid people’s support? What number has

your retirement letter?                                                  No

Are you a member of “The Company of

Danish Brothers of Weapons”?                                     Yes

In what section of this and in which number are you?      The Ringe Section. No. 29416.

What profession have you at present?                           Smallholder & wheelwright

Where is your present residence?

(If you do not live in a city, please notify County,             Svendborg County, Sunds-

Gudme Districts, Ringe parish, Sødinge village.

District, Parish and Town)

What is your present address?                                      At) Wheelwright Rasmus


Sødinge Village, Ringe Parish ) via Aarslev



(signed:) Ole (?)/de (?) Friedrich (?)












Larry – this was about it. Hope that all of it might be useful.

In a moment, I will forward my bill of work to you. Also, I understood that the war record forwarded is a photo copy which I am allowed to keep (correctly understood?).

Till then,



From: “Kenneth V. Jørgensen” <>
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2008 22:37:02 +0200
To: Larry Smith <>
Subject: Sødinge!

Dear Larry,

This is just to inform you that something showed up at the Archives today – abt. your Sødinge family.

Some corrections & new details I now concluded/found out!

The censuses mention NO family relation at all between Mads Pedersen & Ellen Larsdatter on the first hand and Rasmus Larsen & Anne Rasmusdatter at the other hand. At least, Anne was no mother of Anne’s at all. Speaking of Anne Rasmusdatter, she was a WIDOW marrying Rasmus Larsen in 1827, Ringe. Her 1st husband, Poul Nielsen, had died in Sødinge by 1826 – Anne Rasmusdatter married him in Ringe by 1812. Details abt. their ages & exact dates I listed today and will be included in my final report for you.

Retired peasants did not necessarily always move in with their children/children-in-law – when a man willing to take over did showed up, he would be often obliged to take care of the former owners/copyholders about to retire – relatives or not. Concerning FARMS, the practice of taking over one’s PARENTS’/PARENTS-IN-LAW’s property was more common. Mads Pedersen was a smallholder (no farmer), so was his son-in-law Rasmus Rasmussen – as well as Rasmus Larsen used to be before them.

Some place in your forwarded material abt. Sødinge, you mention that Ellen Larsdatter & her and Mads’ children were all born in Espe. I guess there must be some misunderstanding. I may have written “(born in) this parish” which means = born in the very parish in which the family lived, i. e. (in this case) = Ringe parish. Mads & Ellen did marry in Espe. No known relation between Ellen, Anne R., Poul Nielsen (who is mentioned in your material) & Rasmus Larsen is found.

By the way – I understand that you might not know the exact pronounciation of the village Sødinge – I shall try & help you; it is pronounced [‘sø-thing-e]. This is only meant as a help.

In the so-called “Real Register” (sorry, I simply do not know, still, the English name of such a record/register) containing exact dates of deeds and/or similar actions concerning each house/farm/small farm – including, if such ones were made, contracts abt. taking care (or not) of the former owners (relatives or not) – referring to – extremely luckily – the exact pages of the very Deed Records in which the deeds themselves were registered. And dates of Mads Pedersen’s & Rasmus Rasmussen’s taking over their house in Sødinge are mentioned in the “real register” – exact dates will be included in your final report.

As I mentioned some times, building history as well as deed and similar actions are, mildly spoken, no speciality of mine :-); but, largely, I do know what to do abt. this business. When new customers apply for me to make researches, I emphasize that such history (as mentioned) are no speciality of mine (then I refer to a colleague of mine who is more expert-like and more into such matters) – whereas I take, primarily, care of the persons in detail as follows: their livings/professions/skills, where they lived, birth, marriage, death, copyholding, probates, censuses, etc. I do remember, especially, one special case in which a such cooperation between my colleague Jytte and myself ended up very well – and we were both invited by the American girl who, at first, asked me to make researches on her Langeland & Svendborg ancestors. She, Betsy, with whom I am also still in close contact, invited Jytte & me with her & her family and had a great day driving & walking in the beautiful isle of Langeland (SE of Svendborg), watching the very localities in which Betsy’s ancestors had lived there.

You will hear more abt. your Funen (Fyn) family – either in the run of the next few days or/and in my final report! I still do have no exact idea when it will be finished – my Mum turned ill during last week and is, again, obviously, through a long-term stay at our hospital, and then there are my musical sessions once a week as well to take care of.

Important note!

I simply do not remember whether or not I mentioned when you visited us that my actual fee has increased to $15,- per hour. $10,- showed up much, much out of balance as this latter amount is approx. = DKK 55,- – 60,- – whereas $15,- I calculated much more similar to DKK 100,- (which is my fee concerning Danish customers). Sorry if I forgot to mention this – in that case: my mistake, one & alone.

Another new thing which I realized that I had to do – our bank charge DKK 100,- of every foreign cheque changed – so if I work e.g. 2 hours for a foreign customer = DKK 200,-, I earn only DKK 100,- because of this high-priced bank exchange fee. So, consequently: every new foreign report are charged with this extra DKK 100,- to keep up the income as expected. Expenses of living increase and I faced the necessity of such extra, economical details.

Kindest regards to all of you from



Hello Larry,

Friday, June 20, would work out best. My wife usually has a somewhat shorter working day on Fridays.

Sorry about my lacking address:

Kenneth V. Jørgensen
Ridderhatten 174
5220  Odense SØ

Home phone: 65 93 21 85
Mobile phone: 31 35 33 20

The Odense Provincial Archives:

Landsarkivet for Fyn (translation: Funen Provincial Archives)
Jernbanegade 36.A
5000  Odense SØ

In case of driving through Østre Stationsvej, you will pass the Railway Centre (Odense Banegård Center), then, a few hundred metres ahead, your eye will catch the Plaza Hotel – just on the corner of Østre/Vestre Stationsvej & Jernbanegade – in this crossing there is (another) traffic light. Turn left – then: The Provincial Archives  are the neighbour building of Plaza Hotel.

If you drive through Vestre Stationsvej, the Plaza Hotel will be on your right – and, again, the Archives are its neighbour.

Usually, when I go to the Archives, I get there abt. noon (between 12 & 1 PM). If you wish, I should like you to have a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate – whatever) with me in the lunch room at 1st floor so we can meet & talk “properly” for a while. Only short & silent conversations are allowed in the large study/reading room of the Archives – in order not to disturb. Mobile phones are allowed – only, we are not allowed to have phone conversations – but instead in the wardrobe, for instance.

Hope this will help you. Please let me know – also in case of further questions.

Birgit is my wife through 21 years (by April 25). We are both aged 44, I shall turn 45 next July and Birgit in November next.
Our loving daughter, Sarah, has just turned 15 and have to great birthday parties – with her classmates & teachers on Friday, June 6, and with the family members of ours able to come on Saturday, June 7 (which is her ‘real’ birthday). She won’t be here on the day we are going to meet each other – sadly, as she spends only Saturdays with us.
As I mentioned, we also have a “she-cat” named Mimi – a loving, white cat, aged 3, with a small grey “helmet.”

Looking forward to hearing from you again.
Till then –
take care,



From: “Kenneth V. Jørgensen” <>
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2008 16:27:07 +0200
To: Larry Smith <>
Subject: Hello


Thanks a lot for your e-mail today which made me quite less anxious & worried that you might have not received, by mistake, my genealogical report incl. enclosures/copies etc. You made my breath somewhat more easy :-). Because of a service check-up of our car which we have by now had for 10 months, our economy was somewhat strict and “narrow” – which is, luckily, over now (phew (that was me whiping sweat off my front head :-)) – so I got extremely happy about your, as always, kind & appreciating words – and I shall therefore expect for your cheque to arrive here. Electronical re-typing will be done a little later on – please let me explain :-):

I should be happy to transscribe/electronically type the report but that may be a while until I get proper time or energy to do so. As mentioned, my mother died and after having be relieved from her 1∏-year-long accelerating pains, brain haemorrhages, more or less successful medication etc. and after she has now joined my late father with our Lord Jesus, I still feel extremely relieved but extremely worn out after such a long and tough time – my energy for genealogical research is not yet fully re-gained and my two other regular customers keep saying, ‘Take your time.’ From the one of them I just got paid in the beginning of this week so some work has been done, although more slowly. Please be only patient – then I shall re-type your report in a few months (hopefully within 1-2 months).

Then, I will just wait for your cheque to arrive here. Do you still have my postal address – otherwise, to be sure, I will repeat it:

Kenneth V. Jørgensen, Ridderhatten 174, Tornbjerg, 5220  Odense SØ, Denmark.

Following my mother’s death and very nice and beautiful funeral (it was very nice to be together again with my cousins & great-cousins and their families, my parents’ friends as well), I undertook some tasks – among these I wrote quite a lot of cards of gratefulness to everyone having been there or having sent flowers or greetings; two female cousins of my Dad’s, living in Vancouver, Canada since 1951, were among them.

About your bank – yes, I heard they went bankrupt in our radio morning news. A virtual crisis of banks is accelerating, it seems – also in this country. A tough thing to deal with, I reckon.

My best regards to you & your family,

looking forward to hearing from you again,



3 Responses to Family Tree

  1. Yolanda D. Spencer says:

    Hello, My name is Yolanda [Leehey] Odegaard Spencer; I am the adopted daughter of Everette Harold Odegaard, son of Peter and Mae [Rasmussen] Odegaard. I would love to stay in touch. Some of your info about my family is incorrect. Blessings!

  2. Loyal Severson says:

    Hello Yolanda My name Loyal Severson first cousin of Everette Odegaard we were in Marine corp boot camp 1954 when he came to see me , I live in Arleta San Fernando valley Ca.

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