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 We mark our history like shallow footprints left in snow, and what little trace we leave, quickly melts away…unless you have the Internet, photos, and a scanner….Lloyd Smith

“A birth certificate proves you were born, a death certificate proves you died, photos prove you lived.”

“Family stories & photos preserve precious links between our past and our future, events where the heritage of our ancestors is instilled within the hearts of our children.” 

How are we connected?
To explain the relationship and to review Rasmussen…Once upon a time there were seven Rasmussen brothers living in Demark. In 1889 six of those Danish boys arrived to America with their parents, Rasmus and Stine. One brother, Peter, the second oldest (1875 – 1888) died almost one year before the family left for the United States and was buried September 21, 1888 in Denmark. Peter was the son between the birth of R.S. Rasmussen and C. H. Rasmussen or the second son in the family. One family story says that Peter came downstairs at breakfast and announced to his mother that he was going to die that day, and he did. (Story from Carol DeKorte, who was told this by her mother, “Many times”. collected, May, 2004.)  We Rasmussens descend from four of the six boys…Carl 1882 (no kids), Will 1884 (8 kids: Vernon Vaughan 1910, Wallace “Wally” 1912, Herman “Hermie” Hubert 1913, Evan Edmund 1916, Leona Leatta 1918, James Jonathan 1920 , Miriam”Marie” 1923, Norma Naomi 1929), Maurice/Morris 1892  (5 kids: Harry 1907, Evelyn 1908, Thelma “Sally” 1910, Mildred 1916, Grace 1917), Jim/James 1879 (3 kids, no grand kids: Eva 1903, Joy 1904, Ervin 1907), Christian 1877 (6 kids, my (Lloyd) grandfather: Lydia Mabel 1902, Esther 1905, Iva 1906, Pearl 1910, Ruby Helen Lucille 1917, Arthur Donald “Don”: 1921), and Rasmus/Ras 1873 (5 kids: Elena 1898, Mae 1900, Ernest Lloyd 1903, Walter 1906, Agnes 1910).

Wheelwright Rasmus Rasmussen, born in Ringe, Denmark, near Svedborg (on the isle of Funen) was 50 years old when he, together with his wife Mette Kirstine who was 40 years old, and their six sons: Rasmus (Ras S.) 16 years, Hans Kristjan (Christian Hans) 11 years, Jens Elo (James E.) 9 years, Marius Alexander (Maurice “Morris”) 7 years, Frederik Vilhelm William “Will” Fredrick) 4 years, and Christian Frederik (Carl) 1 year, left for Alden, Minnesota on May 23, 1889, and eventually homesteaded in Egeland, North Dakota. Mads Peter/Hans Peder (Peter) born July 9, 1875 – died September 16, 1888 – age13. The family came to America because they were looking for a new way of life. They came to America because they were hungry and they were tired of the heavy taxes imposed by the King of Denmark.

 The Rasmussens are very happy with the Website. What are they saying? 

From Sue Ward (Maurice’s granddaughter) in 2011: The pictures are wonderful – you have brought my mom back to me, bringing images of her youth and vitality as I remember her from my own youth.  Thank you, a million times over. Cousin Sue

From Amy Rasmussen Buckley: Lloyd, how WONDERFUL. Thanks for filling me in about how the photos are bringing people together. I love knowing more and more about the Rasmussen heritage.

From Judy Rasmussen: Oh, Lloyd, these are wonderful!  I am SO excited to see them up.  Priceless, just priceless.  Very fun for the family to be interacting as pictures come up and are identified. Makes us all feel connected and part of this huge, magnificent family tree.  Our family is eating these photos up like decadent chocolate! What you have done for all of us can’t be defined, really.  Aren’t the photos wonderful? It’s just become one huge gift that keeps on giving.Love and thanks again from Idaho!  Judy and family (Daughter-in-law of James and Lela Rasmussen & wife of the late Lorie James Rasmussen)

From Susan Leslie Meadows: Thank you sooo much for these great pics – most of them I have not seen. I love the one of my very young parents – sweet! THANK YOU for your hours of work creating these pages for all of us to share – they mean more now than ever, Bless you!

Another post from Susan Meadows: Thank you Lloyd – I really enjoy seeing these photos – and so do my kids. Wish I could put a few more names to the photos – my mom was the “historian”, the one with the incredible memory for “who’s who”. Funny though, one of my fondest memories of visiting my grandparents was grandma Nellie would always have a large jigsaw puzzle going on a card table… Each one of these photos is like a piece to the grand Rasmussen family puzzle; precious memories. Thanks again for all the hours put into this, it really is a wonderful work. Blessings, Susan
(Daughter of Dolly Rasmussen & Jerry Leslie)

From William “Bill” Rasmussen: Sure do love the old photos and the job Larry and Lloyd have done with the photos and the Rasmussen history. WFR (Son of Wally & Margaret Rasmussen)

From Julie Ann Rasmussen: Hi Lloyd and nice to meet you!  Yes, I have seen the site that you have created and its incredibly fascinating!  My sister Cindy sent me the link a week or so ago and I have gone through the pictures over and over and really can’t get enough of them!  I’m seeing pictures that I haven’t seen in decades and others that I have never seen.  I don’t have any pictures of my grandparents, Nellie and Vern, so this is priceless and I especially love the pictures of me being held by Grandpa Vern and Grandma Nellie as a newborn!

I’m also seeing names of people that I have forgotten about and now they come back to me, people like Miram and Delbert, Evan and Eileen, etc.  I’m also enjoying seeing the pictures of all my cousins that I haven’t seen since I was probably 10 or 12 years old!

It’s all very exciting and thank you so much for putting all this together!

Julie Rasmussen

From Lorin & Carlene Severson Thank you so much Lloyd, Thank you so much Millie — amazing pictures.

From Jim Baldridge (mother was a good friend of Miriam Rasmussen)  Wow! You have pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was looking at them and talking on the phone with my mom… cant wait to show her.. Also my Uncle Orville and Aunt Elinore Pomeroy are in some.. I printed them to show him… He is 96 she is 92..  I also knew Gary (& Winnie) Davis..  enjoyed seeing my grandparents and other family…

From Eric Rasmussen I just spent the last couple of hours looking through your website.  It’s awesome.  I love all the photos.  Is it possible for us to caption the photos for you, or is it only possible for you to put a caption on them?  If we are able to, it would save you a ton of time. (If anybody wants to help with the captions, please let me know. You can from comments or I can give you the password and you can write captions0.

From Andrea Freeland Oh wow! Well, I have been thinking about my grandfather…loved my grandparents…miss them and searched online to see if there was anything from anyone. Found a photo of his car dealership from 1958 and sent it to my brothers. My sister in law then did another search and she happened on your album of Maurice and Annie and sent me the link . I LOVE it! Thank you so much for putting it together. I have never seen so many photos of my ancestors. It was thru Picassa. Don’t know how my sis-in-law happened upon it, I will have to ask her. Didn’t recognize your name at all. but you were linked thru here. Went to FB, put in your name and found you because you are “friends” with Meghan Mehl, my second cousin (Doug’s daughter) OK, so Andreas was the father of Annie Rasmussen. He is in one of your photos. Annie was my Great-grandmother, Evelyn (who married Floyd Freeland) was my grandmother and Gary Freeland (you have a couple of pics of him as a child) is my father! I am in Denver, as are Doug Mehl’s family. I have two older brothers. I don’t know anything about a Rasmussen list, so I must not be on it 🙂 My maiden name is Freeland and I will be going back to that when my daughter turns 18. 

To contact Lloyd Smith:

Just click on the link under each set of photos to link to the full album.

If we have information on the photo just click on the “i”. Should come up.

Even if you do not know the people in the photos they show another time and how they dressed and lived. When I check the stats there is not a day that goes by someone is not poking around in the Website:


41-Miriam Marie Johnson Miller Memorial Service 1-4-2018 (Click link)

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling  Image may contain: 2 people, car and outdoor

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, wedding  Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, suit, tree and outdoor  Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and outdoor (Click link)


40-Ernie Rasmussen – Family Slide Scans I





Ernie Rasmussen – Family Slide Scans I (Click link for album) (1045 Photos) 

39-Ernie Rasmussen – Family Slide Scans II





Ernie Rasmussen – Family Slide Scans II (Click for album) (1152 Photos) 

38-Rasmussens in Denmark

Rasmussens in Denmark (39 photos) (Click link for album)

37-Ernie Rasmussen’s album – Rasmussen’s & Paulsen’s

Ernie Rasmussen’s album – Rasmussen’s & Paulsen’s (713 photos) (Click for album)

36-Family type photos Rasmussens and Smiths

Family type photos – Smiths and Rasmussens (202 photos) (Click link for album)

35-Miriam Marie Johnson Miller’s Rasmussen Album

Miriam (Marie) Rasmussen Johnson Miller’s Rasmussen Album (436 photos)(Click the link for album)

34-Bill Rasmussen’s Box of Photos

Bill Rasmussen’s Box of Photos (320 photos) (Clink link for album)

33-Carol Dekorte family photos (Carol’s mother was a Rasmussen)

Carol Southwick Dekorte’s Rasmussen Family Photos (503 photos) (Click link)

32-Carol Dekorte – Southwick’s slides

Carol Southwick Dekorte – George Southwick’s slides (761 photos) (Click link)

31-Egeland, ND 2005

Egeland, ND 2005
(232 photos) (Click)

30-Twins Lloyd & Larry Smith – 1940 to …Ruby Rasmussen was their mother

Twins Lloyd & Larry Smith – 1940 to … (1100 photos) (Click the link for album)

29-Elmer & Ruby’s Photo Album 1 – The Early Years – Essex – Kalispell – Southern California – 1920-1940

Elmer & Ruby Rasmussen Smith’s Photo Album 1 – The Early Years – Essex – Kalispell – Southern California – 1920-1940 (283 photos) (Click the link for the album)

28-Elmer & Ruby’s album 6 – 1900-1984

Elmer & Ruby Rasmussen Smith’s album 6 – 1900-1984 (206 photos) (Click link)

27-Wes & Iva Rasmussen Carpenter’s Family Albums

Iva Rasmussen & Wes Carpenter’s Family Albums
(901 Photos) (Click link)

26-Sally (Thelma) Rasmussen Ward Albums

Sally (Thelma) Rasmussen Ward Album I (665 Photos) (Click the link)

25-Sally (Thelma) Rasmussen Ward Albums

Sally (Thelma) Rasmussen Ward Albums II (486 Photos) (Click the link for album)

24-James & Lela Rasmussen Albums

James & Lela Rasmussen Albums (432 Photos) (Click the link for album)

23-Vernon & Nellie Rasmussen Negatives

Vernon & Nellie Rasmussen’s Negatives (176 Photos) (Click the link for album)

22-Vernon & Nellie Rasmussen Albums

Nellie & Vernon Rasmussen Albums (724 Photos) (Click the link for photos)

21-Vernon & Nellie Rasmussen Albums II

Nellie & Vernon Rasmussen Albums II  (655 Photos) (Click the link for album)

20-Vernon Rasmussen’s Slides – 1950s-60s-70s

Vernon Rasmussen Slides 1950s – 1970s (679 Photos) (Click the link for photos)

19-Maurice & Annie Rasmussen’s albums

Maurice & Annie Rasmussen’s albums  (666 Photos) (Click the link for photos)

18-C. F. Carl Rasmussen Collection Gathered from Rasmussen albums.

C. F. Carl Rasmussen’s Photos collected from all Rasmussen albums  (69 photos) 

(Click the link for the photos)

17-Rev. James “Jim” Rasmussen collected from all Rasmussen albums

Rev. James “Jim” Rasmussen collected from all Rasmussen albums  (74 photos) 

(Click the link for all the photos in the album)

16-Christian Hans & Dagny Marie Rasmussen

Christian Hans & Dagny Marie Rasmussen (441 Photos) (Click the link for photos)

15-Donna Carpenter Dearden Bright’s Box of Photos

Donna Carpenter Dearden Bright’s Box of Photos (111 Photos) (click the link photos)

14-Lorin & Carlene Severson’s Box of Photos

Lorin & Carlene Severson’s Box of Photos  (126 Photos) (Click the link for photos)

13-Carol Southwick DeKorte’s Bag of Photos

Carol Southwick DeKorte’s Bag of Photos (778 photos) (Click link for photos)

12-Dads Slides 1- Ernie Rasmussen’s Slides

Ernie Rasmussen’s Slides (Dad’s Slides 1) (636 photos) (Click for photos) 

11-Dad’s Slides 2 – Ernie Rasmussen’s Slides

Ernie Rasmussen’s slides (Dad’s Slides 2) (311 photos) (Click the link) 

10-Rose Rasmussen Vandenbos is a Rose

Rose Rasmussen is a Rose (42 Photos) (Click the link for album) 

9-Donna Carpenter Dearden Bright’s Box of Photos

Donna (Rasmussen) Carpenter Dearden Bright’s Big Box of Photos (50 Photos)

(Click the link for the album of photos)

m.o. paulsen1910diary    M. O. PAULSEN 1910 DIARY
The Paulsens married the Rasmussens/Rasmussens married the Paulsens
(Annie/Anna Paulsen married James Rasmussen & Lena Paulsen married Ras S Rasmussen) This is the story of the Paulsens/Paulsons.
(This is Marsha Paulsen Peter’s BLOG of the 1910 diary of Mary O. Paulsen)
Click the links for some fascinating reading of what life was like in 1910.










*Note – there are over 15,000 Rasmussen family type photos on this site at this time. The photos date from the late 1800s…

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  1. Cyndy Rasmussen Foster says:

    Thank you Lloyd and Larry for this priceless gift you have given all of us!!
    There are so many pictures I have never seen before, so many memories!

    Thank you again for all you have done!
    Cyndy Rasmussen Foster (Daughter of Bob and Rosie Rasmussen)

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