Video History

I received several DVDs of some Rasmussen 8 mm movies and videos starting in the 1930’s. Many are jerky but you might see someone you know. I believe many were shot by Vernon and Don Rasmussen, not sure who shot the early movies. They tend to favor the Will side of the Ramussens. If anybody has a DVD of any movies, send them to me and I can post them on our Rasmussen Website. Just click on the link to view.

Rasmussen films from the 1930s (30 minutes)

Rasmussen 8mm films – 1950s-1960s (24 minutes)
Rasmussen 8mm

Rasmussen Videos Рlater in the 80s (1 hour and 30 minutes) 
RASMUSSEN 8 MM 1 1 0012

1 Response to Video History

  1. Judy Rasmussen says:

    These videos are extraordinary! Oh my, what a treasure. Many thanks to all who have contributed photos and videos, and mostly to Lloyd for putting this together. You have given our families ‘roots’, and a history beyond our limited pictures at home. Blessings back to you a thousand fold.
    Judy Fels Rasmussen (Lorie’s (or Jim Jr’s.) wife., Andrew and Amy (Rasmussen) Buckley and family, Mike and Heather (Rasmussen) Kozup and family

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